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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 433

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Chapter 433 Take Over Debham Group

“Gabriel Kinnear, you’ve seized a good opportunity. The negotiation is already over. Let’s sign the

contract now.” Irene spread out the contract formed by Bailey on the desk and pushed it to Gabriel.

Gabriel didn’t say anything. He directly took out his pen and signed his name.

He smirked and said, “Irene, you’re really eloquent. I have signed it. Is there anything else?”

Irene thought for a while and confirmed that there was nothing else. “No. Thank you, Mr. Kinnear.’

“If there is nothing else, I will go now.” Gabriel rose shakily to his feet and got into a luxury car.

Irene stared at him as he left. Her gaze was extremely cold.

However, Irene finally took over Debham Group.

She believed that Brady would definitely look at her in a new light.

In the Baldry’s house.

Kaliyah had just finished breastfeeding. When she put down the baby, she noticed that Cason was

in a daze.

“Cason, what’s wrong?”

Cason didn’t respond. He was completely immersed in his memories. At the grand birthday

banquet, Cason saw the person he wanted to see the most. Her beautiful dress was swaying as

she danced. Cason couldn’t get his eyes off her.

“Cason!” Kaliyah reached out and pushed him.

Cason finally heard her. “What’s wrong?” He sounded a little sad.

“What are you thinking about?” Kaliyah complained.

“I’m thinking about some matters of the company.” Cason tapped the table lightly with his fingers.

Kaliyah knew that he was lying. Every time he lied, he would tap the table unconsciously.

Cason kept quiet after saying that. Kaliyah felt like saying something, but she wanted to hear

Cason speak first.

They were husband and wife, but they were like strangers to each other. It had been a long time since
the last time they expressed love for each other. Kaliyah could hardly remember Cason’s


Ten minutes later, Kaliyah finally couldn’t hold it in anymore. “Why aren’t you saying anything?

“Since we got married, you have become a different person. You talked a lot in the past. Is it because
of Ainsley?” This was the first time Kaliyah had said Ainsley’s name so calmly.

Cason shook his head, but he didn’t say anything to deny it.

“Cason, you have divorced her. It is impossible for you to get back together. Manuel has come back to
Ainsley, and Daniel is interested in her. You should accept the fact now. She won’t cross.

paths with you again,” Kaliyah said seriously.

Her voice wasn’t loud, but Cason got angry.

“I don’t need you to remind me!” He suddenly stood up and walked to the door.

“Cason!” Kaliyah watched him with disappointment. Cason walked out of the room and slammed

the door.

He walked out of the house, entered the parking lot, and took a car.

It was late at night. People indulged in wine and music in the brightly lit club.

Cason drank one glass after another. His eyes were bloodshot. Cason was no longer ************and

self-collected. And his face was filled with anger and sadness.

That man actually took a fancy to Ainsley. How dare he!

“Sir, you are about to get drunk. How about this? Let me store the rest of the wine for you.” The
bartender noticed Cason’s discomfort and gave a kind suggestion.

Cason didn’t even look at the bartender. And he said coldly, “Scram!”

The bartender knew that he couldn’t afford to offend Cason, who was dressed in branded clothes.

He could only suppress his annoyance and walked away silently.

“Mix more drinks for me.” Cason propped up his heavy head and gave orders to the bartender at

the counter.

Cason wanted to drink until he became unconscious. He felt heartbroken.

Cason regretted what he did. He had lost his hope in life.

He had completely lost Ainsley.

This ***********fact made Cason choose to escape with alcohol.

Cason happened to find that a man wanted to pursue Ainsley.

Cason investigated him and found that the man always hooked up with women. Cason was

worried about Ainsley.

He was also angry. He wanted to expel all the people who desired Ainsley.

In this way, even if Cason couldn’t get her, he could at least feel a little relieved.

However, Cason could only numb himself secretly with his imagination.

Because everything he imagined was impossible to achieve.

Cason smiled sarcastically, raised his head, and drank another glass of strong liquor.

Suddenly, Cason opened his eyes and stared at the left front. He held the wine glass tightly. His

veins popped out.

Daniel had come to the club on a whim to have fun as usual.

Daniel came in a priceless sports car. He didn’t need to say anything. The coquettish women took

the initiative to throw themselves into his arms. This was his real life. It was Daniel’s true colors.

Daniel hugged the beauties and walked in the direction of a private room in high spirits.

Before Daniel entered the room, a drunkard got in his way.

“***********… You startled me.” Daniel looked at Cason, who could barely stand. He felt a chill as Cason

stared at him.

“You… You… Kaff kaff…” Daniel wanted to scold him, but he choked on his saliva when he was

about to speak. Daniel bent down and kept coughing.

Cason shook his head and pointed at Daniel’s nose. “You **********. You don’t even deserve to carry

her shoes. You don’t deserve to like her. You should give up, or you will be sorry.”

Daniel was confused. Nobody has been so rude to him. Daniel quickly recovered from his shock.

He gritted his teeth and let go of the beauties in his arms. He scolded angrily, “Who are you? Do

you know who I am? I can beat you up right now.”

Cason roared in a low voice without blinking, “You**************

It would be strange if Daniel could still endure it.

Seeing that they were about to fight, the two women in Daniel’s arms ran away.

Daniel was so angry that he laughed. He stretched his neck with his head tilted. His hands made

cracking sounds.

You’re digging your own grave!” Before Daniel finished his words, a fist the size of a sandbag smashed
toward Cason’s face.

Cason narrowed his eyes and stumbled. He took a few steps back, just in time to avoid the

incoming punch.

“You would mess with any woman. Daniel, you’re too *************.”

Daniel swung another punch at Cason. “I don’t need to explain what I’m doing to you. Mind your

words. You’re no better than me!”

Of course, Daniel knew about Cason and Ainsley’s past and knew what their biggest conflict was.

When Cason heard this, he was stunned for a moment. It was at this moment that Daniel hit his


Cason felt a burning pain, and his cheeks swelled up.

Cason sat on the sofa as if he had lost all his strength and laughed self-deprecatingly, “You are

right. I’m no better than you.”

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