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Chapter 411 She Does Not Regret It

She put on a beaming smile and loosened up, which was very rare. “Ainsley, you had more important
things to do.”

Manuel looked at Serina worriedly. He knew that his sister’s condition was serious and it had probably
gotten worse after what happened that day.

‘Mr. Gage, the doctor said that you only have some flesh wounds. You’ve been in the hospital for two
days. Time to leave, eh?” she teased.

She knew what Manuel was up to. He just wanted to take the chance to spend more time with her.

Manuel did not put it on the table, but she didn’t want to play along.

No matter what, she wanted Manuel to understand that it would never be the same again between

’Is Ms. Easton always so cold and heartless to patients?” Manuel teased.

Ainsley looked him up and down for a few minutes before she said, “I can’t see anything that says you
need a doctor.”

Manuel said seriously, “It seems that you have forgotten that I am still your patient.”

“Did you have nightmares these past two days?”

Manuel thought for a moment. ‘I did last night.”

Ainsley had not forgotten her duty. Manuel was her patient, so she would do her best to treat him.

She looked at Serina and pointed at the small sofa by the window. “Serina, sit there and watch us.”

Serina sat down there obediently. “Okay.”

Ainsley helped raise Manuel’s bed so he could sit up slightly. “Mr. Gage, if you don’t mind, I will
hypnotize you.”

In response to her words, Manuel slowly relaxed his body. He opened his eyes and looked at the
pocket watch that Ainsley took out. His eyes followed the swinging watch.

In fact, at Ainsley’s level, she didn’t need to use the pocket watch to hypnotize her patients. But the
pocket watch marked the beginning of the session for the patients.

“Relax, close your eyes. Imagine yourself in a dream. You see a woman running on the road.

“There is a car not far ahead that seems to be waiting for her. She desperately tries to get to that car.”

Manuel started to frown, but Ainsley did not stop. “She turns to look at the sides of the road from time
to time, afraid that a car would hit her. Then what do you see?”

She asked Manuel a question. At this moment, he was having the same dream as earlier.

His voice was slightly trembling. “She hasn’t gotten to the car yet. A truck rushes over. The truck goes
toward her. No, no!”

Manuel’s forehead was covered in a cold sweat. He unconsciously grasped Ainsley’s hand.

“Don’t be afraid. The car missed her and didn’t run into that woman. It hit a tree instead. The head of
the truck was broken, but the woman was fine.

She got into the car safe and sound.”

“No, it’s not like that. It hit her! It hit her!”

Ainsley’s eyes darkened. People under hypnosis rarely went against the hypnotist.

She continued in a heavier tone, “No, you are wrong. The car didn’t hit her. That woman even smiled at
you. Can you hear what she said to you?”

His “no” became quieter and quieter until it completely disappeared.

‘She said that she didn’t regret it.’

Ainsley opened her mouth but didn’t know what to say. Finally, Manuel fell asleep.

When Manuel was sleeping, the nurse came over to change his dressings and said that he could be
discharged today.

‘Ainsley, Manuel can leave now.” Serina yawned.

Ainsley rubbed her head and asked, “You want to stay with him until he is discharged, right?”

Serina looked at her expectantly. “Can I?”

What she wanted more was that Ainsley could stay too.

These days, Serina had been obediently staying at Easton’s house. Before, she had been wearing a
blank look and did not dare to say anything. Now, she finally had some emotions on her face.

“Yes.” Ainsley didn’t have the heart to refuse her.

At six o’clock in the evening, Manuel woke up. It had been a sound sleep.

Seeing that Ainsley and Serina were still there, his eyes were full of smiles.

‘Manuel, you’re awake?” Serina said in surprise.

Ainsley also opened her eyes. She stood up and packed Manuel’s things. ‘Mr. Gage, you can leave the
hospital now.”

Manuel stood up from the bed and put on his shoes. The wound on his arm had already been

Roman was waiting outside the hospital. When Ainsley saw him nod, she gave him the luggage. “We’ll
leave him with you. Serina and I are going back.”

“Did Ms. Easton drive here?” Roman asked.

Ainsley shook her head. “My cousin sent me here.”

Roman glanced at Manuel and said, “Then let me send you and Serina back first, okay?”

He took a deep look at Serina, and the latter quickly took the hint.

“Great. Ainsley, let Roman send us back.” She beat them to the punch and sat down in the passenger

Roman politely opened the door to the back row for her, and Ainsley had no choice but to get in.

On the way, she and Manuel sat in the back row. She was looking out the window the whole time. She
felt so awkward that she did not dare to move.

Manuel turned to look at Ainsley. They had not sat together peacefully for a long time, but even so, he
did not dare to say anything, for fear of ruining the moment.

Serina looked at the two through the rearview mirror. He wanted to get closer, and she just wanted to
keep him at a distance. Serina could not help laughing and covering her mouth.

Roman, of course, could also see the awkwardness between the two. At this moment, he turned on his
phone screen and looked at Lainey on the wallpaper affectionately. They obviously loved each other,
but they kept missing each other because of all kinds of misunderstandings. It was really a pity.

Manuel’s hand moved toward Ainsley step by step. He wanted to touch her hand.

“Please behave yourself, Mr. Gage,” Ainsley said seriously.

She withdrew her hand and glanced at Manuel. His eyes were full of disappointment.

He sighed heavily. He knew that he had hurt Ainsley too deeply. How could he expect her to forgive
him so soon?

When they arrived at Easton’s house, Ainsley got out of the car without saying anything, and Serina got
out too.

They stood at the door and watched Roman drive away. Serina tugged at her sleeve. “Ainsley, you are
never forgiving Manuel?”

She was not a fool. She saw it clearly in the car. Although Manuel really wanted to make up with
Ainsley, Ainsley seemed unable to accept Manuel again.

Ainsley lowered her eyes and rubbed Serina’s nose. “You’re just a child. Don’t pry into the grown-ups’

After she finished speaking, she turned around and entered the house.

“Ainsley, I’m not a child! Wait for me!” Serina chased after her.

On the road, the car drove quickly towards Gage Group.

Roman quickly filled Manuel in on what had happened in the past two days. ’Irene came out and was
back in charge of Wade Group. And it seems that she has found a backer.”

“Who?” Manuel’s face was gloomy.

“Our people found out that she was in contact with that Hume recently. I heard that he has already met
with Brady,” Roman said solemnly.

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