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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 253

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Chapter 253 Armbell Oaks

The most puzzling thing appeared again. What exactly happened on the night of Nancy’s suicide?

Ainsley looked at Matteo and solemnly said, “I want to see Mary.”

Everything returned to the Psychological Counseling Room. Nancy had said that she was afraid of

Mary a few times. However, after hearing what Mary said at the school gate, Ainsley began to think. if
Nancy was afraid of Mary’s reaction after the latter knew about AIDS.

In Armbell Oaks.

When Ainsley stepped into Armbell Oaks, she was surprised that there was such a dilapidated and old
neighborhood in the bustling and magnificent Seattle.

Armbell Oaks should not be so dilapidated. After all, it existed next to the key primary school and
should be popular.

However, when Ainsley saw the buildings in the neighborhood, she found that there were only a few of
them, and the highest one had four floors, and it was a dangerous building.

Ainsley was more confused. If the residential area where Nancy lived was only four–story, then where
did she jump down?

Nancy lived in the innermost building. There were no public facilities in the neighborhood and no one
taking care of the grass and plants. They grew wildly.

Even the mottled marks on the wall outside the floor showed that the floor had existed for a long time.
After walking through the bumpy roads, Ainsley finally found the place where Nancy lived.

She walked into the corridor. The dark corridor without a voice–activated sensor light made her feel a
sense of panic.

Fortunately, Nancy’s house was not too high. It was on the second floor.

She reached out and knocked on the door. Not long after, she heard the door open. A child poked out
his head. Ainsley knew that he was Nancy’s younger brother.

The little boy looked only seven or eight years old. His small face was dirty, and he wore a shortcut,
staring at Ainsley strangely.

“Where’s your mother?” Ainsley asked.

A voice came from inside the door. Mary quickly opened the door and pushed the little boy behind her.
“Why are you here?” Mary looked at her warily.

Originally, Matteo was not at ease to let Ainsley come alone and wanted to come with her after


Ainsley handed Mary the things she had just bought in the market. There was food and expensive

Seeing these expensive items, Mary eased her serious face, but she did not intend to give Ainsley
anything to drink. She just said snappily, “What are you doing here? Do you want to see us make a fool
of ourselves? Did Mr. Ford tell you what I said? I want 1.6 million dollars! You better give me! When we
get the money, we will have nothing to do with you. But if you don’t give me the money, I will continue
to make a fuss. I will go to the state court. I don’t believe that no one will help me. Even if you are from
the Easton family, I don’t believe that you can be spared of this.”

As she said this, Mary’s fingertips trembled slightly. In the end, her voice trembled a little. It was as if
she was trying to muster up her courage and tightly gripped the corner of her clothes.

Ainsley laughed softly, “Mrs. Conway, you should know that your daughter’s death has nothing to do
with me. The reason that you insist that it was my fault and blamed me for that was Nancy came to me
for counsel a few days ago. The contents of the form were just what I asked her to write down her
feelings. It has nothing to do with her determination to commit suicide. Even if you sue me, won’t make
any difference.”


Mary was so angry that her eyes were red. She pointed at Ainsley and did not speak for a long time.

The little boy behind her slightly bent his head and looked at Ainsley suspiciously. He was about seven
years old and started to understand the ways of the world. But he seemed to be unable to understand
what Ainsley and Mary were talking about.

“Mrs. Conway, why don’t you let your son go to the room to study?” Children should not listen to

such things.

Mary thought about it and let the little boy go to the bedroom.

Ainsley sat on the sofa and said to Mary expressionlessly, “Where did Nancy commit suicide?”

“So why are you here today? You’re not welcome here!” Mary scolded angrily.

“If you want compensation, answer my question seriously.” Ainsley’s eyes looked cold.

Mary had to compromise temporarily, but she refused to admit that she was shocked by Ainsley. She
said hesitantly, “We didn’t live here before. We used to live in the neighborhood next door. It was

rented. After Nancy jumped down from the building, the landlord felt that we brought him unluckiness.
The people in the building disliked us, so they forced the landlord to drive us out. In desperation, I had
to move out with Trevon.”

Ainsley glanced around and found that it was indeed as Mary had said. Mary hadn’t even had the time
to pack up the pile of things.

It made sense. No matter what, after Nancy committed suicide, the previous house became a haunted
house. She had committed suicide, and the housing prices in the entire neighborhood

would fall.

From the information Matteo showed her, Ainsley roughly knew what happened that day. Just as Mary
went out to buy groceries, she saw a large group of people gather downstairs on the way back. They
pointed to the rooftop as if they were watching a show.

Mary found that the person standing on the rooftop in despair was her daughter. Before Mary could say
a word, Nancy staggered and jumped off the building.

Seeing her daughter die in front of her, Mary couldn’t stand it. It was lucky that she didn’t go crazy.

That shouldn’t be what a normal mother was like.

No one could tell if Mary was a good mother who loved Nancy from her behavior.

“Can you show me Nancy’s stuff?” Ainsley said.

Mary thought about it for a while and nodded. She pointed at a bag placed at the entrance.

Ainsley took the bag and opened it. Then she saw some clothes and books.

Mary said to herself, “The police had already looked at the surveillance in the corridor. She walked up
there. Later on, I heard the people downstairs say that she had been waiting on the rooftop for five
minutes, as if…”

“As if she was waiting for you to come back?”

“Yes, she should be waiting for me to come back.” Mary was so scared that her face turned pale.

When Mary came back, she only looked up, and then Nancy jumped down the building resolutely.

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