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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 82

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Chapter 82 Crash

Half an hour ago, Ainsley wanted to cook some spaghetti in the kitchen, but she found her legs were
too painful to bear, so she called Lainey.

Ainsley told Lainey everything that had happened during the Quiz Show, including how Kaitlin had
splashed the hot water and Cason’s coming over to ask questions in the infirmary.

Lainey was furious when she heard that. “This group of ***! Kaitlin, I have long disliked her! When you
were her sister-in-law, she always bullied you and treated you as a maid! Now that you have divorced
that jerk, she actually wants to go against you! I think she is rotten in the core!”

“She probably wants to use this Quiz Show to prove she is better than me. She should not have stolen
the test questions. It is illegal.”

Lainey shouted excitedly, “I think there is something wrong with her brain. She thinks about evil tricks
all day! It’s all because of that jerk and her mother! You shouldn’t have taken care of her before!”

“It’s my fault. My fault.” Ainsley quickly served Lainey a glass of water.

“Your fault? It’s all Cason’s fault! He is childish. How could he go to the infirmary to find you with his
family? He’s so hypocritical. Why did you fall for him at that time?”

Lainey only realized what she had said after she finished speaking. She quickly said apologetically, “I’m

“Don’t apologize. You are right. I was blind to falling for him! He is a hypocritical, disgusting, and
sanctimonious jerk.” Ainsley thought of the awkward scene in the infirmary and only wanted to open
Cason’s brain to see if it was all mud.

Lainey giggled and raised her eyebrows. “However, did Manuel really carry you away? And in front of

“I didn’t expect him to do that.” Ainsley nodded a little embarrassedly.

“It is amazing! That jerk must be regretting it! A man who is a hundred times better than him carried you
away in front of him. It feels so good to think about it!” Lainey was excited.

“This feels great?”

“Yes! Think about it. Manuel is a big shot in Seattle! Cason can’t hold a candle to him.” Lainey wished
she could see Cason’s expression in the infirmary.

“I just feel a little awkward,” Ainsley said after freezing for a moment.

“Why? Hey, is Mr. Gage chasing you?” Lainey looked at Ainsley inquiringly.

“How is that possible? Don’t overthink it!” Ainsley immediately retorted.

“How is it impossible? Manuel is busy. He has to deal with so many things every day. How can he show
up every time you are in trouble? Moreover, it is just a college Psychology Quiz Show. Even if he is a
sponsor, does he have to participate?” Lainey asked.

Hearing that, Ainsley also realized something was wrong.

Indeed, Lainey was right. Every time she was in trouble, he could show up and help her. He even made
herbal tea for her!

Was it really like what Lainey said?

No, no, no, Ainsley shook her head. She thought she was not good enough for Manuel!

“Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. I’m hungry.” Ainsley felt like crying.

Lainey quickly placed the food she brought on the coffee table. “Look! These are all your favorite foods.
I bought them for you.”

“You eat too!” Ainsley really did not have the strength to speak, so she began wolfing it down.

“Slow down. No one will ***it from you!”

Lainey picked up a piece of pastry and ate it. At the same time, she handed the milk tea she had
bought to Ainsley. “By the way, if you

don’t agree to let Kaitlin go, will the Baldry family agree?”

“It’s not up to me. Don’t ask me. The Gage family has talked to the principal, and they won’t let it go.”
Ainsley’s mouth was full of food.

“I’m just worried…”

Just as Lainey was entertaining all sorts of ideas, there was a knock on the door. She looked at Ainsley
doubtfully and found her just

as confused as she was.

Lainey opened the door. When she saw who it was, she slammed the door shut.

“Who is it?” Ainsley was still eating.

“The jerk!” Lainey said unhappily.

“What is he doing here?” Ainsley was impatient.

The knocking on the door sounded again. Lainey opened the door. “What do you want? You are not
welcome here. Please leave!”

“I want to talk to Ainsley.” Cason blocked the door and pushed it open.

“Are you crazy, Cason!” Lainey was furious about being pushed.

“Cason! This is my home! You hurt my family. I have the right to call the police. Your sister has been
detained. Do you want to go to jail, too?” Ainsley said coldly.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Salter,” Cason said, standing still.

Lainey sneered, “No need. Please leave!”

“Ainsley, I really have something to discuss with you!” Cason’s voice was urgent.

“If you have something to say, just say it. If you want me to let your sister go, I advise you to stop
thinking about it. You should talk to Mr. Ford and Manuel. It’s not up to me.”

“Ainsley, we were husband and wife for three years. Can’t you spare Kaitlin this time?”

“Enough!” Ainsley glanced at Cason in disgust. “Cason, don’t say such things again. It will only make
me feel sick. If you really think we still have feelings for each other because of those three years, then
get lost. Don’t make me even more annoyed.”

Cason didn’t expect Ainsley to say such things. In the past three years, he had enjoyed Ainsley’s love,
so he thought her bad attitude towards him was only because of her being in denial of the divorce.

But now he finally understood the disgust and hatred in her eyes were not fake.

“Ainsley, I know this is very hard for you to accept. You can make demands. Do you want houses or
cars? Or money? I can give them all to you.”


Ainsley sneered. What kind of person did he think she was?

“Cason, if I were you, I would hurry to find Manuel right now. It’s better to plead with him. It’s really
useless to talk to me.”

Lainey looked at him in annoyance. “Hurry up and leave! You are not welcome here!”

“How is your leg?” Cason suppressed his anger.

“I won’t die. I don’t need your concern. You should be more concerned about your sister,” Ainsley said

“Ainsley, I was just concerned about you. I thought at least we could still be friends after the divorce.”

“Who wants to be friends with you? Go back and discuss with your new wife to save your sister. You
are not welcome here!” Lainey couldn’t wait to close the door.

Cason was unwilling. When he thought of Manuel carrying Ainsley away in the infirmary today, he felt
extremely uncomfortable.

“Ainsley, do you really hate me that much?”

“I don’t know if she hates you, but Mr. Baldry, since she said you were not welcome here, why don’t you
hurry up and leave?” A low and lazy voice sounded at the door.

Ainsley widened her eyes and looked behind Cason.

Lainey was so excited that her hands trembled. Ainsley’s ex and new boyfriend were both here.

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