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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 263

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Chapter 263 Adjustments

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She didn’t know how long she slept. She only knew that she heard the faint sound of knocking on the
window in the middle of the night. Goosebumps rose all over her body.

Like the sound from the previous two times, she didn’t even dare to open the curtains.

But the sound of knocking on the window became louder and louder, causing her to panic.

The next moment, all the sounds stopped abruptly.

Irene waited for a long time, but there was still no sound, so she went straight to sleep.

However, half an hour later, when she was not sleeping soundly, a complex, subtle, and terrifying
sound appeared again. It was still the sound of hitting the window in a regular rhythm.

Irene gripped her quilt and immediately covered her ears.

“Go away! Nancy, I didn’t hurt you. I gave your mother a lot of money. Don’t provoke me. If anything
happens to me, Grandpa will not let your family go!” she murmured.

The sound of hitting glass still continued, and the unpleasant sizzling sound was so annoying.

She covered her head with the quilt. After a long time without any sound, she finally dared to show

her head. After making sure that there was no sound, she breathed a sigh of relief, but she dared not

sleep again.

The door of the room was opened, and she was stunned. She looked up and saw that it was her


“Get up.” He was angry.

Irene got up from the bed tiredly and walked into the study.

“These days, because of your nightmare, we are all affected. What exactly happened?”

Brady’s eyes were not gentle as he looked at Irene coldly.

After a long time, Irene slowly calmed down. She immediately grabbed Brady’s hand and cried,

“Grandfather, she wants to kill me! She wants to kill me!”

“Who?” Brady said in a low voice.

“Nancy, she wants revenge.” Irene cried in horror.

Brady’s eyes flashed with coldness, “Is it Nancy who committed suicide by jumping off the building?”
Brady asked uncertainly.

“Yes, yes, it is her! Don’t come looking for me. I didn’t hurt you. If you want to blame someone, blame
Ainsley. Go find her.” Irene looked around in horror.

With just a few words, Brady probably knew why Irene was so afraid.

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“What exactly happened? Tell me everything from the beginning.” Brady looked at her coldly.

He did not believe that his granddaughter had not participated in anything related to the death of
Nancy. Otherwise, she would not be so scared.

Clara got the hint and left immediately.

Irene trembled and told Brady what had happened, “Grandpa! It’s really not my fault. That woman
deserved to die! She has AIDS, and she can’t be saved anyway… And I gave them a sum of money
later, enough for her mother and her brother to live well.”

Brady raised his hand and slapped her.

“Idiot! I raised you up just to make you push someone off the rooftop? I told you before that you should
not leave any traces when doing things. Now that you push her down, your hands are stained with her
blood. Even if you wash it clean, the blood on your face will still have the lingering smell of blood.
What’s more, the memories of pushing her down the stairs in your mind will be repeated over and over
again. Sooner or later, you will harm yourself because of these. This is not just a


Irene’s cheeks were red from being slapped. She covered her face and shed a tear.

“Grandpa, I didn’t want to, but she came to take revenge!” She was so frightened that she wanted to
scream and try her best to control herself.

Brady took out a piece from behind and threw it in front of her. “Is this figure you are talking


“This?” Irene looked at it incredulously.

“Since the first time you had a nightmare, I had people pay attention to the surroundings of the villa.
The figure that appeared tonight was the white cloth you saw, but we did not catch the We only saw the
cloth that was thrown on the ground.” Brady’s eyes were cold.


Brady mocked, “Idiot! You don’t know that you were deceived. It was all planned by someone. Do you
really think this is a ghost? You idiot.”

Irene’s tense nerves suddenly relaxed. She giggled, followed by anger. “Who is it? Who dares to play
with me like this!”

“I can let you investigate who is behind this matter, but you better not delay our plan. You have been
too much of a burden these past two days.” A cold glint flashed across Brady’s eyes.

“I’m sorry, Grandpa. I will get myself together.” Irene lowered her eyes nervously.

Brady looked at Irene’s red and swollen cheeks and finally said reluctantly, “Don’t interfere in

Nancy’s matter anymore. I will solve it.”

“Thank you, grandpa.”

Brady looked at Ainsley, and the planning document was next to him. “The people of the Planning
Department have done a good job. Let’s do this.

“By the way, how are you and Manuel? Have you made any progress with each other?”

Irene looked serious and did not answer his question. She suddenly remembered what she had heard
from her assistant on the way back from Marysville. “Grandpa, someone is investigating that


“Who?” Brady’s pupils shrank sharply.

“That guy is very cautious. As long as there is even the slightest change, that guy immediately stops.
Our people are fully alert,” Irene said in a deep voice.

Brady nodded and looked at the red wine beside him. “Irene, ask Manuel if he has time to come home
for dinner tonight. I got a bottle of good wine here and wanted him to have a taste with me.”

Irene suddenly looked up. Could it be that he suspected…

Before Irene could ask her question, she nodded heavily. “Yes.”

Seven o’clock in the evening.

There were two cars parked in front of the Wade family’s gate. One was a red Ferrari and the other was
a black Cayenne. Manuel got out of the car and walked into the gate with Irene.

As soon as he entered, Brady walked over with a loving expression on his face. “I had wanted you to
come to my house for dinner a long time ago. I was afraid that you would be busy at work and would
not have the time. They sent me a bottle of red wine from France. This bottle of red wine is amazing.
La Romanee–Conti Supreme Red Wine. I think you must have heard of this. It’s wine’s King. This
bottle of wine was bought by my people at the auction at Sotheby’s. It is worth more than 500 thousand
dollars. Boy, you are really lucky.”

Manuel glanced at the bottle. The La Romanee–Conti Special Grade Red Wine was a limited wine.
Even if one could see a few bottles in the auction, the auction holder would buy all of them directly.
Brady had put in a lot of effort to be able to buy this bottle of wine.

He teased, “Since Brady wanted to open such a precious red wine, Grandpa really missed such a good
thing. When I got home, if he knew that I drank this bottle of wine with you, he would blame


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