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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 306

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Chapter 306 Faint

Ainsley was silent for a moment and finally agreed. “OK.”

After hanging up the phone, Glenn breathed a sigh of relief. At least, she was willing to help.

When he returned to the cell, he finally no longer felt uneasiness in his heart.

At the University of Washington, just after settling the matter between Agnes and Elmer, Ainsley rubbed
her eyebrows. There were so many problems.

“Hurry up. It’s her! Don’t dawdle, and hurry up!”


“Hurry up. Hurry up. She’ll pass by soon!”

Ainsley walked past the residential building with a normal expression. People who worked at the
University of Washington lived there, and some students’ parents lived there too.

Today, she felt that something was strange. The street that should not have been quiet was strangely

Before she could think about what had happened, danger came from above her head. The cold water
suddenly fell on her head. Other than the pain of being hit by something heavy on the head, there was
also the coldness that made her tremble.

Before she could even react, she had already become drenched. Her hair was completely wet and
tightly stuck to her scalp. Her clothes and shoes were all wet.

Ainsley only heard the laughter coming from above her head. When she looked up, she saw that there
was no one there. Even the laughter just now disappeared with the wind, as if it had never appeared.
The only thing. that proved that what had just happened was her drenched clothes.

She didn’t know if it was intentional or not, but she suddenly heard a few soft laughs, followed by bad

“This is just a small lesson. I hope that she can grow up and will not 88up with other people’s

“I finally realized that the rumors on the forum may be true. When she married Mr. Baldry, she cheated
on him in public. After the divorce, she ***up with Mr. Gage. But she did not know that Mr. Gage was
waiting for Ms. Wade, who was his puppy love. She must have done this many times!”

Ainsley listened. She wanted to remember their words. It was Irene’s fault.

In the face of these rumors, Ainsley could only smile bitterly. Those people were in the dark, or they
were sent by Irene to deliberately disturb her.

It was still very cold in early autumn. She trembled as she walked on the streets. Before she took a few

a warm coat draped over her body.


The warmth spread from behind her. The low and magnetic voice was low and deep, and she had not

his whispers for a long time.

It was him.

It was Manuel Gage.

Manuel was standing behind her, but she did not have the courage to look back. The warm jacket
carried the scent of snow pine that blew against her face.

She didn’t dare to turn back, but she had no choice but to admit that Manuel’s appearance still made
her feel an unprecedented sense of security.

However, why did he suddenly appear and see what happened to her?

“Aisy, turn back.”

The voice came like a storm. Even though it was not serious, it was attractive.

She stubbornly refused to turn back. The man behind her quickly approached and hugged Ainsley. The
warm snow pine scent that blew against her face made her unable to resist. All the grievances she had
suffered over the past few days had reached their peak at this moment.

She resisted the urge to cry, and she did not push him away.

“I’ll send you home.”

The wet and hot breath made her ears turn red. She shook her head awkwardly. The image of him and

still flashed in her mind.

She pushed Manuel away forcefully and said coldly, “No need, Mr. Gage. You should go back. I don’t


“Ainsley, it’s very cold. Let me send you back, okay?” Manuel’s voice was urgent.

But Ainsley still did not want to say yes. She resisted Manuel and did not want him to get close.

“Mr. Gage, I really don’t need you. It’s over. Don’t come close to me again and make others

me.” Ainsley lowered her eyes.

She did not want him to see the tears at the corners of her eyes, and her sore nose was already red.

Ainsley stared closely at Manuel’s toes and watched him turn around and walk away. Only then did she
slowly raise her head and look at that lonely figure. For a moment, she really wanted to rush over.

It had only been a while since she last saw him, but he seemed to have become much more haggard.

Ainsley did not think too much. She tumed around and left. A few seconds later, she only heard a thud
behind her, making her have a bad premonition.

Turning back, she found that Manuel was lying on the ground. She was worried, and she hurriedly ran
over. “Manuel! Manuel!”

Manuel’s face was pale and his lips were pale. She reached out and covered his forehead. It was so

No wonder when he hugged her from behind just now, she felt that his body temperature was

Manuel’s car was not far away. She could not move him. Fortunately, someone passing by helped her

Manuel into the car.

After arriving at the hospital, with the doctor’s diagnosis, she knew that he fainted because he was
under too much pressure and was too tired these days.

After knowing that he was fine, Ainsley let out a sigh of relief. She was still wearing soaked clothes, but
as soon as she returned home, Serina came up to her.

“Ainsley, why are you so wet? It didn’t rain,” Serina asked worriedly.

“When I went to the bathroom, the faucet was off, so I got wet.” She didn’t tell Serina what had
happened. She

just didn’t want her to worry.

Serina pushed Ainsley with doubts and asked her to quickly go back to her room to change her clothes.
The reason why she didn’t go with Ainsley today was that her grandfather suddenly appeared after
school and

sent her back after a quick talk.

When Ainsley returned to her room, she was still thinking about what had just happened. Manuel was
still in a coma, but she didn’t know why Manuel was under too much pressure as the doctor said.
Where was his pressure from?

After changing her clothes, Ainsley still felt a little cold. She had just sent Manuel to the hospital with

clothes and come back after she confirmed that he was fine.

It had been a long time, and even though she was wearing Manuel’s clothes, she was still cold.

She found the cold medicine in the medicine kit in the room and immediately brewed it.

After taking the medicine, she felt warm in her stomach. Just as she was about to go to the hospital,

blocked the door.

“Ainsley, where are you going?” Her eyes were full of inquiry.

Ainsley really wanted to tell her about Manuel in the hospital, but when she thought of the fact that

condition had just stabilized, she didn’t say anything.

She only replied calmly, “I need to go to the Easton Group. There are some things that I need to deal

Serina immediately thought of the proposal put forward some time ago. “I understand.”

After the last press conference, Irene seemed to have given up on that plan.

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