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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 316

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Chapter 316 That Woman Is a Wade

Ainsley laughed softly. Everyone looked over in confusion. She raised her phone and said, “I called the
police when I arrived at the school building. The police are coming. Both Elmer and you will be

She looked at Agnes. People had to pay the price for what they had done. They should not regret it
when it was time to be responsible for their choice.

No one could run from the law. No one could continue to live safe and sound after hurting others.

“Ainsley, I admire you.” Agnes, who had been terrified all this time, smiled in relief.

“Oh? What do you mean?” Ainsley raised an eyebrow.

“You are beautiful. From the moment I saw your photo, I was shocked by your beauty. In fact, when I
chose to

frame you, I was also wondering whether someone would believe that you could be with such a horrible
man. I overestimated others. The poor all hate the rich. Your wealth makes you lose the poor’s
sympathy. When I

wronged you, I even wondered if you would beat me in anger. You didn’t do it. You were calm. It
seemed that everything was in your control. I don’t like it. Just now, you could even say good words for
someone who hurt

you. I thought you were a saint, but you called the police.”

Agnes laughed at herself and then continued, “To be honest, if not for this, I might have liked you a lot.

Unfortunately, you offended someone you shouldn’t have. I shouldn’t have been with Jeffrey. I should

known who he was. Otherwise, the one who would have failed today would be you.”

“How can you be so sure that I don’t have a backup plan?” Ainsley asked.

Agnes’s smile was dull. She didn’t know anything about Ainsley. She didn’t even know if Ainsley had
any other

trump cards.

Elmer’s parents shouted at Ainsley, “You liar! Elmer is innocent! It’s Agnes, that ***, who seduced

“Enough! This is the principal’s office. If you want to quarrel, go out! I can ask the security guards to
kick you

out.” Ainsley gave them a cold look.

Elmer’s parents did not dare to say anything, but their eyes were full of anger.

Amidst the cries and shouts, Elmer and Agnes were taken away by the police.

Ainsley looked at Elmer’s parents who constantly slammed the police car that was about to leave.
Agnes was

taken to another police car.

“Can I have a few words with her?” Ainsley slowly walked over.

The police seemed to know that she was the reporter. They looked at each other and nodded in

Agnes looked at her in confusion. “Do you want to ask me something? Don’t waste your energy.
Although you spoke up for me just now, I will tell you nothing.”

“I just want to know what she promised you. What made you bear the risk of breaking the law to set me
up?” Ainsley smiled faintly.

Get Bus

800 thousand dollars.” Agnes did not hide it.

“Do you know how much 800 thousand dollars is? The first time I heard this number, I almost fell to the

ground. I did not believe that my words were so valuable. But she gave me 16 thousand dollars first,
which made me confident enough to set you up. To you, this money might mean nothing. It’s not
enough for you to

buy a bracelet. But to me, it is a lot. I have never seen so much money in my life. You heard everything

Elmer’s parents said. My parents are farmers. I’m from a small place. I have not seen much of the
world. Ms.

Easton, I have told you what you want to know. As for others, I have no idea,” Agnes said calmly.

Ainsley didn’t respond. She changed the subject and asked, “Do you know about Jeffrey’s gambling?”

“Gambling? I don’t know.”

“He owed 160 thousand dollars in gambling. Thus, he intended to pay it back when you got the money.
But the creditor could not wait. If he could not pay back, he might die.” Ainsley was expressionless.

Agnes’s eyes flashed with a hint of hurt. “Ms. Easton, why did you suddenly tell me this?”

“Do you know what the man you love has done in the face of death? He told the creditor that he could
sell you and your kid to repay the debt, but was rejected. Later, he made a deal with someone else. As
long as he exposes your plot, he can get 160 thousand dollars.” Ainsley felt that it was time to let the
truth come out.

“Oh, I got it.”

“Maybe the man you fell in love with was full of hope for the future three years ago. He was willing to do
everything for you. But these years have turned him into a rat. He can’t give you money to ensure the
life of you and your child. In the face of danger, he was only thinking about how to sell you out. But
Agnes, do you. remember Elmer who saved you in the teaching building?” Ainsley suddenly said.

Agnes seemed to have guessed what Ainsley wanted to say, but she did not stop her. Her face was

“Elmer made a mistake. He has been regretting it. In the past three years, you hated him and he felt
guilty. You couldn’t face each other in this marriage. But if he goes to prison and accepts responsibility
for his mistakes, you could give him a second chance when he is released. I don’t believe that you
have no feelings for him in your three years of marriage.”

What Elmer did was irreparable. But when Elmer was about to be taken away by the police in the
office, she clearly saw the helplessness and panic in Agnes’s eyes.

Fortunately, everyone had gotten what they were supposed to have.

Just as Ainsley turned to leave, Agnes suddenly called out to her, “Ms. Easton, can I ask you


“Child, my child. I know Elmer’s parents won’t care about him. Can you help me send him to my
parents?” Agnes’s eyes were filled with pleading.

Okay.” Ainsley nodded.

“Well!” Agnes wanted to say something. After thinking for a long time, she made up her mind and said,
“That woman is a Wade.”

She saw Ainsley straighten her back and leave without looking back.

In the Wade’s place, Irene frantically threw everything in the room. She had heard the news.

“Idiot! What a waste!” She stared at Agnes’s face on the screen and threw her phone at the wall. She
did not expect Agnes to be so ***and let others exploit the loophole.

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