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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 505

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Starting with A Divorce Chapter 505

Chapter 505 Make a Deal

“I can’t guarantee it, but I can’t let her go just because of this. In this case, I won’t anticipate the worst,”
Robyn said coldly.

Kaliyah pondered for a moment. Her mind was filled with Cason’s words that he wanted a divorce. She
was startled and said, “I do have a way, but you have to cooperate with me and wait for the right time.”

“What is it?” Lindsay and Robyn asked in unison.

Kaliyah smiled faintly and said something before looking not far away.

An hour later, Cason returned home. Kaliyah looked at him while holding the child in her arms. Ever
since her last suicide, their relationship had been particularly awkward.

Cason came home as early as possible. But even if he returned home early, Cason would just sit by
the side and didn’t know what to say.

Kaliyah still felt disgusted with what had happened before. She couldn’t forget that Cason wanted to
divorce her to pursue Ainsley Lindsay tried her best to help them improve their relationship.

“You got off work early today. Do you want to try the soup?” Lindsay said.

Cason wanted to enter the study, but he stopped his steps when hearing Lindsay’s words.

“If you want to go upstairs, then go.” Kaliyah noticed Cason’s action. She pursed her lips.

This time, Cason did not go upstairs.

Lindsay held Cason’s arm and pulled him to Kaliyah’s side. “Stop working. You’re busy all day. It’s time
to spend time with your wife and child.”

The soup was being heated on the kitchen stove. An empty plate was placed in front of Cason. Lindsay
pushed him. “Go get your wife a plate of soup.”

“Oh.” Cason entered the kitchen with the plate and fetched a plate of soup to Kaliyah.

He was still thinking about Matteo’s words when he left. The simile of coffee and sugar was vivid.
Between Ainsley and Kaliyah, who was sugar-free coffee and who was coffee with sugar?

Seeing that Cason was in a daze, Kaliyah secretly sighed.

Even if she did not commit suicide and Cason went home every day, nothing would change.

They couldn’t return to what they were like before. There were all kinds of scars on their hearts The
broken mirror could not be restored. Even if the pieces were put together with glue one by one, the
broken mirror would be intact.

The next day, Manuel was dealing with his business in the office. He called several times to ask about
Roman, but there was still no news.

A few minutes after he put down the phone, another call came. The middle-aged man’s voice was
particularly hoarse. “Mr. Gage?”

“Who are you?” Manuel’s eyes flashed.

This was an unfamiliar number, but Manuel somehow still answered it.

The man continued, “Roman is in my hands.”

Manuel stood up and walked to the window. His eyes flashed with the coldest light, but his tone was
indifferent. “In your hands? What did you do to him?”

“Mr. Gage, let’s make a deal.” The man chuckled.

“What deal?”

“You know that we took Roman away, but he refuses to say anything. Instead of killing him, we might
as well exchange his life for something we need. It depends on whether you are willing or not,” the man

Manuel said in a low voice, “What do you want?”

“A piece of land. The piece of land that the City Hall authorized the Gage Group to use,” that man said

Manuel sneered. “You speak so bluntly. Aren’t you afraid that I will guess who you are?”

Apart from the Easton Group, only the Hume Group was fighting for land with the Gage Group. After
all, the Hume Group was not based in Seattle but in Portugal. The Seattle City Hall had to consider this
factor. There was no reason to give the business opportunity to a foreign corporation instead of a
domestic one.

Without any dispute, that piece of land was given to the Gage Group.

The man was not afraid. “Mr. Gage, even if I don’t make such a request, can’t you guess who I am?
You are not ***. If you agree, the contract will be sent to your office today. Sign it, and Roman will be
left downstairs in your company.”


The sun at noon was dazzlingly bright.

Ainsley gently knocked on Lainey’s door but didn’t hear any response for a long time. Ainsley walked
into the door. Lainey seemed to have just woken up. She sat blankly and looked out the window.

The lights in the room were on but dim.

Ainsley did not turn off the lights. Instead, she walked in and placed a plate of oatmeal on the bedside
table. She said gently. “Lainey, try this.”

Lainey looked at her, her eyes full of confusion.

Ever since Ainsley brought Lainey out of the club, Lainey had been quiet. When she woke up, she
looked out of the window, immersed in her thoughts.

Ainsley tried to talk to Lainey, but Lainey seemed to be confined in her own world.

“Lainey?” Ainsley tried to call Lainey’s name again.

However, Lainey did not react to her voice. She still stared blankly out of the window.

Ainsley sighed and ran out of the door. She knew that Lainey would eat up after she left..

This worked a few times before. After half an hour, the plate would be empty.

Ainsley sat on the sofa in the living room and turned on the surveillance camera on her phone. Serina
used to stay in that room.

Ainsley put up a surveillance camera in Serina’s treatment. Now, she just happened to check Lainey’s

In the surveillance video, Lainey slowly looked at the plate on the bedside table.

She slowly got out of bed, sat by the bed, and picked up the plate. With dull eyes, Lainey picked up the
spoon and fed herself

*****by ***.

In the beginning, everything was normal. But the more Ainsley looked, the more certain she was that
something was wrong.

Lainey didn’t chew at all. She just mechanically put a spoon into her ****and swallowed it. She was
eating like a robot.

Finally, after drinking all of it, Lainey put the plate back in place and returned to bed. She sat and
looked out of the window again.

Ainsley sighed and shut down the screen In the guest room, Lainey’s thoughts were in a mess. There
were all kinds of colors in her eyes.

She recognized Ainsley and wanted to answer Ainsley, but her clothes and hair would always be torn.

The feeling of being torn made her feel desperate. But even if she did not think about the pain, it would
not disappear.

The Gage Group.

Manuel signed his name. It was a letter of land transfer.

The man who came looked ordinary. It was probably impossible to find him in the crowd. However,
Manuel felt that the man looked very familiar. He had seen this man before at the party on PineMist

He was Daniel’s subordinate, Aaden.

“Alright, where is Roman?” Manuel asked coldly.

“Mr. Gage, when I leave, he will come.” Aaden picked up the document with satisfaction.

“Mr. Gage, you can go downstairs.” Aaden simply left.

Manuel went downstairs. Just as he reached the door, a van stopped in front of him. The door was
opened, and a man was thrown out.

The man was covered in blood, his face full of wounds.

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