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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 54

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Starting with A Divorce Chapter 54

Chapter 54 Manuel Brings a Female Companion

“Kaliyah, take a look at how proud that cheap woman is,” Kaitlin said while gritting her teeth.

Kaliyah immediately retracted her gaze and put on an elegant smile, “She is Mr. Gage’s female
companion. Of course, she can be proud. All the young ladies in the banquet hall would like to become
Mr. Gage’s female companion.”

She was not the only one who was jealous. Many women were feeling the same as her. On the
surface, they remained calm, but in

their heart, they had cursed Ainsley thousands of times.

When Kaitlin heard this, she became even more furious. Why could Ainsley stand by Manuel’s side?
Why not she?

Kaliyah looked at the people in the hall. Koen was not here. She looked at the second floor and
immediately understood.

Light flashed through her eyes. She did not believe that Koen would tolerate a divorced woman.

Thinking of this, Kaliyah immediately left the Baldry family.

“Ainsley, you are so beautiful. You are even more beautiful than usual. I have never seen someone
wear a dress so beautiful.”

Ainsley looked at Serina’s high-end fluffy dress from an upper-class custom line of this brand. It fit
Serina very well. “Serina, you’re

beautiful, too.”

“Is that so? It was chosen by Manuel. I even complained about his poor taste.” Serina stuck out her

In the private room on the second floor, an old man in a suit was drinking coffee. A middle-aged man
came over and said

respectfully, “Mr. Gage is here. He brought a female companion.”

*A female companion? It’s rare for him to do so.” Koen smiled immediately.

Manuel had never been close to any other women because of Irene. This time, he brought a female
companion. Did he change his mind?

Koen was more curious about who this woman was and how she became Manuel’s female companion.

“Let’s go and take a look.”

The middle-aged man helped Koen up. They went down to the hall.

The banquet hall had a spiral staircase. When Koen was about to reach the first floor, he heard a few
women discussing with each

other, their backs facing the stairs.

“Oh my! Is she really divorced?”

“Of course, her ex-husband was Cason. He also came to the banquet.”

“Does Mr. Gage know about this? Or is he in the dark?”

“He probably knows. She and Cason were married for three years. She became a joke because of the
divorce. How could Mr. Gage not know?”

This woman was Cason’s ex-wife. She was divorced once.

The surprise in Koen’s eyes gradually disappeared. His eyes were cold as he watched Manuel bring
the woman over.

“Grandpa,” Manuel did not notice Koen’s gaze.

Koen ignored him and looked directly at Ainsley. “Who are you?”

Ainsley wore an appropriate smile as she said calmly and elegantly, “Hello, Mr. Gage. I am Ainsley
Easton, Serina’s psychologist.”

“The one who treated Serina was Professor Wade. Ms. Easton, you must be capable to shoulder the
ability,” Koen said seriously.

“Thank you, Mr. Gage. I am still no good to Professor Wade.” Ainsley didn’t show any disrespect or
flattery. Her tone was just that of an ordinary doctor.

Every time Koen hold a banquet, many people would rush to curry favor. Most of their words contained
flattery, but Ainsley only replied calmly, politely, but not humbly.

He suddenly felt that Ainsley was not as bad as he had imagined.

At this moment, Serina ran over and grabbed Ainsley’s arm. She said to Koen, “Grandpa, this is my
favorite ***tutor, Ainsley. She treats me very well.”

Ainsley felt the shift of the oppressive gaze on her and let out a sigh of relief. Serina appeared so

Presumably, she had attracted a lot of attention as Manuel’s female companion. Even the Gage family
noticed her.

Her identity was not a secret, and her divorce was well known. She assumed Koen heard some

“Alright, let’s go.”

At the end of the spiral staircase, Kaliyah frowned. The discussion just now was deliberately picked up
by her to let Koen hear it.

Unexpectedly, Koen was not angry.

Kaliyah’s gaze passed through the crowd and landed on Cason’s face. He staring at a person in a
daze. It was not her, but Ainsley!

Ainsley’s graceful figure was highlighted by the dress. Even Cason gazed at Ainsley. Kaliyah clenched
her fists in anger. She could not tolerate this.

This was the Gage family’s banquet. Manuel couldn’t stay with Ainsley all the time. After settling her
down, he was called away by Koen. Before he left, he told Serina to spend more time with Ainsley.

Ainsley did not like this kind of scene. She knew that as Manuel’s female companion, she would be
treated as a joke by many people at the banquet.

Once Manuel left, Serina brought Ainsley over to get the pastries. “Ainsley, the pastries here are all my
favorite. Quickly try them.”

Ainsley picked up a piece. The pastries here looked exquisite. The smell wasn’t so sweet. She could
feel a light fruity fragrance.

“Ainsley, I never thought that you dared to attend the banquet,” Kaitlin said mockingly.

Ainsley’s expression changed. The Baldry family provoked her from time to time. They were so

“Kaitlin! Ainsley was invited by my brother. I also wanted her to come. This is the Gage family’s
banquet. You’re not allowed to make irresponsible remarks!” Serina put down her snacks and
immediately challenged Kaitlin.

“Serina, there’s no need to say said to her.” Ainsley looked at Kaitlin with a cold expression, “Please
speak more politely. This is the Gage family’s banquet. As for whether I come or not, it has nothing to
do with you. Your big mouth might embarrass the Baldry family. Perhaps the Baldry family was
embarrassed long ago.”

Kaitlin was so angry that her eyes turned red. She wanted to tear off Ainsley’s mouth, but she knew
where this place was. She furiously trembled, “You ***! You dare say I’m embarrassed!”

“Kaitlin, if you dare speak ill of Ainsley again, I will have the security guard throw you out! I will make
you even more embarrassed than now!” Serina was so angry that her face turned red.

Kaliyah watched from behind. She knew that if she wanted to deal with Ainsley, she had to get Serina
out of her way.

The waiter carried the tray full of wine and walked over. When he walked behind Serina, he only felt
that someone had kicked his knee. The tray fell to the side. He tried his best to control the tray but still
accidentally splashed Serina’s skirt.

“Ah, my dress!” Serina cried out and immediately covered her mouth.

The waiter was so scared that his face turned pale. He hurriedly took out a handkerchief to wipe her
dress. However, Serina’s dress was white, and the liquid splashed was dark red. The wine stains were
even harder to clean on this dress.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Gage!”

The more he wiped, the bigger the red wine stains on her dress became.

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