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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 196

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Chapter 196 She’s My Ex-Wife After All

Could it be that what she had done before was exposed? Did Cason know it?

She had butterflies in her stomach and wondered, “What should I do?”

Cason stared at the top of her head sharply and said in a cold voice, “It doesn’t matter if

you don’t understand. Just be a good Mrs. Baldry.”

After he finished speaking, he patted Kaliyah on the back casually, then pushed her away

and left.

Kaliyah’s heart sank. What exactly did his words mean? Was he warning her?

As soon as she thought of this, she wanted to sweep everything on the table to the

ground. It was all because of that woman!

But here was Cason’s study, so she didn’t dare to do so.

She forced herself to calm down. What she had done already made Cason tired of her,

so now she had to make up for it and change his impression of her.

As soon as Cason walked to the door, Kaliyah’s voice sounded behind him, “Are you still


He turned around and saw Kaliyah in a slip-dress.

In his memory, Kaliyah had never worn such a color.

The sadness in his heart was temporarily suppressed, “It’s cold. Why are you wearing so


Hearing this, tears glistened in Kaliyah’s eyes. She hadn’t heard such caring words from

him for a long time.

“You haven’t looked at me like this for several days.” Kaliyah hid the disappointment in

her eyes and tried to force a smile.

This made Cason’s heart melt. Seeing the arrogant young lady put aside her pride and

force herself to do this for him, he couldn’t help but take her hand.

Charter 196 She’s My Ex-Wife after All


“Why are your hands so cold?” Cason led Kaliyah to the bed.

“Cason, I know I was wrong before,” Kaliyah said with a hint of guilt.

Cason hugged her to comfort her, “It’s okay.”

Kaliyah made him a cup of tea and said, “I just brewed this. Try it.”

She playfully showed him her achievements.

Even so, after he drank that cup of tea, he still felt uncomfortable.

“The person behind what happened at the racecourse yesterday, was it you?” Cason

asked suddenly.

Kaliyah was slightly stunned, and in a blink of an eye she was full of sadness, “How can

you doubt me?”

“Yes or no?”

“No, I was just watching from the side,” Kaliyah said.

Cason’s mind was full of the scene where Ainsley was almost thrown into the barbed wire fence after
her horse was provoked.

If Ainsley was really thrown into the barbed wire fence, her face would definitely be


“Ainsley has never messed with you. If you saw anything at that time, just tell me,” He said with slight

“Cason, it’s none of our business. We…”

“She’s my ex-wife after all,” Cason murmured.

Kaliyah finally burst out, “She’s your ex-wife, but I’m your wife! Do you know who Irene is? Do you think
she’ll let me go if I meddle in? Have you ever thought about me?”

“Kaliyah, you’ve changed.” Looking at her face which was still the same as the one in his memory,
Cason felt it was very strange.

Kaliyah was at a loss for a while, then looked at Cason aggrievedly, “I also feel you’ve

Chapter 196 She’s My Ex-Wife after All



Now Cason’s mind was full of Ainsley’s terrified face, as well as her bleeding arm.

He couldn’t bear thinking about it anymore, so he simply fled.

Kaliyah didn’t stop him this time. It was not until Cason walked away that she came back

to her senses and threw the teacup onto the ground.

The teacup shattered and the tea splashed everywhere.

That woman again! Although Cason kept telling her that she was the most important

person in his heart, Kaliyah couldn’t help being afraid of losing him after all these things.

She knew that Cason’s heart had already started to leave her and fly to that woman

called Ainsley.

“How can that be?” Kaliyah asked silently. How could he treat her like this?

At the University of Washington.

Ainsley was in a meeting, in which Raymond asked her to attend a symposium in the

north of the city. The university also specially booked her a room at the Fog Isle Hotel in

case the symposium lasted very late at night.

This news reached Manuel’s ears immediately.

That night when Ainsley stayed at the Fog Isle Hotel, something out of her expectation


At night, Manuel walked into the Fog Isle Hotel before he knew it. He approached the window and
heard Ainsley breathing evenly inside. Then he opened the window and

jumped in as if he was a thief.

As soon as he approached the bed, he saw Ainsley open her eyes, looking at him with her dark brown
eyes shining in the darkness.

“You…” Ainsley opened her mouth wide in surprise. And before she could say more words, she saw
Manuel’s face getting closer and closer, until his dry lips touched her


For a moment, Ainsley’s mind went blank. She touched her chest and felt her heart

beating very fast.

What was he doing?

Manuel clasped the back of Ainsley’s head with his big hands and pressed her lips firmly against his
own while squatting beside the bed.

Not enough! It was far from enough!

With coldness in her eyes, Ainsley struggled with her hands and tried to push Manuel


But the man was as strong as a beast.

With a determined effort, she took a hard bite and her mouth was instantly filled with the

smell of blood, which made her feel uncomfortable.

Manuel looked annoyed and said with a numb tongue, “Aisy.”

“What’s wrong with you?” Ainsley stepped back and said. “What are you doing?!”

Manuel was stunned for a long while before he forced a smile, “Aisy, it’s my fault. I just miss you so

Ainsley looked at the opened window with a cold face. This man was so unruly!

“How did you get in here?”

The Fog Isle Hotel had a great security system. How did he sneak in and climb up to the third floor

“I jumped through the window,” he pointed to the wide-open window.

Ainsley walked over and took a look. It was so high here that he would definitely die if he


“You’re out of your mind!”

This lun*tic!

Ainsley immediately glared at him as if she was saying, “What if you fall?”

“Aisy, I just want to see you.” Manuel approached her slightly.

Ainsley’s cold gaze remained unchanged, “Off you go.”

She opened the door, and Manuel really walked out.

Seeing Manuel’s leaving back, she wiped her lips hard. It was the smell of Manuel’s


There was an unknown feeling rising in her heart when she was kissed so hard by him just now. She
didn’t want to think about it anymore, so she patted her head and closed

her eyes.

Regretting that he had lost his mind tonight, Manuel walked to Irene’s office.

It was already late at night and pitch dark inside. No one could see anything without turning on the
lights, just like now.

And as soon as he stepped in, he heard someone talking in the office. The voice was

indistinct, but the roar just now was very clear.

He suppressed the doubts in his heart and walked over, then he began to hear what they were talking

“Ms. Wade, are you sure you don’t need it?” A male voice said.

Manuel narrowed his eyes slightly. What did she need?

“No need,” Irene said.

Then she began to roar, “I said, don’t contact me anymore! Aren’t you afraid that I will

turn against you?”

Manuel would never forget the woman’s voice. Then the man said, “Now that the investigation is so
tight, you want to drop out and keep yourself clean and pure? Don’t

forget I have a stick to beat you with.”.

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