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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 265

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Chapter 265 Set Off a Minor Climax

Matteo shook his head. “It’s useless. Those wineries only produce limited wine every year, has long
been booked by those dealers before it’s even finished product.”


Around the world, the demand for high–class wine of a fine vintage and high quality had always

exceeded the supply.

“Then what should we do?”

“Well, the wine tasting two days later in Pearl Hotel might be our last shot. All the major winery

owners will show up there,” Matteo said solemnly.

Ainsley nodded with understanding.

The wine tasting was a grand event for not only Seattle but the whole country. By then, all wine

tasters and representatives of wineries all over the country would gather around.

Among them, there would be some who didn’t mind offending the Wade family. Therefore, for the
Easton family, it would be an opportunity. If the Easton family failed to seize it, then it would have to
give up the wine business.

Soon, the wine tasting arrived. And there was a little foreplay before the event kicked in.

It was seven o’clock in the evening at Pearl Hotel.

Outside the hotel, two rows of bright yellow street lights lit up all the cars parked on both sides of

the road.

The whole parking lot was packed with nice shiny cars, some of which were rarely seen on normal

occasions. There were McLaren, Porsche, Ferrari, and the like. It seemed that these cars were here

not just to provide a ride but also to showcase the high standing of their owners.

Against the background of all these fancy cars, there was the red carpet that stretched from the
fountain outside the hotel all the way to the gate. On both sides of the red carpet, there were various
large flower baskets.

After stopping their luxury car at the gate, Ainsley and Matteo got off it. Then the two, Ainsley’s arm
around Matteo’s, walked into the hotel. Matteo was wearing a black suit tonight while Ainsley was in a
tight–fitting white off–the–shoulder fishtail dress, which emphasized her curvy figure and made her look
extremely charming and elegant.

And thanks to the high heels she was wearing, Ainsley looked only a few inches shorter than


As for accessories, there was only a high–grade diamond bracelet on her, which set off the

tenderness and fairness of her skin.

Get Flo

To accomplish a high–end look, one only needed a minimal number of accessories. Otherwise, they
would strike people as some country bumpkins.

Then she started to walk on the red carpet. Since she wasn’t used to wearing high heels, she almost
fell at the beginning. Noticing that, Matteo supported her all the way into the hotel. And the more

she got used to the high heels, the more confident she became. Soon, her pace was natural and


When she and Matteo got to the hotel, the bodyguards opened the glass door for them.

Walking through the door, they saw a completely different world, with countless young men and

women dressed in splendid attire brushing past one another with goblets in their hands. Then those
beautiful women in the most expensive dresses would join their circles of friends and begin to chat
away. But despite the gentle smile on their faces, secretly, they were all being judgmental, trying to
dwarf as many women as they could.

The red–colored liquid was swaying back and forth in elegant arcs in those transparent goblets,
suggesting that it was mellow and superb.

Men and women on the stairs were all revealing bright smiles. It seemed that they were gossiping

about the latest rumors. Or perhaps they were just giving a perfunctory smile because of some stale


As they stepped in, everything in the room got even more vivid. The sound of the glasses colliding was
crisp and pleasant. Those men who were talking about their commercial achievements looked

rather excited. And those women who were discussing their newly bought clothes and bags seemed

engaged. And then, there was this elegant sound of the piano playing at the corner of the

second–floor stairs.

Soon, Ainsley caught people’s attention.

It seemed that Ainsley’s presence had set off a minor climax in the banquet.

“Good heavens, why is this woman here? I can’t believe, after all that, she still decides to present

herself here. How shameless!”

“That’s right. She was the reason the student jumped off a building. I know her people are trying to

clarify the situation, but it just doesn’t help since their explanation seems rather flimsy to me.”

“Mr. Gage and Ms. Wade are about to get engaged. Do you think she is here so that she can mess up
their relationship?”

“Mess things up? Come on! Can she even do that?”

“I’ve heard that the Easton family has been in trouble recently due to a short supply of wine. I think

they’re here for a shot at that.”

Get Bott

Facing all those probing and disdainful eyes, Matteo straightened his back and looked back at them
with cold eyes. By doing that, he managed to make most of the people there shy away from casting a
malicious look at Ainsley, which Ainsley actually did not mind.

Then Matteo signaled to Ainsley that he needed to mingle. Nodding in agreement, Ainsley went to a

corner and sat there.

In every rest area, there were wine glasses stacked up, as well as various snacks and wine.

The wine glasses alone suggested that it was a grand event since those glasses were particularly for
wine produced from Chateau Barde–Haut. The wine, crimson–colored, emitted the fragrance of


Next to the fruit plate, there were some other glasses that were specifically prepared for the

liqueur, with two ice cubes in each glass so as to keep the liqueur cold.

And since it was a wine tasting, naturally, there would be all kinds of wine. What Ainsley saw now.

was just a part of it, and the real highlight was yet to be seen.


And as Ainsley was looking at the color differences among different wine glasses in boredom, glass
door of the hall was opened again. This time, it was Manuel and Irene who were coming in.

Their arrival caused a small commotion. Since there were plenty of reporters at the scene, the moment
the two arrived, those reporters started to take pictures of them with various flashes flashing. It could
tell that Manuel and Irene had enough power and were very good at hogging the


With Irene gently holding Manuel’s arm, the two looked rather affectionate.

Those reporters had already figured out what the trending topic would be tomorrow, which was, “Mr.
Gage and Ms. Wade Holding Hands to Attend the Wine Tasting…”


Such a high–level wine tasting was actually quite rarely seen in Seattle. Therefore, Manuel’s and
Irene’s presence was not a surprise to all.

However, when Manuel and Irene came in, some people started to look at Ainsley, who was

rumored to be Manuel’s girlfriend.

But Ainsley, who was sitting with a glass in her hand while savoring the wine produced by Chateau
Barde–Haut, failed to notice people’s gazes. She didn’t know that everyone was comparing her with

Irene now.

Today, Irene was wearing a tight dress that accentuated her figure and made her look as curvy as


However, her appearance didn’t stack up against Ainsley’s.

The good thing was that Irene came from a very decent family and was Manuel’s childhood

sweetheart. That was something Ainsley lacked.

At that moment, a woman approached Ainsley and took a wine glass from the table before toasting
Ainsley a bit.

“Ms. Easton, right? I’m very curious about you.”

Then, three more girls came over, surrounding Ainsley, with one on Ainsley’s left, one on her right, and
one behind her.

“What is there to be curious about?” Ainsley said indifferently.

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