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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 234

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Chapter 234 I Won’t Be the Scapegoat

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“Kaliyah has already been caught. Could it be that you still want to persuade me to take the blame?”
Kaitlin angrily said.

Lindsay had an embarrassed look because she had been exposed. But she still stubbornly said,
“Kaitlin, since things have become like this, you should be sensible.

“After all, it is a special time. If Kaliyah is not pregnant right now, I will protect you no matter what
happens. After all, you are my biological daughter. But the situation is different now. Kaliyah is pregnant
with the only descendant of the Baldry family. Anyway, I have to protect her. Don’t worry. Even if you
take the blame for Kaliyah, your brother and I will definitely use all of our strength to save you.”

Kaitlin sneered, “Mom, you have already said the nonsense when you came to see me last time. You
seem to have forgotten what happened when you said those words last time.”

Kaitlin felt that it was very ironic. From the moment she entered the detention cell, and she was in
prison now, Lindsay had only come twice. The first time Lindsay came to persuade her to commit
suicide. The second time Lindsay tried to persuade her to be the scapegoat

It had only been a few days since Kaitlin committed suicide. When she finally left the hospital, Lindsay
came again.

This time, Kaitlin did not want to hear those strange words from Lindsay’s mouth. Kaitlin stood up and
was about to leave. “If you came to see me for the sake of Kaliyah, why don’t you stop coming?”

After Lindsay returned home, she sighed and wanted to ask Cason how he was doing. But before she
could SPEAK, she was questioned by him.

“Mom, you went to meet Kaitlin again today? Do you ask her to take the blame? Now, the evidence in
the police’s hands all proved that Kaliyah did that. In this situation, you still asked Kaitlin to take the
blame. You almost caused Kaitlin to lose her life last time, but you still went to persuade her this time. I
actually miss the mother who used to spoil and pamper Kaitlin “but not the person who only knows
about the child in Kaliyah’s belly.”

Lindsay was also very tired these days. Hearing Cason’s complaints, she shouted, “Alright, alright! All
of you said that it was my fault. If not for your child, would I be like this?”

Lindsay left angrily. She returned to her room and locked the door.

Cason returned to the study and had a splitting headache. Too many things had happened recently,
and he couldn’t deal with them.

He had to save Kaliyah. The only solution now was Ainsley. As long as she didn’t sue, there was a
possibility that Kaliyah would be


When the last ray of sunset appeared, Cason walked to the Psychological Counseling Room at the
University of Washington.

The door of the counseling room was open. As soon as he entered, he saw Ainsley looking at him with
a puzzled expression.

“Mr. Baldry, what’s the matter? Ainsley thought Cason would come here for no reason.

Cason sat down and said with some embarrassment, “I know my request might be very stupid, but I still
want to say it. Ainsley, can you temporarily release Kaliyah?”


“Cason, are you joking? How can I let her out?

“Cason, can you use your brain to think about it? If the person who was hurt that day was Kaliyah and I
was the criminal, would you plead for me in front of her? Ainsley sneered.

“Ainsley, it’s different. She is pregnant with my child. Cason stared at Ainsley.

“She is pregnant? Then you should protect her well. But what does it have to do with me? She hurt me,
so she should pay the price.” Ainsley roared angrily

Ainsley’s expression relaxed. She suddenly looked at Cason solemnly and said, “Although I did collect
evidence of her crime, Kaliyah

was arrested before I could send the evidence to the police station.”

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In other words, the matter of Kaliyah being arrested had nothing to do with Ainsley

Cason widened his eyes, not daring to believe what he had heard.

He couldn’t believe that it wasn’t Ainsley who reported to the police this time. Then who else could it

“But other than you, who has a reason to call the police? No one else has a reason to meddle in other
people’s business “Cason


“Cason, don’t forget that Kaliyah has other enemies, such as Irene who wants Kaliyah to be a
scapegoat,” Ainsley laughed at herself.

Cason was enlightened. Irene! He thought of what Kaliyah said. Irene was afraid that Ainsley would
find out about her sooner or later, so Irene wanted Kaliyah to be the scapegoat.

Cason sighed and said to Ainsley apologetically, “Ainsley, what happened before was indeed Kaliyah’s
fault. Kaitlin also did wrong things Now, Kaitlin has entered the psychiatric hospital, and Kaliyah is in
the police station. For the sake of Kaliyah’s baby, can you give me a letter of understanding?”

If Cason could get Ainsley’s letter of understanding, Kaliyah might get a light sentence.

“I won’t give her a letter of understanding.” Ainsley rejected.

“Ainsley, I… Cason wanted to continue pleading.

“Cason, since we’ve already divorced, can’t you just disappear completely from my life? Why are you
always like this? I’m really sick of

Ainsley furrowed her brows.

She was tired of Kaitlin and Kaliyah, who always wanted to frame her.

Ainsley hated that since Cason had already decided to divorce, he began to pretend to be loving and

Ainsley walked in the direction of the door and opened it. She said to Cason, “Mr. Baldry, the question
you want to ask has been finished. You can leave now.”

She drove him away indifferently, but Cason had no idea.

Cason was locked outside the door. He looked up at the cold and distant Ainsley and finally chose to

In the police station, because of his pregnancy, the person asking the question would be much gentler

The pregnant woman would not be detained. Kaliyah only needed to be brought over when she was

However, she was still very panicked. After all, this was the police station.

After all the inquiries, the police suddenly took her to an observation room where Cason was

“Cason, are you here to pick me up?” Kaliyah asked nervously.

Cason nodded. “Kaliyah, don’t be afraid I will stay with you.”

At the Psychological Counseling Room of the University of Washington, Ainsley was revising the

Before she finished, Manuel came again.


without him saying anything, Ainsley knew that he came for treatment again.

we have treatment or hypnosis today? Manuel asked with some lingering fear

The memory of that day was still fresh in his mind. He almost could not keep his secret


ew his concers, but she did not intend to let him go. “You do a test first ”

Ainsley gave Manuel a set of test questions with three pages of content. He needed to finish at least
fifty percent.

Manuel answered the test questions calmly as if he did not care about those test questions.

He gave the finished test to Ainsley and only used fifteen minutes.

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