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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 458

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Chapter 458 I Refuse

On Halfmoon Island, which was dozens of miles away, Irene gritted her teeth as she stared at the
screen. She had seen everything that happened through the live broadcast.

This was a plan that could not be more perfect, but it was ruined because of a small birthmark.

The reporters already had a good impression of Ainsley. Just now, they showed the professionalism
that reporters should have, but now that they knew that this video was fake, they would clarify it for her.

Irene was so angry that she almost smashed her phone. When she picked up the phone, she noticed a
person. It was Cason.

The banquet returned to normal. Serina looked around in confusion. “Where is Miles? Why has he

“He disappeared just now.” Manuel looked around warily at the hall.

“He’s there!” Lainey pointed at the door.

Everyone looked over. Miles walked over with himself tightly wrapped in his clothes.

“Why did you disappear just now? Where did you go?” Serina asked.

Miles did not answer her. Instead, he looked at Ainsley and said solemnly. “When the electricity was
fixed, someone sneaked out from backstage. I followed that person.”

“Where is he?”

“I knocked him out and tied him to a tree,” Miles said.

Manuel glanced at Roman. Roman understood and walked over. “Mr. Reynolds, please take me there.”

Miles nodded at Senna and walked out with Roman.

Cason sat on the sofa not far away and looked at Ainsley who was under the flashing lights. His eyes
were passionate. He picked up

his glass and took a sip of the wine, blocking the women who wanted to get to know him.

Indeed, at the entrance of the island, Kaliyah tore up the only invitation letter. Cason was so angry that
he did not want to look at

Kaliyah anymore

When he ** away, he finally realized why Kaliyah could find his seat. He looked at the phone in the
passenger seat. This crazy woman could do anything to control him. Of course, she would not forget
about locating him..

As soon as Cason thought of this possibility, he turned off his phone and threw it to the back seat in

At the corner, he found that someone was selling invitation letters. He immediately stopped the car and
spent a high price to buy an

invitation before entering the island.

He stared at the interaction between Manuel and Ainsley. The moment he saw the screen light up, he
wanted to stand up and rush

over, but someone protected Ainsley ahead of him..

Perhaps, from the moment they divorced, he lost the chance of standing beside Ainsley and protecting

He couldn’t take it anymore and walked out to get some fresh air. His phone suddenly rang. It was a
strange number.

He picked up the call in confusion, but he heard a familiar voice.


“It’s you!” he frowned.

“Yes, its me Don’t hang up. Even if you are on the island, you will sit in a corner and drink. Why don’t
you listen to what I’m going to

say? It has something to do with Ainsley.” Irene said.

Cason did not have a good impression of Irene. From all the things that happened in the past, he knew
that Irene plotted behind- everything. She even indirectly harmed Kaitlin and Kaliyah.

*If you have something to say, just go ahead. If you want to use me to destroy the banquet, you’d better
hang up. Just now, there was a power outage. Was the video played on the screen your masterpiece?”
Cason said in a low voice.

He pressed the recording button and continued to ask, “Irene, the contrast between Halfmoon Island
and PineMist Island is too strong You can’t hold back a long time ago.”

“Mr. Baldry, why are you so sure that I did it?”

“Who would use all means to expose Ainsley’s *** history in Seattle? The mastermind wanted to
destroy her at this special time. I think that person will be no one but you,” Cason said seriously.

Irene smiled. “Mr. Baldry, are you trying to get something out of me?”

Cason was stunned. He laughed at himself and turned off the recording. “You are smart.”


“Just get to the point. I called just to make a deal with you.

A deal?

“What deal?”

Irene chuckled. “Mr. Baldry, I know Ainsley’s biggest secret. This is also something that Manuel has
always wanted to hide because he knows that once this secret is known by Ainsley, she will draw a
boundary between them. So, the reason why Manuel is so wary of

me is that he is afraid that I will tell the secret to Ainsley.”

Cason hid the shock in his eyes. He could not think of any secret about Ainsley. He had known Ainsley
for so many years although

their marriage only lasted for three years.

But he believed that Ainsley did not hide anything from him.

“What kind of secret is that?” Cason asked.

“Mr. Baldry, let’s make a deal. After you know this secret, you can destroy their relationship at any time.
I took such a big risk just to ask you for a small favor.” Irene’s eyes became sharp.

Cason asked doubtfully, “What is it?”

“I have a friend who seems to be missing on PineMist Island. I can’t contact him now, so help me find
him. Moreover, I hope that the Christmas party will be a failure. Mr. Baldry, don’t disappoint me.”

Cason did not speak. In the next moment, his voice became so cold that it seemed to break Irene’s

“I refuse.”

“What?” Irene widened her eyes.

She was willing to tell Cason a big secret yet he refused it!

“Are you crazy? The secret can make Ainsley and Manuel break up immediately, and it will give you the
best chance. Don’t you like Ainsley? How can you not seize this opportunity?” Irene’s voice was

Cason smiled bitterly. “The reason for my refusal is simple. I admit that I like her very much, but
because of this, I will not do anything to hurt her No matter what the secret is, I think the matter that
can make her and Manuel break up will definitely hurt her. She planned this party a long time ago. I will
not ruin her effort. Irene, you just do whatever you can to achieve your goal You have never thought
that if you don’t hurt others, you will let yourself go precisely.”

“How **** you are! No matter what you do for her, she won’t know In fact, she ***you as much as ever
Cason, you are not in an unrequired relationship. Don’t tell me you think you are affectionate to her”
Irene sneered.

Cason was stunned. He was indeed affectionate towards Ainsley.

He had never been like that before. Ainsley’s image was everywhere in his world.

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