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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 55

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Starting with A Divorce Chapter 55

Chapter 55 Someone Must Be Behind This

Kaitlin walked over with a smile on her face, “Ms. Gage, look at your clothes! It’s getting dirty. I brought
an extra dress in case of an accident. Our shapes are quite similar. Maybe you can wear mine.”

If Serina was willing to wear Kaitlin’s dress, then Kaitlin could use this chance to associate with Serina.

However, Serina shook her head. “No need. I have some dresses here.”

She held her hem and took Ainsley’s hand, asking Ainsley to leave with her, ‘Ainsley, come with me.”

Serina wouldn’t allow Ainsley to be bullied by others. She promised her brother.

Just at this time, a waiter walked over. “Ms. Easton, Mr. Gage wants to see you.”

Hearing this, Serina let go of her hand. “Ainsley, go to my big brother first. I’ll be back immediately after
I change into another dress.

Don’t let others bully you.”

She fiercely glared at Kaitlin before going upstairs while lifting her hem.

Ainsley smiled and said to the waiter, “Lead the way.” She then ignored Kaliyah and Kaitlin.

Once Ainsley left, Kaitlin gritted her teeth in hatred. “I really don’t know what’s so good about her. Mr.
Gage protects her so much. Once she was in trouble, Mr. Gage asked people to call her away.”

“It’s not Mr. Gage,” Kaliyah said faintly, coldness flashing through her eyes.

Kaitlin looked at Kaliyah in confusion. “Not Mr. Gage? It’s you?”

Seeing Kaliyah nod, Katlin immediately laughed, “Kaliyah, how do you plan to deal with her? If you can
make her lose face, my mother will definitely like you even more.”

“Just wait and see.” Kaliyah’s voice was indescribably cold.

Ainsley followed the waiter through the banquet hall and arrived at the back garden. There was no one
here. She was a little puzzled.

“Where is Mr. Gage?”

“Ms. Easton, Mr. Gage only asked me to bring you here. He didn’t say anything else. You can wait here
first.” After saying that, the waiter left and closed the door to the hall.

The cold wind in the back garden was chilly. She was not wearing much, so when she came out of the
hall, she suddenly felt cold and


Just as she was about to push the door open and enter, a hand suddenly grabbed her. “Where do you
want to go?”

Ainsley suddenly turned around and saw a middle-aged man in a suit stopping her. He was still looking
at her in a disgusting way.

“Get out of the way!” Ainsley was so angry that she wanted to shake off his hand.

But the man was too strong, and she could not get rid of him at all.

“Beautiful, I know who you are. Cason doesn’t want you anymore. Then you want to seduce Mr. Gage.
However, I advise you to stop dreaming. Why don’t you try me? Anyway, don’t you just want money? I
have plenty of money!” The man’s voice was ****and unpleasant, making people feel disgusted.

Ainsley’s face was cold. Her tone was also cold. “Since you know who I am, you should know whose
female companion I am tonight. If you dare to do anything to Mr. Gage’s female companion, do you
think he can let you go?”

“What? Who do you think you are? I just had a business deal with the Gage family. I just wanted to play
with you. Do you really think that Mr. Gage will refuse to cooperate with me because of a woman?
Don’t be too naïve. Men with true feelings are extremely rare in such big families. Even if there is any,
you don’t deserve such a man. You’d better be with me. Do you think I would do this to you if not for
your pretty face?”

The man smiled, revealing his yellow teeth. His breath was stinky, and his words were disgusting.
“However, you are really beautiful.

No woman in the banquet is more beautiful than you. Your innocent look is attractive.”

Hearing those disgusting words. Ainsley was so angry that her face turned pale. Her eyes were
bloodshot as she glared at the man. “I’m warning you! If you dare to touch a single hair on my head, I
will never let you off!”

“Just be obedient! There are only the two of us in the entire back garden now. I closed the door. Do you
still want to run?” The man grabbed Ainsley’s hand and was about to pull her into his embrace. His
greasy, old face was flushed with excitement. And his other hand was about to land on her shoulder.

Ainsley suddenly raised her leg and kicked over. With a scream, the man covered his ***and bent down
in pain. “You! I won’t let you off!”

However, his other hand never let go of Ainsley’s wrist. He endured the intense pain and stood up.

Ainsley struggled with all her might. Her wrist seemed to be gripped by iron pincers. Her tender fair skin
had already turned red.

“Let go of me! Let go of me!” She screamed with all her might. The man used one hand to cover her
mouth. “Don’t scream!”

“Help!” She struggled with both her hands and tried to scratch the man. She hurt him.

The man was so angry that he raised his hand to slap her, but his hand stopped in mid-air.

“Who dares to disturb me!” He cursed and looked again. Then he became so scared that he didn’t dare
to say anything more.

When Ainsley saw Manuel, her eyes turned red, and her nose became sour.

“Let her go!” Manuel’s cold voice scared the man so much that he let go of Ainsley’s wrist.

Ainsley immediately walked to Manuel’s behind, “Call the police for me.”

Manuel’s eyes flashed with pain. “Okay.” Seeing Ainsley’s red wrist, he felt a sharp pain.

The man was so scared that his face turned pale. He explained to Manuel, “Mr. Gage, listen to me. I
saw this woman in the garden,

and then I came over. She tried to seduce me!”

Manuel looked at Ainsley, waiting for her to say something. “A waiter said that you wanted to see me,
so he brought me here, but you were not here. Then this man appeared. He blocked my way and
asked me to be with him.”

“Lying! She is lying!” The man was completely panicked. “She cheated on her husband before. She’s a
bad woman. Mr. Gage, you can’t believe her. I’m your business partner. You have to believe me, not

Manuel took off his coat and put it on Ainsley. He turned around and raised his hand to punch the man.

The man collapsed to the ground. “Mr. Gage! Believe me!”

Manuel walked towards the man step by step. Every time Manuel took a step, the man became more
afraid. He was so scared that

his face turned pale.

“Mr. Gage, you can’t do this! Manuel! What are you doing?”

“From today on, you are no longer welcome in Seattle,” Manuel said.

“Ah!” The man watched as Manuel stepped on his leg with a pair of shiny leather shoes. The sound of
bones cracking was covered by the man’s scream.

The man stared at his legs in disbelief. The intense pain made him unable to recover.

“Mr. Gage! I was wrong! Sorry! Please let me go! I won’t dare to do it again!”

A few security guards ran over and picked up the man to take him away.

Manuel walked to Ainsley’s side. He turned to be gentle again. “I’m sorry. It was my negligence.”

Ainsley still looked pale. The bruise on her wrist was extremely obvious. She said seriously, “Mr. Gage,
someone must be behind this.”

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