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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 372

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Chapter 372 I Am Not Afraid

Before Manuel could react, Serina burst into tears. She asked, “Manuel, tell me, is everything I read

from this true? What’s the situation of the explosion? What’s fake medicine? What does it mean to

***someone to keep their *** How did mother ****?”

For the first time, Manuel looked at Serina helplessly. From a very young age until now, Manuel had

always protected Serina very well, making her feel like she was living in a fairy tale. But just like the
story, in the real world, no matter how innocent the person was, he or she still had to face the ******


This time, Manuel sighed and said, “It’s exactly what you see.”

Serina could not believe it. Her eyes were wide open and her nose was red. Serina looked at Manuel in
confusion. She asked, “Is the member of the Wade family who did it? Is it related to him

from the Wade family?”

After saying this, Serina’s eyes burst out with endless malice. Her eyes were so red. She said, “I

want to ***him!”

Serina turned around and left. Manuel instantly rushed over and stopped her. “Serina! You can’t!”

Serina was so strong at that moment. She desperately wanted to shake off Manuel’s restraint. Serina
shouted, “Let me go! Why are you stopping me? Manuel, shouldn’t you go with me to settle

this? You are afraid of the Wade family, but I am not. Even if I ****, I will **him!”

Manuel’s voice was dull and full of power. He said, “Serina! Calm down! He is already old. Why do you
have to sacrifice your life for such a person?”

Serina sobbed and stopped struggling. Only after making sure that Serina would not be impulsive

did Manuel let go of her.

Serina wiped her tears. “Then tell me! What do you want to do? Do you want to let them go just like
that? Manuel! Are you still my brother? Are you still a member of the Gage family? The truth is right. in
front of us. The Wade family is our enemy, and you are still engaged to Irene! I don’t understand

you anymore.”

Manuel sat on the bed as if he had lost his strength. He put away the document bag and said coldly,
“You are getting more and more presumptuous. I don’t know if it is because I spoil you too

much that

you dare to say that.”

Serina wiped away her tears and sobbed. She asked, “Then what do you want me to do? What are

you waiting for? How long are you going to wait?”

Serina clenched the corner of her clothes. She had been in a difficult state of mind before.

Moreover, now that she knew the truth, she could not calm down.

Serina felt that a kind of emotion was exploding all over her body. The grievance that she had been

holding back for a long time, when she wanted to release it, she found that the channel of release

had disappeared.

Manuel didn’t hide anything. He took a handkerchief and wiped Serina’s tears. “Serina, I will solve

this lately. Bear with it for a bit longer.”

In the hospital, Ainsley slowly opened her eyes. Her head was still hurting as if it was going to


Ainsley thought, fortunately, Manuel had already gone back, and Serina had returned home.

Ainsley wanted to leave the hospital when she woke up, but Manuel refused.

The next morning, Ainsley left the hospital.


day the PineMist Island Resort Hotel opened was also the day of the opening of the Halfmoon Island
Resort Hotel. It seemed to be deliberately going against the Easton Group. The Wade family. even
released a half-price discount on the day of the opening and invited many people from the

upper class of Seattle. This was the celebrity effect.

Unlike the Wade family, the Easton Group did not do this. They did not even have coupons.

However, since the last time the plagiarism incident of the Wade Group broke out, the public had a very
bad impression of the Wade Group. In particular, the publicity of the Halfmoon Island Resort Hotel was
next to that of the PineMist Island Resort Hotel, making people feel strange.

In the office, Irene looked at the news online with interest. Everything about PineMist Island and

Halfmoon Island was as she expected.

Irene only felt confused about one thing. When she got the original version of the plan, she was
thinking about it. There was a small house on one side of the hotel building. Irene had been

thinking about what it was.

With the promotion of PineMist Island Resort Hotel, Irene completely understood what the small house
was for. The tiring work in modern society and the complicated social relationships made the people in
the city have all kinds of complex psychological diseases or psychological problems. More
psychological diseases were not diseases at all. It was just that the negative emotions

needed a way to vent.

In these two years, people paid attention to psychological education, and schools also had many

kinds of activities about that.

There were also many emotional venting rooms in Seattle, but Ainsley had only been to two or

three of them. Ainsley noticed that the way those places were designed for venting emotions was very
shallow. Ainsley wanted to build the largest emotional venting room in Seattle.

It turned out that this huge emotional venting room received a lot of attention as soon as it was

Irene was surprised. Even if she wanted to imitate it now, it was too late.

In the prison, Ainsley entered the monitoring room. Glenn looked even more tired. It had only been

a month since they last met, and Glenn seemed to be ten years older.

“They are getting engaged.” Glenn suddenly said. It was not a question, but a statement.


“What you said before is all true. On the contrary, I can’t get over it. The matter of Irene and Manuel

is true. They are engaged.” Glenn laughed at himself.

“How do you know this?” Ainsley looked at Glenn strangely.

Glenn sneered. He said, “I don’t need to investigate, Irene and Manuel are very famous.”

“It’s good that you can see it. Have you thought it over?” Ainsley’s voice suddenly softened.

Time passed by, day after day. If Glenn thought about it one more day, he would be in more danger.

“Since I revealed my true feelings, I’m not afraid of those things.”

Although Glenn said this, he still had some lingering fears. After talking about his engagement with
Irene, he felt nervous.

Ainsley asked the police directly to bring professional equipment and placed the camera in front of

Glenn. Then, they put a microphone in front of his collar.

“Are you ready?” Ainsley looked at Glenn.

Glenn nodded with some fear. “Let’s begin.”

In this interrogation, the police asked about what happened at that time, and Glenn did not hide it.

anymore and told everything.

Ainsley stood on the side, holding a glass of water and looking coldly at them.

Glenn did not play tricks anymore. He told the police everything in detail, recording and taking notes at
the same time.

After everything was over, Ainsley suddenly felt a little unreal.

Glenn was taken back to prison by the police. Before he left, he smiled at Ainsley, and Ainsley also

left with a smile.

At that time, they finally found the truth, but Ainsley still did not relax. After all, the mastermind still

lived well.

It was at the Wade Group.

Irene felt that Manuel’s attitude towards her was becoming more and more perfunctory, and even

did not talk to her.

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