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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 470

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Chapter 470 A Risk of Losing You

The children shook their heads. “Serina, the lady was cooking in the kitchen when the power suddenly
went off. So the food is not done yet.”

One of the girls boosted her courage and said, “But the spinach porridge is pretty nice too. Serina, why
don’t you have a try?”

She raised her bowl yet then lowered her head with a sense of inferiority, retracting her hand that was
holding the bowl.

Senna took the bowl and took a sip. “Well, it’s really delicious, but I’m full. If I didn’t eat before I came
here, I am afraid I’ll finish all your spinach porridge. And you will be starving if that happens.”

The girl smiled, and the children beside her laughed.

Miles swallowed his saliva. The spinach porridge looked like plain water. It had probably only spinach in
it, and the girl had tasted it.

He didn’t think Serina would taste it, but she did.

“Look, today, I went to the Game Hall, and I got a lot of dolls for you.” Serina pulled the dolls over.

She glanced at Miles and pointed at him. “And him. Most of the dolls were caught by this handsome

Miles had only a mask to cover his face at this time. If people looked carefully, they would recognize

However, these kids had little access to digital devices, so they didn’t know him..

“Sir, thank you!” the children said in unison.

In the swaying candlelight, he looked at Serina. That bright smile was forever imprinted in his heart.

On the way back, the rain got heavier. It was quite late. Under the dark curtain, there were only a few
street lights on.

In this darkness, Serina was a little afraid and asked nervously, “Mr. Reynolds, is filming fun?”

“Do you want to try?” Miles raised his eyebrows.

Serina seemed to be interested. She cupped her chin with both hands and looked at Miles with a smile.
“Do you think I can?”

“You can try.”

Serina’s personality fitted this industry very well, not to mention that she was Manuel’s sister. No one
could ****her.


“Yeah.” Miles nodded solemnly.

At Pearl Hotel

Ainsley finished her food and drank some water. “I’m full.”

But Manuel did not stop eating. Ainsley knew that he was full, but he did not want to leave immediately.

“Manuel, send me back.” Ainsley looked at him.

The next moment, Manuel picked up a napkin and wiped his ****. He said softly, “Okay.”

When they got home, Matteo had just arrived, and the three met at the door.

“Matteo, wait for me.”

Ainsley deliberately attracted Matteo’s attention. She wanted to know if Matteo would scold her and
stop her from being with Manuel.

What surprised her was that Matteo actually greeted Manuel.

Then, Manuel said, “I will be waiting for you here tomorrow morning. I will send you to work.”

“Who asked you to send me to work? I have a car. I will drive.” She glared at Manuel.

However, an even stranger scene happened. Matteo actually said, “Aisy, be good. Wait for Manuel’s
car tomorrow and ask him to send you to work. I’ll be worried if you drive alone.”

Why would he be worried?

Ainsley felt confused.

“Matteo, I always drive to work. What are you worried about?” Ainsley asked doubtfully.

“Aisy, just listen to Manuel and let him give you a ride,” Matteo insisted.

Looking at their nervous expressions, Ainsley felt that something must have happened. She asked,
“What exactly happened?”

Seeing that she was already a little angry, Manuel said, “We’ve been pushing Irene too hard recently.
I’m afraid she’s about to go crazy.

No one knows what she will do.”

“So? So you two decided for me without asking for my opinion…”

She looked at Manuel and said, “And you, after so many things happened, you just don’t believe me.

Matteo said seriously, “Aisy, we trust you very much, but we can’t take the risk.”

The risk of losing her…

“Matteo, do you think so too?” Ainsley shook her head.

“Aisy, it’s complicated. We are also worried because of those complicated problems. And in order to
ensure your safety, I will always protect you.”

Manuel’s face was gloomy. He did not want to see Ainsley lying in blood. The tragic scenes played
back and forth in his mind

hundreds of times.

This face should not have any flaws.

Manuel left. Matteo and Ainsley returned home together.

The elevator was suspended in the air, and Ainsley felt that her heart was also suspended.

“Matteo, what are those complicated questions? Is it related to Manuel, me, and Irene?”

Matteo lowered his head and refused to answer.

Ainsley sneered, “I’ll take your silence as a yes. I know a little. Have I forgotten something?”

She walked out of the elevator. Her eyes were empty and lifeless. She was very puzzled. She searched
her memory but found nothing.

“Aisy, you are very good and healthy. Don’t think too much. Manuel and I saying this is for a reason.
Rest assured.”

Back in the room, Ainsley pondered for a long time.

When the incident at Ocala broke out, everyone in Seattle was shocked. Just as Manuel had
described, the abandoned factory was full of corpses. What a tragic scene!

The people of Seattle would not forget what had happened in the abandoned factory, and naturally,
they would not forget what the

Wade Group had done.

In the past two days, the Wade Group’s stock had been falling, and it had already stopped.

Brady had been desperately seeking hope. However, he, as well as all citizens of Seattle understood
that although the law could not

punish them, morality would give them the most tragic punishment.

Irene had already been dismissed. It was said that Brady had been unconscious several times during
the meeting and had been- hospitalized.

This caused the Wade Group to fall even further. Their prestige could not even catch up with the Baldry
Group, and they were on the verge of bankruptcy. However, Brady was still in a coma.

When Manuel returned home, he found that Serina had not reached home yet. He immediately called
her. It took her a while to answer the call.

“Serina, are you home?” he asked in a deep voice.

“Manuel, I’ll be home soon. I went to the welfare home just now. By the way, did you send Ainsley
home?” Serina was still immersed in the movie.

“Yes. Are you with Miles?” Manuel said coldly.

“Yes, he also went to the welfare home.”

“Okay, come back, as soon as possible,” Manuel said anxiously.

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