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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 476

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Chapter 476 Happy Cooperation

“Will you choose to be knocked out by us or go into the sack yourself? The man threw a sack beside

At the school gate, Manuel was running madly into the campus. Previously, he had arranged for
someone to protect Ainsley However, the last time Ainsley found out, he withdrew the man, which
made him very regretful now

The entire campus was dark and Manuel ran in the direction of the phoenix tree.

At this moment, there was sweat all over Ainsley’s head. The two men forced her to make a choice. But
she looked at them seriously

“I will choose neither!”

“You are courting death The man was enraged. He raised his fist and smashed it at Ainsley

The next moment, someone grabbed his fist. “Who’s that?”

The man looked up and saw Manuel’s cold eyes.

Ainsley exhaled deeply, thinking, Manuel is finally here.

“Who are you?”

Manuel did not answer. He directly knocked the two of them to the ground. Then he took out his phone
and took a photo of the two men. “Get lost now, but don’t think of escaping from the city. I won’t let you
guys go.”

The two men looked at each other. One of them took out something from his arms and looked at
Manuel fiercely. “No way!”

The other one still wanted to take Ainsley away with the sack but was kicked to the ground by Manuel.

Manuel turned around and took the dagger from the man’s hand and put it on the man’s neck.

“I’m sorry, sir. I won’t do it again! Don’t ****me.” The man was so scared that he was about to cry

“Who sent you here?” Manuel said coldly.

The man did not dare to say it, but the dagger on his neck was getting closer and closer.

“OK! I say it! It’s Ms. Wade! The man’s head was covered with cold sweat. “She said that if we could
bring this young lady to her, she would give us 16 thousand dollars.”

Manuel pushed the person to the ground and threw the dagger on the ground. “Go to the police and
turn yourself in now, or my men will find you at any time.”

“OK, we will do it immediately!”

The two were so scared that they left in terror

Ainsley was still a little scared, her fingertips trembling

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here.” Manuel walked over.

Ainsley nodded, trembling “It won’t be the only time ”

Irene was out of her mind and she would definitely go completely crazy Ainsley believed that this was
not the first time Irene had done something like this in secret and it would not be the only time;

Ainsley thought, it was lucky Manuel was here this time But what atiqut the next time he isn’t here?
Who could come and save me?

“Don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you”

Perhaps at this moment, Ainsley finally understood why Manuel had to stay close to her

At this moment, there were not many employees in the Wade Group, and Irene met someone

“Long time no see.

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Irene maintained a normal social distance and reached her hand out to Theodore, who had helped her
a lot last time.

Theodore was slightly stunned. Then he smiled faintly and politely shook hands with Irene. “It has
indeed been a long time since we last met.”

There was an indescribable emotion in his gentle dark brown eyes, which seemed to want to draw the
person in front of him inside.

Irene brought Theodore up to her office. “Have a seat first. What would you like to drink? I’ll get
someone to bring it in.”

Irene raised her hand to run a strand of her hair, not knowing what to say.

Irene never thought that Theodore would show up in Seattle.

“Irene, you can talk to me casually as before. There is no need to be so polite to me.” There was
helplessness in Theodore’s gaze.

Irene paused a little while turning around. She closed her eyes and turned back with a confident smile.
As she spoke, the sense of alienation seemed to have disappeared. “How could that be? I just thought
you might be thirsty.”

Theodore laughed involuntarily and looked around. “How are you doing?”

Irene smiled lightly but did not reply.

“You…” Theodore wanted to say something but hesitated. It seemed as if he didn’t know how to put it.

Irene did not say anything else, only quietly staring at Theodore.

“I don’t believe in the rumors outside. Irene, the reason I came to you is actually very simple. If you
encounter any difficulties, perhaps

I can give you a hand,” Theodore said sincerely.

Irene was slightly surprised.

She probably knew why Theodore had returned. That was to help her.

However, before Irene could reply, the door behind her was pushed open.

Looking at the emotionless eyes, Irene couldn’t help but feel scared,

Irene thought, when was Daniel here? Why did no one report it to me?

At this time, Irene saw Daniel’s cold gaze sweep over her.

“Come here,” Daniel glanced at Irene coldly and said.

Irene unconsciously raised her foot to go, but halfway. Theodore grabbed her arm. “Sir, I am here first
and I haven’t finished talking with Irene yet. Shouldn’t you leave for a while?”

Daniel smiled, but his smile was very unfriendly.

“Mr. Bernard, I know you are Irene’s old classmate. But Seattle has undergone great changes recently.
There are many things you don’t know. For example, she is now mine.”

“Yours? What do you mean?” Theodore’s eyes were a little dim.

“I mean Irene is my woman.” Daniel’s tone was cold.

Even though Daniel didn’t like Irene, at least for now, she was his woman. He had always had a strong

Daniel narrowed his long and narrow eyes, and the coldness in them became even stronger.

Irene sighed and said to Theodore, “You go back to the hotel first. I have something to deal with now. I
will catch up with you another day.”

Theodore frowned. However, he couldn’t bear to see Irene in a dilemma and turned to leave.

Just as Theodore left, the door was kicked closed with a bang.

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Trene felt the whole room shaking. When everything returned to normal, she was already firmly locked
in Daniel’s arms.

“Irene, what is it? Do you want to leave me and find a new one?” A low and dangerous voice sounded
beside Irene’s ear.

Seeing how fierce Daniel was, Irene stretched out her tender **** arms without thinking and wrapped
them around the furious man’s neck. “Daniel, are you jealous?”

Daniel stared at Irene and seemed to want to swallow her. His arms around her waist tightened and his
voice was hoarse. “Don’t mess around, or you know what will happen.”

“Daniel, you give me what I want and I will give you what you want. We just take what we need,” Irene
said rationally.

Daniel chuckled and threatened with narrowed eyes, “You don’t need to remind me.”

The coldness on Daniel’s face faded a little, but his next words were extremely tough. “Before I get
tired of you, it’s best you don’t have any contact with other men. Even if it’s just a friend, don’t go too
far. You know, I never get soft-hearted.

“Irene, I don’t have much patience. Don’t forget who you are.” Daniel said ruthlessly as he usually did in
the business world.

Irene sighed in her heart. It seems that whether it is a successful man or some ***, they all have an
incomprehensible desire to be in possession of everything they have.

Irene was very professional. As Daniel’s belongings at the moment, she began to flatter him. “Daniel,
happy cooperation.”

“There is one more thing. Before we are done, don’t keep saying that over and over,” Daniel said with a
threat in his eyes.

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