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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 125

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Chapter 125 Pick One

After all, even if Mathew cared for her, Kaitlin was his real granddaughter. He could accept his
granddaughter being taught a lesson, but he couldn’t stand by and watch her suffer all the time.

She stood up and rubbed her numb legs. “Mathew, you’ve been good to me, and I can let her off. But
she may not change.”

She had given Kaitlin many chances, but Kaitlin kept causing trouble over and over again.

Mathew let out a sigh, “Don’t worry, I’ll put her directly into the old house when she comes out, and
never let her come out to cause you trouble again. If she does it again, I will never beg for mercy

As an elder, pleading with a younger one was disgracing himself. It took him a long time to make up his
mind to plead Ainsley.

If Lindsay and Cason had not come to him several times to beg him, crying and showing him the video,
he would not have paid attention.

Ainsley nodded. She could ignore Cason and Lindsay, but there was no way to ruthlessly reject


After all, when she had been targeted by the Baldry family and there was not a single one around her, it
was Mathew who had always protected her.

“Mathew, please tell Kaitlin that if she messes with me again, I will personally send her to jail.” She said
and turned away without looking back.

She let Kaitlin go, but she did not want to face the Baldry family again. She would remember Mathew’s
kindness, but she couldn’t forget the way they used to make her softhearted and accept their request.
Moral kidnapping was not her favorite way, and they were bound to lose her


Ainsley left. Sitting up from the hospital bed, Mathew looked at her back. He knew that she was

He glared at Cason, saying, “You can’t even handle this? Kaitlin is spoiled by your mother! I warned
you many times to discipline her properly. Otherwise, so many things would not have happened. When
she comes out, send her to the old house immediately.”

“Yes, grandpa.” Cason was a little uncomfortable.

After coming out of the hospital, Kaliyah had seen him lost in thought the whole time. “Cason, are you

“I’m fine.” He said in a muffled voice.

Kaliyah took his arm. “By the way, my parents are pushing on to get married. They’re afrenity picking
out dresses for the wedding

She subtly reminded Cason. She hadn’t been in a hurry because the thought Cason loved her, but now
she was worried.

“You can discuss with my mom about the wedding, Cason said.

Kaliyah nodded happily. “I’ll talk it over with Mrs Baldry.”

As she walked, she said, “I must wear the most beautiful wedding dress and shoes”

Cason responded absentmindedly. “Okay.”

Ainsley just got home to find Serina and Manuel there. She was not in a good mood, but she forced a


“Back so soon?”

Serina said meaningfully, “Manuel came back when he got what he wanted!”

“What did you buy?”

Manuel walked over to her and pulled her down. “What happened?”

Ainsley smiled lightly. “Mathew went into the hospital just now.”

“So you’re sad because he’s sick?” Manuel took her hand in his.

Serina also sat over and looked at Ainsley worriedly.

Ainsley shook her head. “It’s not that. Kinship is really important. I thought Mathew cared for me.

But I’m nothing when it comes to his granddaughter.”

“He asked you to let Kaitlin out?”

“No, he just begged but didn’t force me. I agreed.” Ainsley pursed her lips.

Serina cursed in righteous indignation, “The Baldry family is nasty! It must be Cason and Lindsay


“Whatever, Mr. Gage, you’re going to do it. Thanks.” She smiled and looked at Manuel.

Serina saw her happy again and hurriedly pointed to the box on the table and said, “Ainsley, look at


Manuel nodded back at her. The box looked classical.

She opened the box, and inside was a necklace.

“This is the necklace Manuel got at the auction. It’s pretty, isn’t it? It’s called Fire Heart. I’ve never seen
such a big red diamond before!”

In addition to the red diamonds, its design was also a highlight. It is the work of the late top jewelry

master Feynman.

The person who once owned it was a financial tycoon. Now it surprisingly appeared in Seattle’s

auction house.

“It’s beautiful.”

“Manuel, you should put it on Ainsley.” Serina reminded.

Manuel picked up the necklace, tenderly lifted Ainsley’s hair and put it on her. The red diamond
necklace was surrounded by diamond particles, which made her collarbone extra fair.

“It’s beautiful!” Serina picked up her phone and took several pictures.

Late at night, Serina went back upstairs.

Manuel didn’t leave. After their passion, Ainsley took out a watch from the cabinet. “This is for


Unexpectedly, Manuel pushed it away. “I don’t want you only think about returning the gift.”

Ainsley shook her head, took the watch out and put it on his hand. “I bought it two days ago. I was
thinking of giving it to you yesterday, but I forgot. It’s not a return gift.”

Hearing this, Manuel smiled.

He took the watch off and saw Ainsley’s puzzled look. He said softly, “It will bump you.”

Ainsley blushed and covered her head with the blanket. Manuel got in too.

At the city mental hospital, Kaitlin suddenly found out that the doctor who had been treating her had
been replaced. The new doctor was quite gentle.

At lunchtime, she asked the caregiver Cason had sent to find out what was going on. The Gage family
intervened and Cason never had a chance to take her out.

But now, all those people who monitored her were gone.

She was woken up in the middle of the night by the caregiver and sent back to the Baldry family. She
didn’t react until she got to the living room to see Lindsay. Then she was in ecstasy.

“Mom, I’m out!” She hugged Lindsay excitedly.

“You don’t even know how miserable I am. Those doctors give me weird drugs every day. I live next to
a lot of mental patients. They make a lot of noise every day. They’re all crazy! Once I resisted,

doctors made me wear a restraint suit. I couldn’t move at all. I was going crazy!” Kaitlin’s tears were

Lindsay looked at Kaitlin with pity and stroked her head. “My daughter, you have suffered so


Cason came down from upstairs. “Back?”

“Cason! I’m out!”

Cason pulled her suitcase out and said in a deep voice, “When you come out, go straight to the old
house and stay there from now on.”

“I don’t want to! I don’t want to go to the old house!” Kaitlin hugged Lindsay tightly and refused to

let go.

Cason yanked her by the arm and pulled her out the door. “Get out! You have to go unless you still
want to go back to the mental hospital!”

“Cason, your sister just got out. How can you be so cruel?” Lindsay blocked.

“Fine, if you don’t go. I’ll send you back now, pick one.” Cason stopped and looked at Kaitlin coldly.

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