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Chapter 335 Factories in Ocala

But now, Chad slammed his fork on the table. “What did you say? Am I that kind of person? I give you
my salary every month. Why don’t you have a penny left? Where is the rest of the money? Take

them out!”

Katherine didn’t expect Chad to be so angry. She was stunned and wanted to ask Hamlin and

Gwyneth for help. But Hamlin and Gwyneth were expressionless and didn’t even stop eating. They
listened numbly as if they had long been used to it

Ainsley ate another *****of vegetables and didn’t dare to look at Manuel. She just stared at

Manuel’s hand in a daze. Manuel’s fingers were slender. Ainsley noticed that Manuel also didn’t

stop eating, even if Chad and Katherine were quarreling with each other.

Suddenly, Chad slapped Katherine in the face, and Katherine fell to the ground.

Seeing this, Manuel stopped Chad. At the same time, Ainsley helped Katherine up.

Katherine looked at Chad in disbelief. “Chad! It’s you who has spent all the money! How could you

blame me for that? You even slapped me! How could you do that? You will definitely be punished.

for what you have done!”

Chad felt that blue veins stood out on his temples. Katherine’s voice became louder and louder,

which made Chad explode.

Chad’s mind was blank. He pushed Manuel away directly, went to Katherine’s side, raised his hand,

and slapped Katherine again. Ainsley couldn’t stop Chad at all.

The two slaps took Chad a lot of strength, and Katherine’s face was already swollen. She looked at

Chad in fear, afraid that Chad would raise his hand again.

Chad cursed, “***! Don’t say such words ever again in the future!”

Ainsley wanted to help Katherine, but she was pushed to the side. Manuel caught Ainsley in time.

On the other hand, Chad seemed to have had enough. He had a lot of resentment suppressed in

his heart. At this ***, he had completely gone mad and slapped Katherine’s face madly.

Katherine didn’t dare to quarrel with Chad anymore. She cried and began to beg for mercy. “Chad, I

won’t dare to do it again. Don’t hit me!”

But Chad had already lost his mind. He slapped Katherine crazily and cursed, “***! You are just my
wife. All you need to do is to serve me well. Do you understand? Don’t even think about trying

to teach me what I should do!”

Manuel stopped Ainsley, who wanted to go over. Then, Manuel directly walked over and grabbed

Chad’s hand. “Chad, that’s enough!”

Chad wanted to curse. But when he turned his head and saw that the person holding his wrist was

actually Manuel, he finally calmed down a little. Chad said, “Manuel, I’m so sorry.”

Chad’s right hand was still trembling. It meant that he must have used a lot of strength just now.

Ainsley stood far away. She noticed that no matter how fiercely the couple quarreled, Hamlin and

Gwyneth were still eating calmly. It seemed that they had long been used to this kind of scene.

They were already numb to it and didn’t even want to say a word about it.

After this farce ended, Katherine became submissive again and didn’t dare to say anything else.

She cleaned up the table even if she still felt pain in her body.

At the same time, Chad said to Manuel with a flattering smile, “Manuel, please take a seat. Women

will only become submissive after being punished.

Ainsley’s eyes turned cold. In this closed village, people couldn’t receive a good education. They still
thought that the most important thing in a woman’s life was to get married. They also thought that after
marriage, women had to take care of their children at home.

Even if women wanted to resist, they would be punished and forced to forget about resisting.

But Ainsley was a little confused. Why would Manuel be with such a terrible man and even come to

the Morton family to have a meal?

Ainsley sneaked a glance at Manuel’s eyes and found that Manuel also didn’t like Chad’s behavior.
Seeing Manuel’s eyes, Ainsley firmly believed that Chad must have something that Manuel wanted.

After the meal, Chad glared at Katherine and Ainsley. Then, he snapped, “Women should leave here
after the meal. Men need to discuss things!”

Katherine didn’t dare to stay here, so she left with the plates.

Ainsley gave Manuel a deep look and then turned to leave.

Manuel looked at Ainsley’s back, unable to come back to his senses for a long time. After Manuel.
turned his head, he saw that Chad was looking at him with a meaningful look in his eyes.

“Manuel, do you like that woman? Do you need me to help you get her? I can knock her out directly,
and then you can have her forcibly. She won’t dare to resist.” Before Chad could finish his words, he
saw Manuel looking at him with a bone-chilling look in his eyes. Seeing this, Chad subconsciously

**his ***.

Chad quickly smiled and joked, “I’m sorry. Let’s talk about business. Manuel, can we go to the casino
together in the future? That casino is very strange. Except for the first time I went in and

won a few hundred dollars, I never won again. But with you, I began to win again. How about this? I will
give you half of the money I win in the future. What do you say? Will you help me?”

Chad had a flattering smile on his face. But Manuel was absent-minded and asked casually, “Do

you still have money to gamble?”

“I still have 100 dollars left in my pocket. But I can’t use this money. After I get my salary next.

month, I can gamble again!”

“Oh? Where do you work?” Manuel asked.

Chad answered honestly, “I’m working in the Easton Group’s factory, the largest factory in Ocala.

But I’m afraid that it won’t be able to be the largest factory in Ocala in the next few years. However,

the headquarters will definitely not give up on that factory.”

Manuel asked casually again, “Are there any other factories in Ocala other than the Easton Group’s


“Of course! But that was a few years ago.” After saying so, Chad suddenly looked at Manuel warily

and asked, “Why are you asking this?”

“I’m just asking.”

Manuel’s eyes turned sharp. He thought, that closed factory is indeed in Ocala.

When the Wade Group was founded, it had built many factories. The Wade Group was famous for the
production of drugs. At that time, the Gage Group was the only comparable group to the Wade


But later, an explosion swept through most of the drug factories, causing many factories to close down
overnight, including the Gage Group’s factories.

The price of that explosion was too high. Many factories closed down, and many people died.

The source of that incident was the explosion of the Wade Group’s factory in Ocala.

Many factories were founded in Ocala more than ten years ago. There were many abandoned factories
around the village. After that explosion, the Wade Group directly quit their business in


What Manuel wanted to do now was to find the truth of the past. Obviously, Chad knew it.

Chad laughed, “Manuel, I didn’t mean anything by that. In fact, this is not a secret., Everyone in the
village knows that there are many abandoned factories in Ocala. Well. Manuel, I can’t say much.”

Manuel didn’t answer. Before he left, he could not help but look at Ainsley’s room a few more


Chad immediately understood something. He grinned and said to Manuel, “Manuel, just tell me. Do

you like that woman? To tell you the truth, I also liked that woman at the beginning. Unfortunately, she
came from a big city and did not like me!”

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