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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 437

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Chapter 437 Change the Place and Talk

It was because a week ago, the heart of a child in the same hospital had been proven to be a match,
so it

would not appear in the matching bank.

It was then that he had begun to make plans to seize the heart.

Matteo’s voice was soft and near, but sometimes it fell so loud that he could not calm down.

“To get this heart, you must have used many methods. Money, power, everything, but what broke you
was that the child’s family was more powerful than you. You even wanted to ********that child.”

Leonard looked at Matteo with fear and confusion. Leonard had tried to make it covert. Why did Matteo

so much about it? It was as if Matteo had been watching him all this time.

Leonard roared like a madman, “*********up! I don’t understand what you are saying at all. If you think
the report I

made is fake, you can call the police to arrest me.”

Matteo spoke again, “You thought you were secretive, but when you started to execute your plan, you
left clues behind. This is enough to destroy you. The surgery was a success. Even though the boy’s
parents protested, you were not punished, because someone was helping you.”

“Sir, I told you from the beginning that I did not understand what you said. The story you told was
fascinating. but unfortunately, it is not my story.” Leonard pointed at the door again with a cold face,

indicating they

should leave quickly.

Ainsley did not interrupt. She was observing the entire office. There was a photo album on the
mahogany desk. It was yellow and did not look like it had been taken in the past few years. It had a
family of three. It

should be Leonard’s family.

She asked tentatively, “Dr. Lopez, did you spend a lot of money to hack into the organ database?”

Leonard’s eyes were full of anger. He snapped. “Can’t you understand me? I said I didn’t do such a

Please get out.”

“Half a year ago, you got the heart through money and connections, causing the boy to fail to get the
heart. that should have belonged to him at the time of surgery and *******on the operating table. The
family took the risk and reported it to the higher-ups. You got away with it. You owed a huge debt, but it
was paid off. I am curious as to how you got the money and settled the matter,” Ainsley said coldly.

Leonard’s eyes trembled. They actually investigated so carefully.

Leonard’s hands hung down on both sides of his body, slightly trembling, but he did not say a word.

Matteo said impatiently, “Dr. Lopez, are you sure you won’t say it? How about I hand this information to
the Supervisory Department or the Health Committee, huh?

“No, don’t.” Leonard took two steps forward.

“So, are you willing to come clean?” Matteo’s expression was bleak.

“I, I didn’t…,” Leonard stammered, still not wanting to say anything,


Matteo’s eyes were cold. He didn’t bother to talk nonsense with Leonard anymore. He turned around
and was about to leave. “Aisy, it seems he won’t say anything. Let’s go.”

“Dr. Lopez, I wish you good luck.” Ainsley immediately followed Matteo.

“Wait!” Leonard cried out urgently.

It was not easy for him to get this position and settle that matter. He absolutely could not give up!

Matteo stopped in his tracks. “You’re willing to speak?”

“Can we talk somewhere else?” Leonard asked nervously

Leonard did not want others to see him walking together with these two people.

Ainsley and Matteo looked at each other. “Sure.”

They came to Pearl Hotel.

In a private room in the corner, Ainsley and Matteo sat on one side, while Leonard sat on the other

There was no doubt that Pearl Hotel was the most secretive hotel in Seattle.

After the dishes were served, Matteo had the waiter close the door of the private room and put on a

disturb” sign.

“Dr. Lopez, can you tell me now?” Matteo asked.

Leonard quickly took the glass in front of him and took a big sip of water. Then he said nervously.

“I can tell you what you want to know, but you must give me back the materials.”

Leonard was worried the information could destroy him

“Dr. Lopez, I think you probably forgot you are not qualified to bargain with me. Now, tell me everything
about Nancy in detail.” Endless coldness emerged in Matteo’s eyes.

Leonard swallowed his saliva. How could he forget that they were not exchanging now?

Leonard had drunk all the water in the glass. He immediately took the teapot and filled the glass again.
After doing that, he said, “You are right. The autopsy report is fake. Nancy fell from such a high
position, and almost all the bones in her body were broken. So no one noticed those strange wounds.
You even noticed the bruises on her back. In fact, even if I am not a professional, I could notice the
traces of fighting on the rooftop that day. I could be bribed. It means someone in the exploration team
was also bribed.”

His mind drifted, as if he had returned to that day.

“Dr. Lopez, let’s go. A girl fell from the 20th floor! There are no forensic doctors in the police station.
Help me

deal with it,” Leonard’s colleague said.

Leonard immediately packed up his things and followed the police to the crime scene. Along the way,
he thought about being prosecuted. The family must have come up with all kinds of methods to deal
with him. The reason why he had not been dismissed was that there was no direct evidence.

When he arrived at the crime scene, he saw a tragedy. A girl was lying on her back on the ground, with
a pool of blood under her.

The crime scene was surrounded by pedestrians. They discussed the tragedy, obviously not knowing

had happened.

The police were trying to stop a woman. The woman was about to rush over with a nervous

shouting, “Let me in! That’s my daughter, Nancy!”

Her shouts resounded through the entire community, and all the onlookers were moved.

Leonard put on his gloves and began to examine the dead person. “There were no obvious signs of

She is dead. Her pupils have dilated, her heartbeat has stopped, and her breathing has stopped. There

no signs of life.

He said that mechanically.

After confirming the death, his job was done. He had no professional tools with him, so he had to check
carefully later.

The police took the deceased away, and Leonard was still in a daze. Besides thinking about the heart,
he was also thinking about the loans.

In order to get the heart, he paid a lot of money. The surgery needed money, and the cost of the heart

transplant surgery would only be more.

Therefore, he had to borrow usury. Although the operation was successful, Leonard was in deep

If his heart-related larceny was known, he might go to prison, but even if no one knew, he had to pay
off the


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