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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 266

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Chapter 266 Please Go Away

“Ah! I think you’ve misunderstood me. I am only curious about your shamelessness, with which you
should show up here. Don’t you know you’re a killer who caused a female student to die before? I
wonder if you are here to save your relationship with Mr. Gage.”

The speaker continued, “Tsk tsk! What a pity that you are not Mr. Gage’s type. I mean, take a look at
the lady next to him yourself. She, a perfect woman who is his beloved childhood sweetheart, is the
kind of woman worthy of him. A word of advice. Be realistic. A murderer like you will only be despised
here. If I were you, I would run away with my tail between my legs now instead of being a disgrace

“Yes! You should get lost now. Or you’ll get upset seeing Ms. Wade and Mr. Gage together.”

Ainsley put down her wine glass, which made the table click a bit. Then she said, “You don’t know


Ainsley looked at the woman and said coldly, “Judging from your tone, I can tell what kind of person
you are, the kind that is cold, sharp, arrogant, and also weak, so weak that you never dare to bully
someone stronger than you. But make no mistake, it’s not your place to judge me. The Easton family,
despite not stacking up against the Gage family, isn’t something to be trifled with. If I were

you, I would lay low and leave this place immediately. Or you might end up suffering from the
consequences if I find out information about your family.”

“You!” The woman pointed at Ainsley angrily, but soon, she lowered her head since she found that

Ainsley had a point.

That woman thought, she’s right. Matteo is not someone to be trifled with. And I’m only here because
Irene asked me to. But seriously, will Irene come forward to help me if something really happens to
me? I highly doubt that.

“Ainsley, just wait. That we can’t deal with you doesn’t mean others can’t. The one that you’ve
offended, you simply can’t rival her. I hope you can reflect upon the implications of what you are doing
now. Or you’ll end up being very miserable. Now let’s go!”

After the woman left, Ainsley frowned. She knew that someone would come to find fault with her,

but she didn’t expect them to come so early.

A while later, another person walked up to Ainsley. This time it was a guy, with a disgusting smile on his
face. He was Drake Harris. “You’re Ms. Easton, right?”

Sizing up Ainsley in a lascivious way, Drake said, “You surprised me greatly that, after a marriage

with Cason and a relationship with Manuel, you still look so sexy.”

“Get lost!” Ainsley managed to resist the temptation to pour the wine in her hand at the guy.

“Ouch! You’re fiercer than I thought you would be. But what’s the use of all this fierceness? It won’t

Get Buoytus

help you keep guys around you, not Cason, and certainly not Manuel. Have you noticed that all the
men you like end up choosing their former lovers? So, rather than being so resentful, I suggest you

be with me instead.”

Drake sat down next to Ainsley, wanting to put his hand on her. “How does that sound? I mean,
eventually, you have to pick a guy, right? And I’m the one that you can get with ease. We all know that

the Easton family is suffering the consequences of provoking the Wade family recently. And if

you treat me well, maybe I can…”

“Get lost!” Ainsley picked up her glass and poured the whole glass of wine on Drake’s face.

That made Drake stop halfway through his sentences, who then looked at Ainsley in disbelief. “How
dare you!”

Since they were in a corner of the hall, no one saw what had happened.


But Drake was reduced to a sorry state, with his face glowing as if it was dyed by the wine, and his
white suit, which he deemed classic, turning all crimson as if there was a pattern of blossom on it.

“What? I only poured wine on you because you needed it. You’re just too filthy. Now, please get


“You mother fucker!” Drake raised his hand in anger, wanting to slap Ainsley.

He jerked his arm up so fast that there was a gust of wind coming along. Ainsley, surprised with her
eyes closed, thought she would for sure end up taking the hit. But the slap failed to come to her.

Then, Drake’s miserable scream was heard. “Let me go! Who are you?”

Ainsley opened her eyes, only to find Cason standing in front of her while grabbing Drake’s arm

tightly before twisting it over harshly.

Drake’s arm was badly twisted. Ainsley thought, it must be very painful.

“Since when has the Harris family become so arrogant? Do you want me to reach out to your father
and tell him about all this? Now get lost,” Cason said coldly.

Surprised that Cason knew his father, Drake gave in immediately before slipping away.

“Are you alright?” Cason looked at Ainsley with concern.

“I’m fine.” Ainsley’s expression was cold and distant as always.

“You don’t have to pretend that you’re okay. I know what happened to Matteo, and I can help.”

“No need!” She said with a cold face.

Looking at Ainsley, who was cold and aloof as hell, for some reason, Cason sensed that his
heartstrings had been pulled at, thinking, obviously, she is in trouble, and yet she pretends to be

okay. That is kind of… cute!

“Aisy, you don’t have to disguise yourself in front of me. I know you need my help. There happens to be
a batch of wine in my family’s warehouse. How about I have it sent over to you after the wine tasting? I
believe that will help you survive some time.”

He paused, glanced at Manuel not far away, and continued, “Otherwise, with what the Wade family is
capable of, I am afraid you won’t be able to find a wine supplier whatsoever, not even in here.
Moreover, Manuel has…” Cason stopped halfway through his sentences, with which he tried to remind
Ainsley that Manuel was about to get engaged to Irene and that Manuel couldn’t care less about the
Easton family.

Ainsley felt a pain in her heart upon hearing that. “Cason! You know you are not much of a good person
as well, right? Haven’t your wife and sister done all that stuff so as to hurt me before? That makes you

just as hateful as all the other people. So, drop all the crap. I don’t need your help and

your pity for me.”

Cason felt pain in his heart. Then he looked at Ainsley, who was offensive. “Don’t be like this, Aisy.”

“Don’t call me Aisy! Cason, do you need me to remind you there is nothing between us?” There was an
unquestionable disgust in Ainsley’s tone.

“I just want to help.”

“Cason, don’t be so hypocritical. I don’t need that. Just look at what you’re doing now! You have
regretted divorcing me, haven’t you? That’s why you want to have me again. Otherwise, you won’t
make advances to me like this! But don’t forget that your wife, in prison, is still waiting for you and
wishing to have a baby with you now. Therefore, please go away.” Ainsley’s tone was serious and firm.

To get rid of Cason, Ainsley then left the rest area right away.

Soon, she got to another corner, where she seated herself. But to her surprise, people around her there
started to make her a target again.

She picked up a glass of wine helplessly, thinking, no matter where I go, I’ll encounter such people. I
might as well just ignore them.

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