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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 528

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Starting with A Divorce Chapter 528

Chapter 528 It Fails Again

Looking at Irene, Daniel whistled a bit. Hearing that, Aaden came in, dragging a person with him, who
was none other than the shrink.

Irene understood right away. “You know everything!”

“Why did you do that?” Daniel’s voice sounded reproachful.

Hearing that, Irene got worked up. “Why couldn’t I? You know I hate her and long for her to die. So is it
that surprising that I was the one who did that?”

Daniel crossed his legs, fiddling with a cup. “Have you forgotten what I said to you last time?”

“No.” Irene shook her head, her face pale.

“Irene, don’t step out of line. Or you’ll have to suffer the consequences. Since she is mine now, you’d
better watch out,” Daniel tried to threaten Irene.

“She is yours? Funny! If that’s really the case, you wouldn’t look so troubled,” Irene sneered.

At that moment, the shrink, whose face was covered in bruises with one of his eyes swollen and the
other pleading, said to Irene, “Ms. Wade, I did what you asked me. Now you have to save me. I don’t
want to die.”

“Idiot! I can’t believe, after what you’ve done, you should want me to save you!” Irene slapped him

“You save him?” Daniel raised his eyebrows. “But you can’t even save yourself since I’ve promised
Ainsley that I would teach you a lesson if you were the one behind all this.”

“Teach me a lesson how? Send me to die or what?”

“I don’t want you to die! An apology will do. What do you think?” Daniel shook his head.

“You want me to apologize to her? No way! Hell no!” Irene widened her eyes.

“Irene, do you think you’re still qualified to demand anything?” Daniel’s eyes were icy.

“I don’t believe you will go to great lengths just for Ainsley, that bitch.”

But Daniel ignored her and continued, “Irene, are you going to apologize or not?”

“All right then.” Her eyes slightly misty, Irene said unwillingly.

Irene knew that was the only way she could get it over with.

The next day at the board meeting, Irene brought up the acquisition again, only this time everyone was
much less argumentative.

Irene smiled, “Great. Now let’s vote for the acquisition.”

Pierre cast Daniel a cold glance. Then he raised his hand reluctantly as a gesture of agreement. That
was the only option for Pierre since his only grandson had fallen into Irene’s hands.

Then Pierre saw all the other directors who sided with him before had raised their hands as well. At the
sight of that, Pierre thought, that means Irene has made them give in in the way that she made me.

Irene nodded with satisfaction, thinking, with all the shares I have, as well as votes from more than half
of these directors here, I should be able to nail it this time. But to her surprise, the three directors she

thought would vote for the acquisition had used their vetoes!

She, shocked, looked at them. “Brice Quinn, Elvis Wilber, and Sam Sloan, I thought you would vote for
the acquisition since that was what you did last time!”

The three exchanged a glance at each other and then looked at Irene awkwardly. Then Brice said, “Ms.
Wade, we didn’t think it through last time and thought the Wade Group might have a promising future in
Seattle if the acquisition occurs, which we’re having second thoughts about now. Moreover, since
Daniel is a foreigner, after the acquisition, we’ll become a foreign company, right? That means a radical
overhaul will be needed!”

Irene took a deep breath to suppress her anger. “Mr. Quinn, as major shareholders of the company,
you three should know better than anyone where the company stands now. It barely has any assets
and has been losing money constantly. Aren’t you supposed to be anxious? Also, Mr. Hume has
agreed that, after the acquisition, everything will remain the same, your positions included. Isn’t that

Daniel sneered, thinking, so it turns out that the bunch doesn’t want me to acquire the company all the

Sam hesitated for a long time, thinking, what Irene did to Pierre’s grandson suggests that Irene is not a
person to be trifled with at all. But what should I do? It’s not like I can decide whether to vote or not!

At last, Sam psyched himself up.

Then he stood up. “Ms. Wade, all right. I will tell you the truth. We sold our shares a long time ago.
Therefore, we actually don’t have the right to vote anymore, even if we want to.”

“Sam, how can you tell her that? You’ve signed a confidentiality agreement, remember?”

“Now is not the time to hold things back. All I am asking now is for Ms. Wade to spare me and my

Elvis and Brice knew what Sam meant and stopped talking anymore.

Livid, Irene thought, all my efforts are in vain now! I should have listened to my Grandfather who told
me not to sell my shares no matter what

happened. See what a huge mistake I’ve made!

Meanwhile, Daniel signaled to Aaden to open the door for him since the acquisition was doomed.

Before he left, Daniel looked at Irene and said, “This is the last time. Irene, I won’t do this for you again
since, if it weren’t for you who begged me for the acquisition, I would never have wanted to meddle in
this. And look at what you’ve gotten me into!”

Irene, with a grave look, lowered her head and said, “I’m sorry.”

Just like that, the meeting was dismissed.

But Sam, Brice, and Elvis were asked to stay. Then, Irene said to them in an unfriendly tone, “Now tell
me. What haven’t I been told about your shares being sold until now?”

The three, distressed, looked at each other. Then Sam, after wiping the sweat on his forehead,
answered, “Ms. Wade, we don’t know who exactly bought our shares. And after we signed the contract,
the buyer asked us to pretend that we still owned those shares and had us inform him of every board
meeting before they were held. So, we aren’t the ones who have the say.”

“Wow! So you’ve betrayed me all this while. Who is that buyer? Who?” Irene asked coldly.

Sam pondered for a moment and replied, “Ms. Wade, I’m sorry, but we really don’t know about that. All
this while, we’ve been contacting someone on this person’s behalf. That’s to say, we’ve never heard his
voice before, not to mention seeing him.”

Hearing that, Irene was reduced to thoughts, thinking, who would be so secretive? Could it be Manuel
or Matteo? And if not them, who else could that be?

Then Irene looked at the three with a cold face. “Since you don’t have your shares anymore, you need
to leave.”

Hearing that, the three fled right away.

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