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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 377

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Chapter 377 It Should Be Her

“Enough. I’ve heard too many such words. You all said that everything he did is good for me or to
protect me and you used these high-sounding reasons to make me believe him and understand him.
Then, why don’t you persuade him to believe me? Did you all underestimate me or overestimated
Irene? I didn’t want to hear anything like this anymore. Everything he suffered today was his own

At this moment, Ainsley completely exploded. She was no longer indifferent and blind because she had
no way to ignore the sadness in her heart.

Serina did not expect that Ainsley would say such words today. She held Ainsley’s hand in distress.
“Ainsley, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said those words to make you sad.”

People would explode the moment they collapsed, but they would calm down after the explosion.

Ainsley had already recovered her senses. She smiled bitterly and shook her head. “It has nothing to
do with you. Since the doctor is already here, take care of him. I’ll go back first.”

Serina pursed her lips and wanted to say something, but in the end, she said nothing.

The next day, the first thing Manuel, who had a headache the whole night, did after waking up was
check his phone. Serina deleted all the call records long ago as Ainsley required, so Manuel did not
see the records that he called Ainsley but only saw the several records that Irene called him.

Manuel thought, I remembered I called Ainsley yesterday several times, but why is there no record?

Could it be that everything that happened yesterday was a dream?

I also clearly remembered that I had fallen asleep in the cold water yesterday. Why am I in bed now?

“Mr. Gage, finish this.” Roman came over with a plate of herb soup.

The smell of medicine made Manuel unable to smell the other items in the room.

“What happened to me yesterday? Why did I remember I saw Ainsley?” Manuel took the medicine.

Roman stopped packing the things and smiled. “Mr. Gage, I was always with you yesterday and no one
else appeared. However, you kept calling others by their names. Mr. Gage, the medicine that Irene
gave you will cause an illusion. So maybe that is your illusion.”

“Is it an illusion?” Manuel frowned with uncertainty

He remembered that he had an illusion yesterday, but he clearly heard Ainsley talking to him over the

Manuel thought, was this also an illusion?

“Mr. Gage, don’t think too much. Hurry up and finish the medicine,” Roman hurriedly said.

Manuel took the medicine and did not ask anymore, but he was still very puzzled.

He took a sip and a voice came to him. “You seem to have forgotten your identity. Do you need me to
remind you?”

Manuel thought, this is Ainsley’s voice. These are the words she said.

It should be her yesterday…

In the emotional venting room, Ainsley looked at the scene in the monitoring room. She invited a few
excellent psychological consultants and sat in the corresponding room to watch the reactions of the
guests in the venting room.

Ainsley looked at the monitor in front of her. In the room she was watching, a woman slowly walked to
the front of the room and took out a photo from her bag.

She took out the photo and pasted it on a toy bear. Then she picked up the hammer on the side of the
room and smashed it on the bear’s face. The moment the bear broke, the photo fell to the ground. She
carefully picked up the photo, wiped the dust on the photo, and put it in her arms like a treasure.

Ainsley immediately knew what this woman was thinking just by this slight movement. Ainsley saw
through the surveillance that the photo was a man’s selfie.

Ainsley thought, she must be hurt by love.

The emotional venting room had been on for nearly a week. This week, Ainsley saw many guests. The
reasons for them to come here were because of love, work conflicts, friendship, or conflicts with others.
Also, some people come because they were in a choice stage of their life, but they could not make the
most correct choice.

They came here to vent their emotions, and they didn’t know what they really wanted until everything
was destroyed in the end.

This was the original intention of Ainsley to open the emotional venting room, but more importantly, this
was not just a simple place for guests to vent their emotions. It also could provide more precious
services to guests, such as asking a senior psychological counselor to guide them to solve problems as
soon as possible.

Finally, the woman walked out of the venting room. When she opened the door, she saw Ainsley sitting
opposite her. She was stunned for a moment. “You are?”

Ainsley smiled faintly. “Hello, Madam. I am your psychological counselor.”

“Isn’t this an emotional venting room?”

“Yes, but venting your emotions is a way to make yourself feel less tired and less sad, but the real

reason is still a psychological problem. It is only temporarily suppressed and doesn’t resolve.

“Just like crossing the bridge, the flooded bridge is the road you have to go through. You can choose to
wet your shoes, but you can’t always wet your shoes.”

The woman sat down nervously and avoided Ainsley’s eyes.

Ainsley pushed a piece of paper and a pen to her and said gently, “If it is inconvenient for you to say,
you can write it down to tell me. Don’t worry. We keep every customer’s information here strictly
confidential. Your information will not be saved on the computer. We will only record it in at way of
taking notes and every customer has a codename.”

The woman nodded. She picked up the pen and wanted to write on the paper. She wrote down
something but crossed it out, and finally pushed the paper away. She said nervously, “He lied to me.”

“He said that he loved me. I had been with him for two years. During these two years, he kept attacking
me. I was originally a very proud person, but… I found out a few days ago that he had a wife.”

The people who could come to PineMist Island were either rich or noble. From her dress, Ainsley knew
that the woman did not look like an ordinary worker. Her handbag was worth 160 thousand dollars.

After listening to the woman’s description, Ainsley understood very well that the woman was deceived
by a slag man.

“Let’s guess the side of a coin,” Ainsley suddenly picked up a coin and said.

The woman didn’t seem to realize that Ainsley had suddenly changed the topic and only agreed.

Ainsley turned the coin around a few times and patted it in her hand. She asked, “If it is the side. with
the torch, you can continue to be with him, but if it is the side with the head, you must split up. with him
immediately. Which side do you want it to be?”

The woman looked nervously at Ainsley’s hand. “Can I answer you after a while?”

Ainsley shook her head gently and continued to ask stubbornly, “Answer me.”

The woman looked at Ainsley, whose eyes were fixed on her and the coin in her palm.

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