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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 151

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Chapter 151 Meeting

Ainsley looked at the gilt lettering on the red invitation card and nodded slightly. She was indeed too
depressed these few days, always inexplicably falling into a certain mood because of Manuel, Serina,
and his childhood sweetheart who suddenly appeared.

Perhaps, she should change her mind.

“We should take Serina together.” She said.

Matteo nodded, “Sure.”

South Seattle Venue.

Few people know the name and address of South Seattle Venue. The reason why it could remain so
mysterious in Seattle was precisely because of its extremely

high-standard system.

The auction had always been the most important activity at South Seattle Venue. The

auctioned items came from all over the world, and no one would go deep into the source

of the items.

VIPs who could participate in the auction were based on a rating system, and one VIP

could bring two people to attend the event together.

The outfit Ainsley wore today was very casual, not like something for attending an


Serina beside her was also in casual dress, and the two seemed out of place behind Matteo, who was
in a suit and leather shoes.

There were people in dresses everywhere, all of them were wearing the most expensive and gorgeous
dresses they had to stand out.

Cason and Kaliyah were chatting with other people. Kaliyah saw Ainsley in a plain white. dress first,
which was not even a formal dress and felt a burst of contempt.

Kaitlin whispered beside her, “Everyone in Seattle knows that Irene is back, and Manuel has been with
her for several days. Judging by Ainsley’s face, she must have been dumped.*

Kaliyah agreed with her while Cason was not around, “Ms. Easton is divorced no matter

what. Irene is from the Wade family, who was loved and even spoiled by Mr. Cody Wade while growing
up. They are family friends. It is normal that Ainsley couldn’t even compare to Irene.”

Kaitlin couldn’t hide the sarcasm in her eyes, “When they started to date, she used Manuel to go
against me everywhere. I thought Manuel loved her so much, but it seemed it was just for fun. She
really regarded herself as Manuel’s girlfriend!”

Kaliyah noticed Cason’s steps and quickly stopped her, “Your brother is here. Don’t say that, or he will
not be happy.”

“Well, they already divorced. Why will my brother be unhappy?” Although Kaitlin said so, she still
stopped before he came.

Before the auction started, everyone was waiting in the waiting room. There were a lot of desserts and
drinks, and Matteo was talking to others.

Ainsley took Serina to the corner, who quietly took a dessert in a stable mood.

As she looked around with a glass of wine, a woman approached.

Ainsley looked at her, and she couldn’t help being amazed. The woman was wearing a high-end dress
of the season, which set off her nobleness and glamor. Her appearance was also first-class, and her
wavy hair made her look more mature and intellectual,

She walked up to Serina and asked in confusion, “Huh? Why is Serina here?”

Serina didn’t say anything, put down the plate in her hand, walked carefully behind

Ainsley, and looked at the woman timidly.

The woman was surprised when she saw Ainsley and said softly with a smile, “Hello.”

“Hello, Serina is not feeling well. Are you her friend? She probably doesn’t want to talk

now.” Ainsley explained.

“I know who you are now You are Ainsley Easton, the psychological counselor from

University of Washington, right?”

“It’s me.” Ainsley was confused, and just when she was about to ask the woman, she

saw the woman waving at the man behind her.

And she looked over, and the well-suited man came to the woman’s side, looking at her with a little
strangeness and alienation.

Her face turned pale for a while, and she felt severe colic pain in her chest, as painful as if he had been
dug open by life.

“Ms. Easton, I’m Irene Wade. I grew up with them, and Serina is also like my younger sister.” Irene
stretched out her hand with a gentle smile.

Ainsley also held that hand, “I’ve heard of you.”

Irene happily said to Manuel, “This must be Serina’s psychiatrist, right? Manuel, you should know her

Manuel looked up at her, but before he could speak, Ainsley had already answered, “Miss Wade, we
are not familiar with each other.”

She stared into Manuel’s eyes, trying to see a trace of tenderness, but unfortunately, there was nothing
but indifference.

She almost couldn’t stand, but fortunately, there was Serina behind her.

Manuel clenched his fists tightly. He wanted to hug Ainsley, but Irene was still watching,

so he could only forcefully control his impulse and stand there.

Irene looked at Ainsley with concern, “Is everything okay, Ms. Easton? Are you not feeling well?”

Ainsley shook her head, “I’m fine.”

“Thank you for taking care of Serina. Manuel must invite you for dinner in the future. Roman cooks the
most delicious food here. Speaking of which, I haven’t had that for a long time as well. Manuel, you will
take me there, right? We could also invite Ms. Easton

to go together.”

Manuel nodded, “Okay.”

“I’m good, thanks.” Ainsley said with a cold face, “I still have something to do.”

She dragged Serina to look for Matteo. Rather than saying that she had something to do, it would be
better to say that she fled in despair.

She really didn’t want to see him and Irene standing together, and she didn’t know what the real
heartache was until now.

Maybe she never loved Cason. Otherwise, how could it be so easy to accept the matter between him
and Kaliyah but unable to accept the matter of Manuel?

Those two people stood together looking so good. Since she first came here until now, she had heard
no less than ten people talking about how they looked perfect together,

like a golden couple.

And, she thought so too.

Manuel looked at her leaving figure, and Irene sighed, “Oh, what a pity! How could Ms. Easton lose her
memory? I did a good job pretending just now, right?”

She raised her eyebrows and looked at him, and her eyes were full of shrewdness.

He looked at her with a sullen face and smiled faintly, but there was no smile in his eyes.

“You know that?” he asked.

Irene nodded, “Yes, I was quite shocked at first, but I’m still very curious about how Ms. Easton would
be if she recovered her memory.”

“Don’t be so curious. Curiosity killed the cat.” He suddenly said.

Irene put away the smile on her face and took his arm, “Manuel, Mr. Koen asked you to take care of me
during the auction.”

This scene was seen by Cason in the distance, and he stared at Ainsley’s back with a touch of distress,
feeling this scene was really familiar.

He also played the role of Manuel in this scene. He didn’t feel much at the time, but now

it seemed childish and ridiculous.

He wanted to comfort her, but Kaliyah was still there.

The auction started. Ainsley sat beside Matteo, and Serina clung to her tightly.

Manuel and Irene were in the front row, talking and laughing.

Matteo saw Ainsley staring at them for a while and then looked away.

“The first item in today’s auction is an antique.”

The hostess brought a tray from backstage, and inside was a jade hairpin, “The starting price is 80
thousand dollars.”

As soon as the auction started, many people started bidding.

And Matteo looked at Ainsley, “Do you like it?”

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