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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 409

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Chapter 409 Betrayal

Brady said gently, “You’re back, Irene. Don’t blame me. The live broadcast went viral, so no one dared
to bail you out and caused you to be released now.”

After all, there was no direct evidence, and Irene wouldn’t be declared guilty.

Moreover, the video posted by Dana later made people feel that she went crazy because what she said
was just nonsense.

Irene smiled politely and shook her head distantly, “Grandfather, aren’t you curious to know why I went
to Portugal the other day and who I met?”

‘Well, how about you tell me?” Brady had thought that Irene would not say it.

“Since Manuel has decided to end the cooperation with the Wade Group, he should have thought of a
way to deal with us together with the Easton Group. Now that we are in trouble, we should have a
strong backer. I found a partner for our group,” Irene said solemnly.

Brady narrowed his eyes, wondering if the partner could compare with the Gage family.

“It’s the Hume family. Are you happy about this, grandpa?” Irene put the contract on the table.

Brady glanced at it and was convinced of what she said.

The Hume family had a well-known company in Portugal and could compare it with the Easton family in

Brady opened the contract with satisfaction and flipped through it a few times. But when seeing the
promised item, he paused. “Five percent of the shares of the Wade Group. How dare you make the

promise without telling me?”

“Grandfather, you should know that one has to sacrifice something to get what he wants. Besides, you
had wanted to annex the Gage Group and created the largest company in Seattle. So what if I gave
away five percent of the shares of the Wade Group?” Irene said calmly.

Hearing this, Brady straightened up and said with satisfaction, “It seems that I am getting old. The
future is yours in the end.”

“Grandfather, as long as you are here, the Wade Group will always be yours,” Irene said thoughtfully.

“It’s not good to be old. The young always want the old to die quickly in case of causing trouble for
them,” Brady laughed at himself.

Irene burst out laughing, “Grandfather, how could that be? I hope that you can live a long life.”

Brady patted her hand, “You have suffered a lot in the detention center these days. The Wade Group
remains the same, and you can go back to work tomorrow. Manuel has made up his mind to terminate
the cooperation. Now we’ve obtained all the orders from Applegath.”

Irene did not know about this. “What? Can we produce such a large amount of parts?”

Brady continued, “We have to do it even if we can’t. His purpose is to wear us down, but Robyn is of
use to us. This time, she provided two production lines to the Wade Group, but the condition is to let
Ainsley die.”

Irene chuckled, “I didn’t expect her to be so ruthless, but I like it.”

Suddenly, she seemed to think of something. “Where is that woman? Is she dead?”

Only a dead person would keep her mouth shut.

Brady said in a low voice, “I cut her tongue. She won’t say anything.”

In Pearl Hotel.

When Matteo stepped into the private room, he felt that it wasn’t a simple thing today. Manuel rarely
contacted him unless the Wade family did something again.

But he knew that nothing had happened to the family recently.

Just as Matteo sat down, he saw Manuel’s livid face and asked, “What’s wrong?

“Mr. Easton, I thought that you were the same as me and hated the Wade Group’s gut,” Manuel said
with a strange look in his eyes.

His words made Matteo more confused. “What exactly do you want to say?”

“A few days ago, I terminated the contract with Applegath. I paid such a great price to make the Wade
Group suffer, but before anything happened, Brady solved the problem easily. I was wondering who
dared to go against the Gage Group in Seattle and take over the work Cason didn’t dare to do. I
investigated it and found out that it was you and the Easton Group.” Manuel’s eyes were filled with

Matteo frowned and asked uncertainly, “Manuel, I don’t understand what you’re talking about. I know
the crisis of the Wade Group, but the Easton Group will never help it. Don’t blame me for no reason.”

Manuel shook his head and placed the document about Roman’s investigation in front of Matteo.

Matteo read it in shock. “I don’t know about this.”

This factory was not in Seattle, separated by a city. Matteo didn’t know that someone in the factory
betrayed him and wondered who gave the order.

He took the document away and said before leaving, “I will give you an explanation.”

After that, Manuel was left alone there.

He laughed silently, knowing that Matteo didn’t and wouldn’t do this.

But despite that, it had something to do with the Easton family. Manuel had long felt that some
members of the family should be dealt with and intended to take this opportunity to do it. Otherwise,
they might cause much trouble in the future.

After returning to the Easton Group, the first thing Matteo did was to investigate the production lines
that each factory was responsible for and check if there were any parts of the Wade Group.

After checking for an entire afternoon, he realized how calculating the manipulator was because he
couldn’t find such parts.

The person behind the scenes must have tricked many people and paid much effort before the parts
reached Matteo without any flaws.

With the document given by Manuel, Matteo compared the parts and found that other than the parts
delivered with different models, the rest were all the same.

He dialed a number and solemnly said over the phone, “Stop the production lines of the factory
immediately and send someone to check it out.”

What else did Matteo want to investigate?

He had known who did this secretly without telling him but didn’t know how to say it.

Ainsley had just gotten off work without getting in the car when she saw Matteo’s car parked at the

She walked over directly and was stunned when opening the car door.

The person sitting in the back seat was neither Matteo nor Serina, but Dana.

Matteo was sitting in the driver’s seat. “Aisy, get in the car.”

Ainsley hurriedly got into the car and closed the door tightly.

Dana’s face was ashen as she leaned against the door on the other side. If not for the rises and falls of
her chest, she might be considered a dead person.

But she seemed to be a wreck and was no different from a dead person.

“What happened to you?” Ainsley asked softly.

Dana’s eyes moved with no reply as if she were a zombie.

‘She can’t speak,” Matteo said.

“What happened?” Ainsley was puzzled.

“Her… tongue was cut.”

Dana seemed to react and slowly opened her mouth. Only a small part of her tongue was left, and the
cut had smooth edges. It could be imagined how cruel the person who cut her tongue was.

Ainsley was shocked with her mouth wide open and tried to calm herself down. She murmured in
disbelief, “How could this be?”

She thought, how could the tongue of a living person be cut like this?

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