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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 427

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Chapter 427 The Banquet Ends

“I forgive you,” Ainsley sneered.

Everyone who heard this was stunned. No one had expected Ainsley to reply like this.

Manuel almost laughed out loud and quickly drank a ***of wine.

Irene’s eyes were burning with anger. She held the microphone tightly and did not know what to say.

At this time, Daniel took the microphone and said, “Ms. Easton.”

Irene squinted at him, not knowing what he wanted to do.

Cason could not sit still, and Kaliyah was also a little nervous.

Passing through the crowd, Daniel looked at Ainsley with a smile and asked, “Can I chase you?”

Manuel was shocked when he heard the news. He was originally smiling at Ainsley, but when he heard

news, he suddenly turned to look at Daniel.

His mind was filled with what Daniel had just said, “Can I chase you?”

Manuel’s eyes shone with the coldest light, making people panic.

Daniel didn’t even look at Manuel. In his eyes, he only saw Ainsley’s delicate face. The lights had

turned dark yellow. Under the warm light, Ainsley’s hair had a soft luster, as if she was a fairy that could

be offended. Her ***fishtail dress made her look nobler.

Many people at the party were staring at Daniel, including the reporters and media, but Daniel didn’t


He only had Ainsley in his eyes.

Ainsley also looked at Daniel through the crowd. She was expressionless as if she had only heard one

sentence, “Have you eaten?” She looked at Daniel in silence and did not answer.

Time passed by, but Ainsley still did not answer. Some people began to feel anxious.

Kaliyah started to wonder what Ainsley wanted to do.

Just as everyone could not help but let out some noise to break the awkward silence, Ainsley spoke.

“Mr. Hume, do you understand?”

Everyone was confused. Understand what? Ainsley did not say anything. What did she want people to


Daniel didn’t look relaxed. He smiled bitterly and nodded. “I do, but I don’t accept it.”

Cason smiled, while Irene looked grave.

In the hall, Ainsley handed the microphone to the waiter at the side and continued to eat calmly, as if

was not the one who caused such a big sensation.


Manuel gently picked up the food for her. She did not refuse, and this was all captured by the camera.

Night fell, and the banquet was close to the end.

Although Ainsley did not move, she still felt a little tired. She could not help but rub her forehead and
pinch the space between her eyebrows.

Manuel was negotiating with his business partner not far away, but he always looked at her out of the
corner of his eye. When he saw her movements, Manuel felt distressed, and he immediately stopped
the topic. “I’m sorry, Mr. Maynard. We can talk about it the other day. I still have something to do.
Excuse me.”

After he finished speaking, he turned around and walked to Ainsley.

“Are you feeling unwell?” A gentle and magnetic voice sounded beside her ear. Ainsley turned around
and saw that Manuel, who was shrouded in gorgeous lights, was so handsome, as if he were Prince

Ainsley couldn’t help but be stunned for a long time. Her red lips slightly opened, and her eyes revealed
a rare look of infatuation.

But she quickly came back to her senses. She coughed lightly, shifted her gaze, and pretended to be
fine. “I’m just a little tired.”

Manuel did not miss the moment when she was in a trance and smiled. He bent down and approached
her. With a smile, he teased, “Ainsley, you were drooling.”

Ainsley subconsciously wiped her ***. When she reacted, her face suddenly turned red, and she glared

him in embarrassment.

Manuel let out a clear laugh, and the terrifying aura around him softened a lot. He looked at Ainsley

Little did they know that this scene was seen by Irene. Her delicate nails were forcibly broken by her,
and her

eyes were full of hostility.

Looking at their back, Irene was overwhelmed by hatred,

When the guests had almost dispersed, Irene could no longer control her jealousy and ran back to the


The door was tightly ****..

A suppressed growl sounded in the room, followed by the sound of various objects falling and
shattering to

the ground.

When the servants heard the noise, they could only nervously stand outside the door and look at each

in dismay. No one dared to disturb Irene, who was angry now.

At this time, an uninvited guest walked up the stairs leisurely.

The person was dressed in a black trench coat. Although his facial features were handsome, he had a

wanton and unrestrained aura.

The servants were not surprised to see him. Instead, they greeted him with respect, “Mr. Hume.”

Daniel put his hands in his pockets and smiled, “Where is Ms. Wade?”

A servant pointed to the room and was still a little worried. “She is inside.”

Daniel noticed their expressions and raised an eyebrow. “Why? Is she throwing a tantrum again?”

The servants hesitated for a moment before nodding.

Daniel smiled, “Alright, all of you can leave now. I’ll comfort her.”

Thinking of Irene’s attitude towards Daniel, the servants did not dare to disobey him and left.

Daniel was polite and knocked on the door before entering. “Can I go in?”

Irene heard his voice and a trace of impatience flashed across her eyes. However, she took a deep
breath and

tried to speak in a calm tone. “Come in.”

Daniel licked his lips, opened the door, and then closed it.

The room was dim, but through the dim light from the window, Daniel could see the mess on the

Daniel bypassed the glass fragments and made a tsk sound.

Irene leaned against the bed and hugged her thighs with both hands. She looked like an injured little

wary and vigilant.

“What are you doing here?” Her voice was slightly hoarse.

Daniel slowly approached her, reached out, and hooked her chin. He looked at her beautiful face

unscrupulously and sighed gently, “Why? Am I not welcome?”

Irene turned her head to get rid of his hand and said calmly, “If I don’t welcome you, can you enter my
room so


Daniel chuckled and nodded in agreement. “That’s true. I’m happy to hear that.”

Irene was not in the mood to talk to him, so she closed her eyes, and showed a tired look. “Do you

something to talk to me about? If not, you can leave now. I need to rest.”

Daniel straightened his back and looked down at her. His tone suddenly changed, and he said
indifferently, “Did you lose your temper because of Manuel?”

Although it was a question, it was’ mixed with certainty.

Hearing this, Irene trembled slightly. She suddenly opened her eyes, looking fierce, and said through

clenched teeth, “Right now, I only ***him. I want to ruin his reputation!”

Daniel sighed and smiled. As if teasing, he said, “Women are always vicious. I suddenly feel pity for

Then, he changed his tone, took off his custom-made windbreaker, and threw it on the sofa beside the

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