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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 459

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Chapter 459 You **

“Cason, you gotta be kidding me. What did you do at the entrance of PineMist Island today? What did
you do to your wife? You didn’t cherish her before the divorce. It was too late to regret it. How ******.”
Irene hung up with a cold face.

Irene could tell from Cason’s words that he was a complete ***.

It was because of this that her plan failed.

And that person was nowhere to be seen. What if he was caught?

Irene bit her lips and felt uneasy. Her grandfather probably already knew about this.

It was already past eleven o’clock. All the people attending the banquet began to leave. By the time the
staff sent off the last guest, it

was midnight.

The last table with food on it was still placed in the hall. Ainsley asked the staff to bring over a table.

Lainey and Roman were together. Serina was chatting with Miles about nothing more than gossip in the
entertainment industry.

Matteo had left. He had to get up early tomorrow to do more important things. Before he left, he took
the initiative to speak to Manuel

for the first time, “Send my sister back.”

Manuel accepted his order.

There were not only all kinds of dishes but also expensive red wine on the table. Serina volunteered to
open the wine and serve the others. With Miles’ help, she methodically poured the wine into every

“I won’t drink today. Manuel pushed the glass away.

“Manuel, you’re cheating!” Serina stomped her feet in dissatisfaction.

“I have to send Ainsley home.”

When he said this, Serina sat down.

Lainey looked at Miles, who was sitting next to Serina. “There are no outsiders now. Why don’t you
take off the thing wrapped around

your face?’

Hearing her reminder, Miles remembered it.

After he took off his mask, sunglasses, cap, and scarf. A handsome face with thick eyebrows was

Lainey was stunned. She immediately took out her phone and took three consecutive photos. “Miles, I
am your fan!”

She excitedly walked to Miles’s side and took a few more photos. After that, she pretended to be
embarrassed and asked, “Can I take a photo with you? I am too excited.”

“Of course.” Miles did not refuse, but he always felt that Roman was going to ****him.

Serina picked up some food and patted Miles on the shoulder. “I didn’t expect you to be so famous.
You have to tell me gossip more

often. I like spilling the tea.”

Lainey, who sat back in her seat, raised her hand. “Me, too. Let me join you!”

Roman angrily pulled Lainey’s hand and said with a cold face, “What rumor do you want to hear? I will
find it out. If I can’t, I will create

it *

Lainey saw the anger in Roman’s eyes and did not dare to say anything

Roman never looked at Miles again from this moment on. He hated the way Lainey looked at Miles
even though she was just

appreciating a movie star.

“Let’s have a drink.”

In the next hour, the hall was filled with the sound of Roman asking Miles to drink.

Manuel did not drink. Lainey, Serina, and Ainsley each held a glass and tasted the wine gracefully.

Ainsley underestimated the spiciness of the red wine. She only took a sip and felt that her chest was

This situation lasted for an hour. The only ones who were still sober were Manuel and Miles.

The Baldry’s home.

Cason stumbled back home in exhaustion. He rubbed between his eyebrows. He thought that Kaliyah
would have a big quarrel with him tonight, but he found that she had fallen asleep.

He pushed open the bedroom door, looked at his sleeping son, and then looked at Kaliyah. Her fingers
were bandaged.

Her hand was cut by the sharp edge of the invitation letter, but he was too angry to react.

A hint of guilt surged in Cason’s eyes.

He touched Kaliyah’s forehead. When she fell, her clothes were torn. The weather was cold, and he
didn’t know if she would catch a


At this time, Kaliyah covered his hand and held it tightly.

She opened her eyes with tears welling up.

“Cason.” She sobbed as if she wanted to tell him all her grievances.

At this moment, Cason’s guilt reached its peak. What she said today was right. Kaliyah gave birth to a
child for him and almost died

because of him.

“Kaliyah, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault.” He bent down, hugged Kaliyah, and kissed her forehead.

“I never thought you would treat me like this. Cason, don’t forget that you were the one who pursued
me,” Kaliyah reminded him.

She said this to remind Cason of his choice and make herself not be so humble at all times.

“I used to be a *******. I will try my best to correct it. I have to go take a shower.”

As soon as Cason left, Kaliyah held back her tears and stared at his back in anger.

“Cason! Do you love her that much?”

At this moment, she made her gentleness disappear.

Cason stiffened, but he was only stunned for a moment before he “fled” out of the room.

“You ***.” Kaliyah smiled bitterly.

At the same time, the Wade’s home.

When Irene returned home, Clara looked at her worriedly, “Ms. Wade, your grandfather is furious. He
asked you to stand in the living


Hearing this, Irene did not dare to move. She thought about her grandfather long ago. He must have
known about this at the first


The sound of the walking stick hitting the marble stairs was particularly clear. She heard this sound 30
minutes later.

Impatience was all over Brady’s face. “I asked you to come up with a better plan than the Easton
Group. I trusted you so much that I didn’t even ask. Is this how you do things?”

“Grandpa, I’m sorry. I didn’t think of it in advance. By the time we reacted, Ainsley had signed a
contract with those celebrities.-Irene tried her best to make it clear. She just did not want her
grandfather to think that she was incompetent.


Brady snorted coldly, “You blame the Easton Group for this matter, then what about that video? I found
that you have changed a lot for the bad. Manuel has affected you too much. Can you still remember
what you were like in the past?”

She used to be fearless, firm, and confident, and she never did things that she was not confident of.

She was proud and would never let her emotions affect her decisions.

However, she changed too much because Manuel canceled the engagement, so much so that she did
not even recognize herself.

“Grandpa, is it wrong to love someone?” she asked softly.

Brady’s tone turned cold. “Your love for Manuel is a mistake at the beginning because he doesn’t love

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