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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 539

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Starting with A Divorce Chapter 539

Chapter 539 You Are the Murderer

Georgia sat on the ground, unable to believe that she had been exposed like this. The diamond ring on
her hand was particularly dazzling.

Daniel, who had taken a few steps, seemed to have thought of something as he turned around and
grabbed Georgia’s wrist.

“What are you doing?” Georgia covered her hand.

“You don’t deserve to wear this ring,” Daniel said coldly.

Georgia cried hard. She struggled wildly, but in the end, she was no match for Daniel. The diamond
ring was directly taken away, and she was ruthlessly thrown away.

The scene of the proposal last night was still fresh in her mind. Now it disappeared like a dream.

Far away in Seattle, Ainsley looked at Matteo with eyes full of desperation. Ainsley knew that Irene
would not let her go.

Since three years ago, Irene’s obsession had been to kill Ainsley, and it was even more impossible for
Irene to let Ainsley go just because of a few words from Matteo.

Ever since Ainsley disappeared, Matteo’s nerves had been tense. Now that he saw Ainsley being
threatened with a dagger, he could no longer restrain his emotions.

Matteo looked coldly at Irene and said, “Think carefully. If you really dare to hurt Aisy, I will make you
suffer something worse than death.”

Irene laughed coldly. She did not care about such a threat at all. “Do you think I will care? I am already
living a life worse than death. Anyway, you have never thought of letting me go. I am not stupid enough
to believe what you just said.”

“Don’t forget that you have a weakness.” Matteo’s eyes were icy.

After a few seconds, Irene suddenly thought of something and looked at Matteo. “Do you want to hurt
my grandfather?”

“Your grandfather is in Virginia Mason Hospital. When I found out that you wanted to hurt Ainsley, I sent
someone over. They are almost there,” Matteo said.

Irene’s body swayed, her face pale, and she looked down at her feet as if she was hesitating.

Finally, Irene raised her head abruptly, her eyes bright. “Up to you. My grandfather has been
unconscious for so long. He has no chance to wake up. If you want to kill him, I’ll take it as a relief for
him. I think that even if my grandfather were awake, he would agree. He has always been proud, and
he will never allow himself to become a burden and my weakness.”

“You can even ignore your grandfather’s life?” Ainsley did not expect Irene to say that.

Irene was stimulated by Ainsley’s words. The dagger approached and left a clear cut on Ainsley’s
tender neck. Blood dripped down.

Irene looked at them and laughed uncontrollably, “You’re not qualified to say that to me. Ainsley, don’t
forget that your father died, indirectly because of you.”

“You are the murderer,” Ainsley murmured.

“If not for you, how would I have planned all this? In the end, it has something to do with you,” Irene
said sternly.

Ainsley recalled what Robyn had said and felt vexed.

As time passed, Irene lost the patience to answer Matteo’s boring questions. Just as she was about to
take action, a phone call broke the heavy silence.

The call was from Daniel. Irene seemed to know the purpose of the call and did not answer it.

The phone rang again and again.

Irene refused to answer, but Daniel had a way to let her know what he meant.

An ordinary-looking man walked to the apartment building and found the room according to the location
on the cell phone. The door was open, and he could even hear those people gasping and Matteo

He entered the room and looked at Irene coldly. “Mr. Hume asked you to release Ms. Easton.”

His eyes were full of danger, not only because of Daniel’s order but also because he felt that he had
been provoked.

Daniel left Aaden behind and let him guard the home. Unexpectedly, Irene actually sent Aaden away
and secretly took Ainsley away, which caused such a thing.

Aaden’s arrival completely changed the situation. Irene could have been able to pretend that she did
not know Daniel’s instructions, but now Aaden came.

Irene asked tentatively, “Aaden, do you also want to save this woman?

“Or are you just here to convey Daniel’s order?”

“I’m here to convey Mr. Hume’s order and also to correct the mistake. Ms. Wade, let me remind you
that Mr. Hume wants this woman, not just her looks. Since she was brought out by you, please send

her back,” Aaden said coldly.

Irene looked at the people brought by Matteo in horror. She was in a dilemma.

If Irene didn’t send Ainsley back, Daniel might give up on Irene directly, but if Irene sent Ainsley back,
how could Matteo agree?

More importantly, Irene didn’t want to send Ainsley back or let Ainsley live at all.

“Who are you?” Matteo looked at Aaden with a complicated expression.

“Mr. Easton, I’m just a nobody. You don’t need to know my name.”

“Irene, give Aisy to me.” Matteo reached out his hand and made a gesture to catch Ainsley.

One was the survival of the Wade Group, and the other was a promising future.

It was still quite far from Seattle, and the three cars were speeding along the road.

Daniel frantically dialed Irene’s number, but her phone was switched off.

He immediately called Aaden again. Aaden should be there now.

“Mr. Hume, I am in front of Ms. Easton and Ms. Wade.”

After making sure his voice could be heard, Daniel said menacingly, “Irene, send Ainsley back
immediately. Otherwise, I will ruin you and crush the last bit of hope of the Wade Group.”

Hearing his cold words, Irene became even angrier. So many people wanted to save Ainsley.

Aaden said respectfully, “Mr. Hume, Mr. Easton is with us.”

“Oh, is that so? Give him the phone.”

Aaden approached Matteo under his impatient gaze and placed the phone in front of him. “Mr. Easton,
Mr. Hume wants to talk to you.”

“If you have something to say, say it quickly.”

A chuckle came from the phone. “Matteo, I know what your purpose is. You want to take Ainsley away.
The news of my engagement with Ainsley has already been sent out. Other than me, no one else has
anything on Irene. I can protect Ainsley. Cooperating with me is your wisest choice.”

“I just want to take Aisy away from here. She needs to rest for a while.” There was a hidden meaning in
Matteo’s words.

Irene’s eyes were red because she did not want to let go of Ainsley. Irene only wanted Ainsley to die.

But the Wade Group could not collapse.

Irene dropped her shoulders but didn’t put down her dagger. “Aaden, I’ll go with you.”

She threatened Matteo again, “Don’t come over.”

Matteo narrowed his eyes slightly, knowing that Irene had already decided.

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