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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 395

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Chapter 395 Wander

Brady told Koen to endure it and then pour the entire bottle onto Koen’s chest.

The pain was like tearing muscles all over his body apart, and Koen remembered it till now.

Koen figured that Brady asked Irene to come here with the wine today, since Brady was trying to
remind him of this.

Irene might have known about it. They just wanted to make sure that Koen didn’t forget about it.

“Koen, so, the wine represents some agreement between you and my grandpa?”

Seeing Koen nod, Irene put the bottle on the table and got up to leave.

“Koen, if I had known about it, I wouldn’t have brought the wine to see you whatsoever.

I’m leaving now, and you may pretend I never came.” Irene turned around and was about. to leave.

Koen hurriedly said, “Come back. It’s not all about that.”

He could not tell whether Irene was putting on an act or not. Perhaps she was telling half the truth.

“Have you seen him?” Koen asked.

Irene looked depressed and then nodded. “Yes, I have. Manuel ***me very much.”

“He dotes on Serina the most, so it makes sense.” Koen glanced at her thoughtfully.

Irene lowered her eyes and pinched her hand hard, thinking, am I no match for Serina at all?

“Koen, 1 know how he is feeling right now. I’m sure he ****my guts. However, getting engaged is a big
deal. No matter how he scolds me or **me, I don’t care. Yet now that the Wade family has become the
target of public criticism, I’m afraid that we will become the laughingstock of the entire Seattle
tomorrow,” Irene said dejectedly.

Koen’s majestic eyes were cold. “How do you want me to help you? Serina is his sister and my
granddaughter. I don’t want to forgive you for hurting her but Lauess I have no choice after you bring
me the wine.”

Irene said dejectedly, “Koen, I know. I just want you to talk to him.”

“That’s it?”

“Yes. That’s it.” Irene nodded.

Seeing that Koen had agreed, Irene hurriedly got up and left. “I’ll get out of your hair now.”

“Go back and tell Brady that I’m already old, and having wine for once is already enough for me,” he
said meaningfully.

Irene did not dare to disobey. She said, “Sure. I will tell him.”

After Irene returned home, before she could stand still, she saw Brady, who was standing at the top of
the stairs, looking at her from above.

He asked, “Well?”

Irene said, still trying to collect herself, “Koen has already agreed to help me persuade Manuel. Manuel
barely disobeys Koen.”

Brady was not relieved by Irene’s words. He stared into her eyes and said, “Then what about Manuel?
Did you get to see him?”

Under Brady’s eagle-like sharp gaze, Irene knew that there was no way she could lie to,

him. She tentatively replied, “Grandpa, I saw Manuel and Korbin.”

Korbin was the one the Wade Group was trying to work with recently.

Brady was not ***. When he heard Irene’s words, he knew that they could kiss the cooperation

“Manuel did it?” Brady’s words sounded like a question, but he said them with certainty.

“Yes, Grandpa.”

Brady snorted coldly, “***! I’ve nurtured you for so long and even sent you abroad. Yet you can’t even
hold on to a man. You are Manuel’s childhood sweetheart who grew up with him after all. Why can’t you
hold a candle to that woman?”

His words were like a knife, stabbing Irene’s heart. She didn’t get it. She thought, what Manuel knows
is enough to overturn Seattle. However, he chooses to restrict me for Ainsley’s sake. Why?

Brady rapped the marble floor with his cane abruptly. “You dare to wander?”

Only then did Irene come back to her senses. “I’m sorry, Grandpa. I was absent-minded.”

“Tell me. What were you thinking?” Brady’s voice became even colder, and it seemed that he saw Irene

Of course, she did not dare to tell Brady. Compared to getting distracted and the annulment of the
engagement, what happened in Ocala was Brady’s sore spot.

“Grandpa, I was only thinking that now that the Gage Group has been up against us so many times, he
probably has been wanting to cancel the engagement since long ago. What happens this time gives
him just the perfect reason,” Irene sighed.

Brady snorted coldly, “I’m surprised that you know. You give him the reason yourself.”

“Grandpa, I was wrong, but I have no choice now.”

Irene thought, Grandpa doesn’t know about the upcoming war between the two companies, but I do.

There’s no other way I can get Manuel back. I have to do everything I can to save myself as well as the
Wade Group.

In the Gage’s home’s tea room, an emerald teapot was placed on the coffee table, and there were also
several teacups next to the teapot.

Manuel knocked on the door, came in, and saw Koen sitting on one side of the coffee table, raising a
cup of tea, and was about to take a sip.

It seemed that Koen only noticed that Manuel was here after a long time. Koen said, “Sit.”

“Grandpa, you didn’t just call me back for tea, did you?” Manuel knew Koen very well.

-Instead of answering Manuel, Koen pushed a cup to Manuel and said, “Drink.”

Manuel had no objection. He raised the cup and took a sip, feeling the fragrance of the tea spreading in
his ***”It’s good ”

“How is Serina?”

“She is at Ainsley’s place for treatment,” Manuel said frankly.

Koen nodded and said slowly, “Why didn’t you tell me beforehand about canceling the engagement?
Why didn’t you discuss it with the Wade family in advance?”

Manuel pursed his thin lips. After a moment of silence, he replied, “Serina’s condition has

had several ups and downs, and it always has something to do with Irene. I have endured Irene for a
long time.”

“Is that all?” Koen placed the cup on the table hard. “Is it because of her?”

Manuel’s body trembled. Of course, he knew who Koen was talking about.

“Grandpa, do you remember telling me that you had a vicious dog? In the end, you killed it with your
own hands. I can’t stand uncontrolled people threatening me with the same things over and over
again,” Manuel said. And he continued silently, “For example, the one I care about the most.”

The seriousness on Koen’s face vanished immediately. He chuckled and said, “Perhaps comparing the
Wade family to an evil dog is not exactly a wise metaphor.”

Koen thought, Brady is so cunning. Most of the men our age in Seattle are dead by now, and those that
are still around are the real deal.

Irene is courageous enough, and she can see the big picture. Also, she will stop at nothing to get what
she wants. Her only fault is that she is too emotional.

“Grandpa, you don’t seem angry to me.” Manuel picked up the teapot and respectfully poured a cup of
tea for Koen.

Koen suddenly took something from his side. The glass bottle smashed on the table with a dull sound,
and Manuel saw the logo of the wine.

“Irene brought it here this afternoon under Brady’s instruction.”

A cold light flashed in Manuel’s eyes. He knew the implication of the wine and why Koen chose to take

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