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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 70

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Starting with A Divorce Chapter 70

Chapter 70 I Lose My Phone

Ainsley picked up a lot of bags without complaining, but her hands were full, and she couldn’t pick up
the rest of the bags that were still on the ground. “Help me out here.”

She felt her hands become lighter suddenly, and all the bags were taken away. Manuel grabbed them
and followed her upstairs.

“Mr. Gage, let me take some as well.” She wanted to take some of the bags back.

Serina and Lainey had already taken the elevator and left. Ainsley and Manuel waited for the next
elevator at the door.

“Let me.” Manuel dodged.

“Mr. Gage, there are too many bags. Let me grab some.” She reached out again.

These bags were not heavy, but there were simply too many of them, making it difficult to take


The elevator arrived. “Go inside,” Manuel said.

Ainsley immediately entered the elevator. When Manuel was about to walk in as well, he was stuck at
the elevator doors, for the bags were a bit large. She hurriedly tugged at the bags.

The elevator doors were about to close. Manuel frowned slightly, reached out, and held her in his arms.
Then they entered the elevator together.

Ainsley was pushed against the wall of the elevator. Being surrounded by the bags, Manuel, and his
breath, she blushed instantly.

“Move over there,” Ainsley said helplessly.

“Where?” Manuel squeezed.

“You are doing this on purpose.” Ainsley tried to push him and walk closer to the elevator doors. with a
red face, but he occupied most of the space with the bags in his hands, and there was no room for her
to walk past him at all.

On the contrary, she was getting closer and closer to him. She was practically pressed against the

elevator wall.

When the elevator doors opened, Lainey and Serina screamed at the same time, “We didn’t see


Ainsley realized that it looked like she and Manuel were kissing. She immediately blushed and

pushed Manuel away. “It’s not what you think!” She walked out of the elevator at once to open the


Ainsley only knew what Lainey had brought over after Manuel put the bags down. It was all clothes and

“I bought these when I went shopping today. I bought you a lot of clothes as well! They match mine! We
can wear them together when we are out! Believe me. I have great taste. And I got a lot of hair pins for
you as well. You’re so old–fashioned. You should wear something that suits your age.”

As Lainey spoke, she opened the bags and took out some jewelry and head accessories. “Look! And
Serina, take a look, too. If there’s something you like, feel free to take it. Consider it my gift.”

“Thank you, Lainey.” Serina was immediately attracted.

After a long while, Serina picked out three hair accessories, and Lainey let her have them all.

When Manuel left, Lainey gave him a glass, saying that Ainsley had an identical one as well.

After Serina pulled Manuel out of the door, she was thrilled. “Manuel, you and Ainsley have the same
glasses! Only couples do things like this!”

Manuel smiled. After sending Serina upstairs, he drove and left.

In Ainsley’s room, Lainey looked at Ainsley with a serious expression. “Serina told me everything. Is
Kaitlin crazy? Why is she always trying to plot against others?

“And I blame you, too. You went there, just because she said Mollie would be there? She would have
gotten her way if Serina hadn’t seen her earlier with the USB flash drive. Is your school contest that
important?” Lainey looked anxious and mad.

Ainsley said, “Calm down. It wasn’t just because of the contest. I did it for Serina, too. I promised.
Manuel to treat Serina. Mollie is a very famous and respected senior. She can help me.”

“Then have you found a way to help Serina?”

“No. It’s a pity. Manuel went to her a long time ago already.” Ainsley was a little disappointed.

“I’m sure there’ll be a way.” Lainey did not say anything else.

She did not want to see Ainsley upset, so she changed the topic and said, “Come on! Try them on.”

“Alright.” Ainsley immediately walked over.

Lainey threw the clothes she had picked up at Ainsley. “That jerk! Don’t see him ever again. He is so
shameless! I can’t believe he actually said that you were having an affair!”

“I finally know his true colors.” Ainsley’s eyes turned cold.

Just as Ainsley figured, Kaitlin being harassed was mentioned in the news the next day, but that was
all. What happened at her birthday banquet wasn’t brought up.

After Ainsley arrived at school, she did not find her phone.

Just as she wanted to go look for it, Cody came. “Ainsley, I’m so surprised! You managed to invite
Mollie? You have met her already?”

“What? Professor Wade, I did meet her yesterday, but she hasn’t given me a definite answer yet.”
Ainsley was confused.

Cody frowned deeply. “No way. I called you this morning. You told me yourself!”

Ainsley was shocked and thought, how is that possible? I lost my phone!

“Professor Wade, I’m afraid something may have happened. My phone went missing last night. I don’t
know who picked up the phone and lied to you.” Her eyes were full of seriousness.

Seeing the look on her face, Cody knew that she wasn’t joking. “Are you serious? Think carefully.
Where did you lose your phone? Who answered the phone?”

He then said worriedly, “This is not looking good. The school leaders already know that you have
managed to invite Mollie, and they will soon make an announcement to the whole school and invite the

media to create a buzz. What if Raymond called you as well? If the one lied to me, then I’m afraid
Raymond would be tricked, too.”

Ainsley was also worried about the same thing. She thought, only those from the Baldry family have a
grudge against me. Who took my phone?

My phone has a password. But the person still manages to pick up the phone. Is that a good thing or


“Professor Wade, I am going to find my phone now.” Ainsley knew how serious the matter was.

She thought, even if I can’t find my phone, I have to get a new SIM card. At least I have to make sure

that nothing will go wrong again.

Yet the call has caused me a lot of trouble already unless Mollie agrees to attend the competition.

She made it clear to me yesterday that she would not be there.

Cody looked serious and worried. “Go ahead. I’ll go to Raymond’s office.”

“Thank you.”

As soon as Cody left, the people from the Organization Department came. The one in the lead
excitedly said to Ainsley, “What a great surprise! Ms. Easton, you actually invited Ms. Randall and got
her here!

“Ms. Easton, I knew it! You are such a badass! After Ms. Randall gets here, I’ll ask her for her
autograph for sure!

“Ms. Easton, you still don’t know it yet, right? Now the school forum is full of praise for you. Our
faculty’s section is filled with news about you!”

Ainsley took the student’s phone to take a look. Sure enough, the news of her inviting Mollie to be a
judge had become a trending topic, and everyone was discussing it.

“Actually, I…” Ainsley couldn’t tell the truth when facing those excited students.

“Ms. Easton, we’ll get out of your hair now. We are going to set up the venue. After all, Ms. Randall will
be here. We won’t let her think less of our university.”

“That’s right! I agree. I’m glad that Mr. Gage is the sponsor. Otherwise, I would have been so worried
about saving the sponsorship fee.”

The other student grinned. “Let’s go. I can’t wait any longer!”

The students of the Organization Department then left excitedly, while Ainsley was struggling, not being
able to tell them the truth whatsoever.

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