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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 532

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Starting with A Divorce Chapter 532

Chapter 532 She Is Mine

“I thought that Daniel would have hidden Aisy, but he actually brought Aisy here. Even Matteo didn’t
expect it. Our plan failed, but I believe that Ainsley would never agree to be with him. Moreover, it was
an engagement, so something must have happened that we don’t know about.” Manuel murmured.

Hearing this, Cason only felt a burst of anger. “In Seattle, he actually dared to do this.”

Cason guessed, “But I think that since Ainsley agreed, she must have her reasons. Maybe she was

Manuel lowered his head and pondered. He also thought the same.

‘ No matter what, I know Daniel’s character. I can cooperate with you. I will stop him. You can ask

Manuel’s expression was serious, but he finally nodded.

Cason walked towards Daniel and quickly brought him to a place with many people. Meanwhile,
Ainsley was surrounded by reporters.

Manuel immediately walked in Ainsley’s direction. He did not even avoid the reporters and directly
pulled Ainsley’s wrist to take her away.

He only let go when they reached the back garden.

‘ Mr. Gage, please behave yourself. I want to go back!” Ainsley looked at Manuel with a face full of

“Why? Do you know that your cousin and I have gone crazy looking for you?” Manuel stopped her.

“I didn’t know, and I don’t want to know. What exactly do you want to do?” Ainsley frowned.

“Aisy, why are you engaged to him? When did this happen?” Manuel said seriously.

Ainsley sneered, “What does this have to do with you? It’s none of your business.”

Ainsley intended to leave again, but Manuel stopped her again.

“Mr. Gage, the reporters took photos of you pulling me away just now. Do you want rumors to spread? I
don’t want to!” Ainsley immediately wanted to push him away.

“Where’s the watch?” Manuel looked down at Ainsley’s wrist.

Ainsley was dumbfounded for a moment, and then she covered up her panic. “I threw it away.”

In the banquet hall, Daniel frowned and looked at Cason impatiently. “What are you trying to do? Get

He was keenly aware that Ainsley had disappeared, and Manuel had also disappeared.

“Mr. Hume, I just want to discuss business matters with you. Why do you always avoid me?”

“You want to stop me?” Daniel said in a deep voice. Two people rushed out from behind him and
stopped Cason.

Daniel walked in the direction of the back garden.

“Throw it away? You really threw it away?” Manuel asked in confusion.

Ainsley nodded, ‘Of course. Why do I keep the things I don’t need anymore?”

At that moment, Daniel rushed over and grabbed Ainsley’s hand. “Stay away from my fiancee. Manuel,
look carefully. She is now mine.”

Their eyes met and they were ready to fight.

After a long silence, Daniel took Ainsley’s hand and left the back garden.

Manuel quietly watched their backs as they left. It was not long after the banquet started, so he still had
a lot of time.

In the Heyman’s home in Seattle.

Lainey was really slowly getting better. At least, she was no longer lying on the bed in a daze.

Several times, Roman saw Lainey get up and walk to the balcony to look out.

The faint sunlight shone on Lainey’s slightly pale little face, creating a beautiful and sad scene that was
very lovable.

Roman did not dare to disturb her and only wanted to look at her more.

As a poet said, you were looking at the scenery, and I was looking at you.

After having light food for a few days, Lainey did not say a word and obediently finished them all.

Today, Roman had specially made spicy pork knuckles, but because Lainey had just recovered from
her injuries, the spiciness had been adjusted to moderate.

This was Lainey’s favorite dish.

Roman got up in the morning and began to prepare the dishes. When all the dishes were ready, he
pushed the dining cart carefully to the bedroom.

He was even more nervous than when he had just fallen in love with Lainey.

The familiar fragrance drifted into Lainey’s nose as the door opened. Her eyes, which seemed to see
through everything, paused slightly. A few seconds later, she finally couldn’t help but turn around.

Roman slowly revealed a bright smile and walked towards the stunned Lainey step by step.

“Lainey, do you still remember this dish?”

Lainey looked down and looked at the spicy and fragrant pork knuckles. She wanted to cry.

The incomparably bitter reality turned into a beautiful memory.

She remembered very clearly that it was the time when the two of them were deeply in love. Although
Roman would occasionally quarrel with her, he would never abandon her and leave her alone.

Instead, he walked into the kitchen after he thought it through and calmed down. Roman would make a
spicy pork knuckle for Lainey. It contained his wishful thinking that if Lainey ate more spicy food, she
would be able to vent all her anger for a while. And they would be fine.

This method worked every time, and Lainey would also laugh every time, and they would make up.

While Lainey was in a trance, Roman had already helped her to the sofa. He placed the dishes on the
coffee table, set up the plates and forks, and took two steps back to make a gesture of invitation.
“Beauty, I wonder if I have the honor to invite you to taste my dishes.”

A gentle and nervous voice came into her ears. Lainey involuntarily walked out of her memories,
revealing the first smile since the accident.

Although her smile flashed away, Roman still caught it.

Roman immediately turned around excitedly, wiped away the tears that flowed out and turned back
quickly, looking at Lainey as if nothing had happened.

Little did Roman know that Lainey saw his every move.

Lainey was moved and also felt bitter, and an uncontrollable idea quickly flourished.

Roman was such an outstanding man. Whether it was about the family background or ability, he could
find a better woman to be his company.

Now, Roman was dragged by Lainey, who was no longer pure and innocent, and could not move on.
He spent all day in this villa where there was almost no sunshine and wasted his talent.

Why? She asked herself that she was not worthy of him paying so much.

Lainey instantly became depressed, and her expression darkened quickly.

Roman noticed her change and immediately became flustered. He had forgotten all the humorous
jokes he had prepared in the morning.

He tried to maintain the faint smile on his lips, picked up his knife, and wanted to pick up a piece of
pork knuckle and send it to Lainey’s plate, but his hand suddenly refused to listen to his command and
trembled as he moved his fork.

Roman picked up the pork knuckle with great difficulty, but it fell on the table halfway.

Lainey looked at Roman almost coldly. Even though her heart was suffering from the pain of ants
devouring her flesh, her face did not reveal even half a bit.

Roman put down his fork and looked up. He still had a smile on his face, but it looked so fake.

He opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something.

Unfortunately, Lainey did not give him this opportunity. She stood up straight and walked back to the
balcony, quietly watching the beautiful sunset.

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