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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 344

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Chapter 344 Injured

After the doctor left, Chad hurriedly pulled out the needle, bared his teeth, and got up from the bed. He
said to Manuel, “Manuel, let’s go quickly. These doctors are all capitalists.”

Manuel didn’t care. His injury was fake. “Are you okay?”

Chad didn’t care at all. He was used to it. He said, “My body has been beaten a lot in the past. It’s

all right. Manuel, don’t worry. I can even jump in two days.”

There was no progress in the investigation. Manuel had to hold back his desire in meeting Ainsley.

“Then you can go back. Contact me if you need anything.”

Chad finally noticed that something was wrong. He gently pulled down Manuel’s suit and found

that the ***shirt on Manuel’s abdomen was stained with dark blood.

“Manuel, you are injured!” Chad opened his eyes wide.

Manuel’s lips were pale, dry, and dull.

“I’ll call the doctor over to bandage you.” Chad was about to go away.

“No need,” Manuel quickly called out to Chad.

Once Manuel registered in this hospital, his position would be exposed at once.

“What about your wound?”

“There’s a medical kit at home. It’s just a cut on the skin.” Manuel frowned, his eyes full of

indifference. “Let’s go.”

At night, Ainsley just got off work. She was thinking about whether she should return to the Morton

house or not. Her tablet and other things were still in the house.

Surprisingly, Chad was not at home. It seemed that Hamlin hadn’t known about the widow’s family

at all and even prepared dinner.

Ainsley casually ate something and returned to her room. An hour later, she heard Chad swearing.

Then, Chad kicked open the door of Ainsley’s room and scolded, “***! You planned what

happened last night, didn’t you? First, you exchanged my glass. Then, you asked a few women to

gossip about me. How shameless!”

“If you came to scold me, then get out of here. Otherwise, if Robert could get you out of the factory, I
can do it too,” Ainsley said with a sneer.

She knew that to deal with someone like Chad, she had to use some tricks. Chad’s mind was full of

thoughts of making money. He had no ability. He could only live on his meager salary.

Kicking Chad out of the factory was like cutting off his escape route.

Sure enough, Chad gave up when he heard this. He said, “Ms. Easton, it was my fault yesterday, but

Manuel is really a good man. And he came from the city. Just from his aura, one can say Manuel is

not an ordinary person. Moreover, he is powerful. Today, he fought with more than ten people in

the casino. Someone even took out a knife. He directly beat all them up!”

Ainsley looked at Chad’s face with disgust. His face was full of wounds. Manuel is powerful, so it

could be seen how useless Chad is.

She frowned slightly. There were so many people fighting with Manuel. Was he injured?

“Wasn’t he injured?”

“Of course, he was still injured. Are you concerned about him now?” Chad asked thoughtfully.

Ainsley sneered. “From your look, you must have been to the hospital. He should have gone to

bandage his wounds too.”

“No matter what, he was unwilling to bandage it. He went home without buying the medicine.”

Chad smiled meaningfully and said, “In my opinion, Manuel is handsome. Why don’t you just be his


“Have you said enough?” Ainsley glanced at Chad and sneered.

Chad felt a little scared by Ainsley’s gaze. Thinking of her identity, Chad didn’t dare to provoke her

again. “That’s all I have to say. You can think about the rest yourself.”

He left as if he was escaping, leaving only Ainsley in the room.

Ainsley washed up and lay on the bed. She received an email that referred to the progress of the

PineMist Island project from her cousin.

After dealing with the business, Ainsley lay on the bed and covered herself with the quilt. She

closed her eyes and wanted to sleep, but she could not fall asleep.

Her mind was filled with Manuel being injured. Manuel was injured, and Ainsley didn’t know if the

wound was severe or not.

If the wound was severe, Manuel had to go to the hospital to treat it, but it would definitely expose

his location.

He didn’t want to expose his location, so he could only go home and deal with it himself.

But the injury…

Ainsley was unable to calm down. She tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep.

The moon was high and bright in the sky, and a figure dressed in thick and heavy clothes walked

out from the Morton house.

At this moment, Manuel was sitting on the ground drinking. The table before him was filled with

empty bottles.

There sold no good wine in Ocala, so he only bought a few bottles of beer.

His shirt which was soaked in blood had not been taken off. The pain in his abdomen was still

there. He did not bandage it because he felt that the bandaging was useless.

After drinking the last ***of beer, Manuel heard a knock on the door.

Since it is so late, who will come here?

Manuel suspiciously opened the door and saw Ainsley standing in front of him.

“Aisy?” Manuel murmured a little drunkenly and looked a few times as if he was unsure.

“Are you keeping me standing here?” Ainsley asked coldly.

Manuel came out of his thoughts. He walked aside and let Ainsley in. He was surprised and glad.

“You… Why are you here?”

Ainsley didn’t care what he had said. She just walked into the living room. Manuel wanted to stop

her. “Don’t go over. The living room is messy now. Let me clean it up.”

Ainsley didn’t even stop. She walked past Manuel. When she saw the empty bottles on the table,

she said coldly, “You’re drinking even though you’re injured. You’re ***yourself.”

“It’s just a small wound,” Manuel said resentfully.

Ainsley heavily placed the first-aid kit in her hand on the table. “Sit down,” she said.

Ainsley ordered coldly. Manuel did not dare to resist and sat on the sofa. He covered his wound

with his hand, not wanting her to see the dark blood on his body.

“Take your hand away.” Ainsley opened the kit and took out the disinfectant and a cotton swab

from it. She then solemnly ordered, “Take off your shirt.”

Manuel carried out Ainsley’s orders like a robot. He unbuttoned his buttons one by one and took

off his **shirt to reveal his straight figure. His tender chest, his strong beating heart, and the scent of
male hormones were everywhere.

However, the two of them had no time to care about this. There was a large patch of blood on Manuel’s
abdomen that had yet to dry up, revealing fresh wounds.

Ainsley’s gaze paused. She reached out and pressed it. When she heard Manuel’s gasp, she took

her hand away. “Small wounds?”

Ainsley did not say anything else. She took out the disinfectant and dipped it in a cotton swab to

wipe the wound on Manuel’s abdomen.

When the pungent liquid touched the wound, the pain got more intense. Manuel clenched his fist

tightly, took a deep breath, and his forehead was full of cold sweat.

“Does it hurt?” Ainsley’s voice was cold, and her eyes were cold.

“No, no, it doesn’t hurt.” Manuel forced a smile.

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