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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 345

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Chapter 345 Don’t Regret It

Ainsley did not speak, but she treated the wound more gently. Manuel noticed her serious

expression and smiled, “You do care about me, Aisy. You are not as heartless as you say.”

Ainsley shook her head. “You are overthinking it. I just think that we are from the same place. I

don’t want to see you **. Besides, in more than half a month, you will be engaged to Ms. Wade. I

know my place and yours. Please don’t say such words again.”

Manuel’s expression changed instantly. He knew that the engagement would be a problem

standing in their way. As long as it was not solved, this would never go away.

And the distance between him and Ainsley would only get further and further until they become

complete strangers one day.

Manuel could not even stand the possibility.

He had no way to tell people that he loved Ainsley and only wanted to marry her.

But in order to protect her, he had to compromise.

Manuel watched as Ainsley treated his wound and felt even more depressed.

He was not good enough for Ainsley, and he would only hide more and more things.

And his biggest secret would become a weakness. As long as it was between Manuel and Ainsley,

he would never be able to cross it.

“What are you thinking about? It’s done. Don’t let it touch water these days,” Ainsley said.


After packing up the first-aid kit, Ainsley saw the wine bottles on the table and frowned.

“Manuel, I know you came here with a purpose. You deliberately approached Chad because he is a
key person,” Ainsley said.

Manuel nodded helplessly. “There is no point in hiding this from you. I came to Ocala to investigate a
factory explosion case. The Wade family might be the chief plotters. But so far, the only lead I

have is Chad. However, I do not know what role he played in the explosion.”

Ainsley pondered for a moment. She suddenly remembered what Katherine said after she was

beaten that day. Perhaps it was related to the case.

Manuel also noticed that something was going on with Ainsley. “What’s wrong?”

“Chad’s wife accidentally mentioned something. It might be related to the case. She said that

Chad ***many people, and neither of them dared to finish the story. It seemed that the incident involved
a lot of things. Anyone who tells the truth will probably be ***,” Ainsley said seriously.

“Be ***?” Manuel realized the seriousness.

It was so big that people who merely mentioned it could be ***

Ainsley asked curiously, “But I am very curious. What important case would bring you to Ocala?”

Manuel’s thin lips parted slightly. “The pharmaceutical factory used to be growing the fastest in the
entire Seattle. Ocala is naturally advantaged, and more than a dozen factories built pharmaceutical
factories here. The Wade family, the Gage family, and many other family businesses in Seattle had
pharmaceutical factories here. The Gage family did not pay much. attention to its factory back then.
The Wade family was the one that developed the most. Their factory became the largest drug maker in
Seattle. Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical market was rampant with counterfeit drugs. Many people **.
The government began to investigate. Just as

it was about to find out the truth, a factory exploded. Not only one, but several factories exploded

at that time. The Wade family suffered heavy losses, and its factory was deserted.”

Ainsley was confused. “An explosion at such a critical moment? Wouldn’t it be hard for the

factories to explain themselves? Everyone would think that the explosions were artificially created to
avoid the investigation.”

“You were not the only one who thought so. However, Brady Wade took out the last batch of

medicine produced by their factory that was going to be sent to the hospital. The drugs were. tested to
be real, and their factory exploded because they used the wrong amount of raw

materials,” Manuel said as he revealed a look of disdain.

“And then everyone bought it?” Ainsley raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, they all did.”

“So, you want to confirm that the explosion was not an accident and use this to take down the

Wade family?” Ainsley asked softly.

Manuel’s face was pale, and he shook his head with difficulty. “I want more than that, but…”

Ainsley shrugged and laid her palms open as if she was used to it. “Got it. The timing is wrong again,
isn’t it?”

“Aisy, I’m really touched that you came over to bind up my wound. When the time is right, I will come to
find you with all the truth.”

Manuel looked at her sincerely, even though he could not guarantee when that day would come.

Ainsley wavered for a moment before she regained her senses and stared straight at him again.

“Mr. Gage, there’s no need for that. Whether you can find the truth or not, I hope that you will be

happy. But it won’t be me who makes you happy, and you don’t have to bring the truth to me. You

have already made your decision. No matter what it is, don’t regret it once you made the choice.”


“Enough! Don’t say anything else or ask me to believe in you again. I’ve heard enough. I said that I

came here to bind up your wound only because I didn’t want to see you **. I will leave the drugs

here for you,” Ainsley said sternly.

Manuel looked at the kit that was placed on the table and looked at the dark sky outside the

window. He still said, “It’s late.”

“I’m leaving.” Before he could say anything else, Ainsley suddenly stood up and walked out.

She even began to regret having come here just to listen to the man.

Ainsley did not want to hear Manuel out at all. Right now, she could not listen to a single word and

just wanted to sleep.

“Wait for me.” Manuel’s anxious voice came from behind her.

Ainsley stopped and turned to look at him. “Mr. Gage, you should go back to sleep. I’m fine going. back

After she finished speaking, she did not care about what Manuel wanted to say and turned to leave.


The autumn wind was very cold. Ainsley left without looking back. Manuel followed behind her and
would not leave. He did not speak and just silently walked behind Ainsley.

The night in the countryside was especially dark and quiet. She even heard rats squeaking, cats
meowing, and dogs barking from time to time.

The moon was high in the sky, lighting up the road, but it was still very terrifying.

Every time Ainsley took a step, the man behind her would follow up. All the fear was dispersed.

He could not do much but only quietly protect her. Manuel was already very happy doing so.

Finally, after twenty minutes, Ainsley opened the door of the Morton’s home and entered the


The moment she closed the door, she saw through the crack of the door Manuel covering the wound.
He was wearing a black suit and looked like he had disappeared into the night.

The door was closed tightly until nothing could be seen.

“Manuel, I don’t want to wait any longer.” Ainsley had heard Manuel ask her to wait for him too

many times, but this time, she did not want to hear it anymore.

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