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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 142

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Chapter 142 His Sudden Indifference

“I’m fine.” Ainsley smiled slightly to show that she was fine.

Serina’s treatment was in vain. Ainsley had made a great effort, but Serina seemed to be so
entrenched in her presence that she could not think of any way to change Serina’s subconscious mind
in a short time. She told Zane about it.

During this time, she often hypnotized Serina, indicating that Serina’s consciousness was not strong.
But in this matter, she showed a strong will. Serina was determined to pull Ainsley to that day.

After sending Serina to her room to rest, she sat alone on the couch and started wondering. She was
dazed for almost two hours when Matteo finally came back.

When he came back, he was shocked to see Ainsley. He raised the wine in his hand.

“Want a drink?”


The two of them hadn’t sat close together like this since Ainsley’s father left and the company was
given to Matteo. Ever since Ainsley and Cason got married, they hadn’t

seen each other again.

Matteo always thought that Ainsley was angry, or perhaps she did not want to be touched by the scene.
So he understandably didn’t show up in front of Ainsley until he found out about Ainsley’s latest
situation on the news.

Ainsley took out two glasses from the kitchen, brushed them and returned to the living room. Matteo
had already turned on the wine bottle and poured in two glasses. The sweet smell of wine permeated
Ainsley’s nose, along with the smell of cranberries.

She lifted the glass and took a sip. It was sweet.

“Matteo, how are things at the company?”

Matteo pondered for a moment. “Everything’s still going well, why? Do you want to go

back to the company?”

Ainsley laughed lightly, saying, “I don’t want to. It’s better to leave the company to you. I

care ab


“Caring about me? You should have told me when you divorced Cason, and I wouldn’t have had to get
angry when I first found out about your situation.” Matteo said in an

unpleasant tone.

After a long time, he spoke again slowly. “You have to remember that I am your family, your brother.”

Ainsley didn’t look at him and could imagine the sincere look on his face when he said

that. But that wasn’t what she wanted to ask most.

She re-poured Matteo a glass of wine. “Matteo, do you know what kind of person

Manuel used to be?”

Matteo put the glass down on the table instantly and sighed. “I can’t say what kind of person he is. In
the business, he is a hungry wolf. Aisy, believe me, you two don’t fit. Even

if I don’t stop you now, in the end, you won’t get together.”

“How do I know if I don’t try? Matteo, I want to know his past, and you must know it.”

She looked at Matteo pleadingly, desperately wanting to know why Matteo would be so

against them being together.

But Matteo still avoided answering. “There are many things that you don’t have to get an

answer to before you can give up. When you have people around to advise you, it means. that the
inappropriate magnetic field has been created.”

This was very philosophical. Ainsley slowly put down her glass. “But what if the person advising is the
real inappropriate magnetic field? Many people in this world choose to do something stubbornly just to
get an answer. If the process is abandoned and the answer

is abandoned, then what’s the point?”

Ainsley looked straight at Matteo as if her eyes were in conversation with his.

Matteo’s expression was serious as he said in a cold voice, “Aisy, you are now obsessed. I won’t let
you make the same mistake a second time.” Then Matteo turned around and


Ainsley remained in the same place thinking about what Matteo had just said. A second time? The first
time was to marry Cason?

But she remembered that when she said she wanted to get married, Matteo didn’t react

too strongly. It was only later when she witnessed his determination that she tried to approach Cason.

So was it him Matteo was talking about?

The wine bottle had been taken away by Matteo. Only a small amount of wine remained in the glass.
She raised the glass and drank it in one go, just like Matteo had done earlier.

When she returned to her room, she took out her cell phone in a slightly drunken mood. She turned on
her phone and saw the dialogue between her and Manuel. It had only been three days, and their
conversations were even shorter in a few lines. Even the words she sent today hadn’t been answered.


“Gone to work.”

“Do you miss me?”

Each sentence she sent told of how much she missed him, but there was no response. She looked at a
few of the questions and deliberated whether she had offended him.

It was as if Ainsley had gone back in time. Just those few words sent out reminded her again of the
loneliness she felt after her marriage. Was history repeating itself once


She hadn’t seen Manuel in the past few days. The only time she saw him was on the


On the financial channel, Ainsley looked at the thin Manuel and understood that he was

working hard.

While thinking about it, Ainsley came to her senses. She immediately slapped her head.

What the hell was she thinking?

Maybe he was busy with something. But what could he be so busy about that he didn’t have time to
reply to a message?

She printed out the model on her computer and sent it to Mollie and Professor Wade, giving her folder
two more passwords after the last accident. She told Mollie and

Professor Wade to keep an eye on the others before she was reassured.

This time it took her three days to do the model calculations. Mollie gave her advice and sent over the
latest data.

After work, Serina followed her. Now it was Matteo who picked them up. She didn’t know if Serina was
used to it or not, but she was very embarrassed.

She always tried to look for that car at the end of the school day, but she couldn’t find it.

This time, she couldn’t restrain her thoughts or herself. She quickly fled the school’s front door and ran
out the side entrance.

Serina followed behind her.

She had just left the west side door when she began to sense that something was

wrong. Someone was following her. But she looked back several times to see that only Serina was

“Serina, you go back with Matteo first.”

Serina shook her head. “No, I want to stay with Ainsley.”

She was unfamiliar with the Easton family. The cool Matteo scared her a little. She wasn’t going to be
alone with Matteo. He was bad and stopped Ainsley and Manuel from

being together.

Ainsley was amused and took her hand and said warmly, “Then we’ll go together. Hold

on to my hand.”

The least visible side entrance to the school was this small door on the west side. The door led to a
quiet, deep alley with few people around.

She took Serina by the hand and rounded the corner. Suddenly a small sound of footsteps came closer
and closer. Who was it?

She turned to look in fear and saw that no one was there. But she had heard it.

It was silent here. The slightest sound was amplified. The floor of the alley was concrete. It was easy to
make the sound of rubbing stones when walking on it.

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