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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 110

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Chapter 110 Kidnapping

She suddenly remembered Manuel had brewed herbal tea for her in the kitchen. After adding water to
the pot, she also brewed some


The thesis thing was handled very quickly. In less than two days, Kiera’s thesis was deleted, and an
announcement was made about it. The school also criticized and fired Kiera immediately

Ainsley had just finished reading the announcement in the office when she received a call from the
Journal Academy

The other guy wasted no time and directly said, “Ms Easton, this thesis of yours is of great significance.
After you publish it again, we would like to discuss with you about including it in the Journal Academy.”

Ainsley didn’t put on airs. “I will contact you after I publish it.”

At the same time, “Psychological Science” also sent her an email. They first apologized for the mean
words over the phone last time

“Last time, we failed to tell right from wrong. After reading your article, we found it very valuable Before
we could get back to you, we saw the thesis Kiera published. So we got worked up. But it was all a
misunderstanding Can we talk about collecting it in our journal?”

“Okay,” Ainsley quickly replied.

The Journal Academy and “Psychological Science” asked for her thesis at the same time, but she
could only choose one.

Ainsley stood in front of the window with a glass of water. Kiera was leaving the university with her
things in her arms. She happened to be walking past the Psychological Counseling Room.

Ainsley did not sympathize with Kiera. She was just curious how Kiera got her thesis. Ainsley and Cody
had checked the cameras in the school. Kiera stayed in the office after she came to work and went
home right after work.

According to Cody, Kiera had never come to him.

Ainsley saw Kiera suddenly stop in her track and look back at her. Kiera’s eyes were full of hatred.

Ainsley thought that Kiera was just angry. But one day, Ainsley received a call when she was in the
middle of something.

“I have Serina. If you are sensible, come to the school gate immediately! Don’t tell anyone, or she will
be finished!”

The call ended before Ainsley could reply. Ainsley stood up and wanted to call back when she received
a picture. It was a picture of Serina being tied up.

Pressed for time, Ainsley immediately ran out of the office. She called Serina while running, but no one

There were no cars outside the school gate. Ainsley was thinking about who it was when a black
seven–seat van came toward her

from the main road.

Ainsley dialed Manuel’s number right away. She turned her phone to the lowest volume and put it into
her pocket.

The car stopped in front of her, and the door opened. Ainsley got in nervously and actually saw
someone she knew. “It’s you! Kiera! Where is Serina? What do you want? Manuel is Serina’s brother. If
you hurt her, Manuel will make you regret it! I just saw the license plate number, SA9836!”

Kiera was in the driver’s seat. She locked the car doors. “Take out your phone!”

Ainsley took out her phone. “Where is Serina?”

“I’m taking you there! Throw the phone out!” Kiera rolled down the window and looked at Ainsley’s
reaction through the rearview mirror.

*Tell me what you want first. Money, or what?” Ainsley put the phone outside the window.

“Throw it away! There are people watching Serina!” Kiera looked a little crazy.

Ainsley trembled and immediately threw the phone away.

Seeing that Ainsley did what she said, Kiera said, “I don’t want money! I want a paper! I want a paper
that is of high value and is better

than the one you wrote! You can do it. You definitely can!”

Ainsley was stunned. “Okay, I will give you one. But first, you have to tell me, is Serina okay?”

“She is alright! Someone is watching her. She won’t be killed,” Kiera said coldly.

Ainsley’s eyes were full of worry. Serina had trauma. She was already suffering psychological
problems, and now she was even kidnapped. Serina might have an attack.

“Serina is mentally ill and must not be agitated. Take me to her. I will write the paper for you when I
make sure she is fine!”

Ainsley tried to make her tone as soft as possible. She saw Kiera’s reaction and guessed Kiera was
also close to breaking down.

Perhaps it was the thesis thing that made Kiera so agitated and made her do such an extreme thing.
Ainsley once again softened her tone. “Ms. Page, don’t forget that you were also a teacher before you
were expelled. You said that you’ve worked at the University of Washington for many years. Serina is
also your student. Teachers are protective of the students. I believe that you don’t meant to go this far,
but you can stop before things get out of hand. If you want a thesis, then I’ll write one for you. But you
have a record. What if they find out your thesis is again written by me? You are also a psychologist.
You should know how emotional you are right now. Ms.

Page, don’t do things that you will regret!”

“Shut up!” Kiera smacked the steering wheel. “If not for you, the thesis would have been published in
the Journal Academy. If you

haven’t stood out, no one would have found out about it!”

“Calm down. Even if you can’t work at the University of Washington, there are many other universities.
Even if you can’t work at

university, you can open a clinic. It’s better than now, right?” Ainsley continued.

“She told me that I was finished. There’s no future for me!”

“Who?” Ainsley narrowed her eyes.

“None of your business! Serina is all right. She is not injured.” Kiera stopped talking to Ainsley and
focused on driving.

Ten minutes later, the van stopped in an abandoned place. Kiera took Ainsley out of the car and took
her to the second floor, which

was full of furniture black with dirt.

Before she could walk in, Ainsley was shoved into a room. However, the room was empty, and there
was no sign of Serina.

“Where is Serina?” At the coffee shop on the corner of the street, a few girls were taking photos in the
photography studio.

A girl handed a photo to Serina. “Look, I told you this photo would look good, right? You look so
vulnerable. Next time you are scolded by the teacher, show him this photo and soften his heart.”

“Wow, it looks so good!” Serina took the photo. She touched her body to look for something. “My phone
is gone! Where is my phone?”

Her friends helped her look for it. The girl who gave Serina the photo took out a phone from her bag
and put it in a corner.

After a long time, Serina finally found her phone. She picked it up and clicked on it twice but couldn’t
turn it on. “Is it out of battery?”

After Serina wiped the dust off her phone, she put it into her bag and looked at the photos they had
taken just now. Serina had no classes this afternoon, so she came here to take photos with her friends.
She heard that there was a new style.

In some photos, she was a flying angel. And in one photo, she looked particularly pitiful. She wasn’t
tied up. She was only holding the rope and posing for the camera. But it looked like she was tied up.

Serina collected her things and was ready to go home when she saw her brother’s car.


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