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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 206

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Chapter 206 No One Is Allowed to Help You

“Don’t worry about Kaitlin!” someone said in a dignified voice.

Mathew walked through the door with his walking stick, and Jillian hurriedly helped him sit down.

“Grandpa, you’re here.” Cason hurriedly took out the tea set and personally made tea.

Lindsay and Mathew had never been on good terms, so she just nodded and did not speak.

Kaliyah sat tentatively at the side. She knew that Mathew did not like her, and she subconsciously
touched her

abdomen, wondering if he would treat her better because of the baby.

While Kaliyah was pondering, Mathew said, “Since you are having Cason’s baby, I won’t make things
difficult for you.

Give birth, and you’ll be rewarded.”

“Thank you, grandpa.” Kaliyah was delighted.

She knew it. Since she was pregnant with Cason’s baby, even Mathew, who had always disliked her,


Mathew looked at Lindsay coldly and said, “Don’t bother about Kaitlin. After everything she’s done, she
needs to learn

a lesson.”

“Grandpa, she is a member of the Baldry family after all.” Kaliyah’s fingers trembled slightly.

Mathew sneered and said, “She has done so many wrong things. How many times has our family been
targeted because of her? Cason, you still remember, don’t you?” Mathew’s cloudy eyes suddenly
became clear.

Cason poured tea into the teacup, placed the cup in front of Mathew, and said respectfully, “Grandpa, I

Cason thought, this time, I have made up my mind to leave Kaitlin’s affairs alone and let her stay in
prison to reflect.

Lindsay, however, did not quite agree. She said with some dissatisfaction, “Mathew, Kaitlin is your
granddaughter. She might be a troublemaker, yet she is not a bad girl. Besides, she is a dignified
young lady belonging to the Baldry family. She shouldn’t be left in prison, right? If words get out, others
in Seattle will laugh at us.”

Mathew coldly snorted, “If she gets released, there will be even more people laughing at our family!”

Due to the incident last time, the Wilson family had been suppressed by Matteo and the Gage family,
and Glenn was arrested. His family had been pulling a lot of strings, yet they still couldn’t get him out.

Kaitlin was detained, and she thought about it for a long time in the detention room.

She thought, this time, Cason won’t help me no matter what. And I get it now. The reason why Kaliyah
wanted to borrow a car the day before and had me send it over in the morning was just to frame me.

Now that everything is out, sure enough, I am arrested, while Kaliyah is at home, doing fine.

If it were in the past, Lindsay would definitely take my side, but now it’s different. Kaliyah is pregnant.

Lindsay has been longing for grandkids. And now finally, her wish has come true. On no ground will
she let Kaliyah go to prison.

This time, Kaitlin finally managed to apply for a call and immediately called Cason.

“Cason! Help me! I’m being tortured here.” Kaitlin wished she could run out of the detention room

She heard no sound from the other end of the line for a long time, and she called out in panic, “Cason,
are you there? Cason!”

Finally, Cason said, “Kaitlin, you’ve done so many wrong things before. Our family has paid a great
price to get you out. This time, no one is allowed to help you under Grandpa’s order. You should do
some proper reflection while staying inside.”

“How can that be? Cason, I am your sister!” Tears welled up in Kaitlin’s eyes in an instant. She cried,
“Where’s Mom? What did Mom say?”

“She said she wouldn’t force me this time,” Cason said in an utterly cold voice.

Kaitlin cried for a long time before angrily cursing, “I get it now! It’s all because of Kaliyah. She is
pregnant, and Mom is taking her side! Good for you. Good for all of you! You give up on me! None of
you help me!”

Kaitlin hung up the phone while crying. She knew that Cason had not agreed to help her ever since the
last time. Compared with begging him, she might as well think of something herself.

After waiting for an entire day, she was summoned by the police. When she went to the reception
room, surprisingly, she saw Kaliyah.

“Kaliyah?” she said in surprise. Then she pulled a long face. “Kaliyah, what are you doing here? Are
you here to laugh at me?”

“Kaitlin, don’t say those harsh words. I came to see you because I was concerned about you,” Kaliyah

Kaitlin thought, we are under the police’s watch. Otherwise, I wish I could rush to Kaliyah and tear off
her disguise. What a phony.

Kaitlin snorted coldly, “Kaliyah, I am the only one standing in front of you right now. You don’t need to
pretend anymore. You were the one who borrowed my car, yet you didn’t admit it when Cason finally
asked you. It’s my fault that I trusted you so much and that I didn’t think to guard against you.”

The tenderness in Kaliyah’s eyes vanished, leaving behind an obscure shadow. She leaned close to
Kaitlin and said, “Kaitlin, I was telling the truth. It was you who was going to hurt Ainsley.”

“I don’t want to waste my time talking to you. Where is my mom?” Kaitlin thought, how come it is
Kaliyah here? Where is my mom?

Kaliyah smiled, “She went to meet a famous early education teacher today, and she had an
appointment with an obstetrician from abroad tomorrow as well. She is so busy right now. But she
didn’t forget about you. I came here today because she asked me to tell you that Cason and Grandpa
have been very angry these days, and they have reached a consensus that they won’t help you
anymore. She asked you to be good while staying inside. She would talk to Cason when things pass

“She said that? For real?” Kaitlin stood up and looked at Kaliyah in disbelief.

Kaliyah’s voice suddenly became deeper as she said, “Of course. None of these would have happened
if you hadn’t told Cason that I borrowed your car. You betrayed me first.”

“I was worried that Ainsley might escape. Otherwise, do you think I would lend you my car? You
planned to frame me, right? Kaliyah, you are so heartless. Don’t think that just because you are
pregnant, Cason and Lindsay will take your side!” Kaitlin’s tone was filled with sadness and

Kaliyah: did not take Kaitlin’s words seriously. She gently stroked her belly and said, seemingly
casually, “Kaitlin, do you really think that even if Cason and Lindsay knew what I did, they would send
me in?”

“What do you mean?” Kaitlin’s heart began to beat violently.

“Literally. You know very well that Lindsay treasures my baby a lot, right? Do you think she will send her
grandkid in for the sake of you?” Kaliyah had a smile on her face.

Kaitlin was so angry that her expression changed a few times. She gritted her teeth and said, “Kaliyah,
it’s not time to

celebrate yet. I have Irene. I’m sure she will help me.”

Kaliyah could not help but laugh. “You are indeed naïve. You are just her pawn. Do you think she’s still
willing to offend the Gage family for you after everything you’ve done? Don’t forget that it was Manuel
who sent you in this


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