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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 555

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Starting with A Divorce Chapter 555

Chapter 555 Refusing to Marry into a Family

Distracted, Matteo grabbed several bites. He was not in the mood to eat because all he thought about
was Ainsley.

He didn’t listen to a single word of Robyn’s rambling, n.ovelxo which made Sabina perturbed and
embarrassed. She didn’t expect him to be so lukewarm about her. She didn’t know what to say.

She winked at Nancy, and the latter hurriedly walked up to Matteo with a bowl of soup. “Mr. Easton, the
soup has been stewed for two hours. Can you scoop some for Ms. Glover?” she said in a loud voice.

She placed the bowl and spoon beside Matteo, which drew Matteo back from his pondering. He finally
noticed how embarrassed Sabina was.

He scooped up some soup for Sabina. ‘Ms. Glover, take some soup.’

Blushing, Sabina said in a crisp voice, “Thank you.”

Satisfied with it, Robyn couldn’t help imagining their marriage.

The Glover family was almost as powerful as the Easton Group. If Matteo married Sabina, they could
even compete with the Gage Group.

After the meal, Robyn immediately signaled to Matteo with her eyes. “Matteo, Sabina didn’t come here
with her driver. Why don’t you give her a lift and drive her home? She’s our guest. You must take good
care of her.”

She then held Sabina by her hand and talked for a while, n.ovelxo which showed how much she liked

On the way back, Sabina sat in the passenger seat and felt embarrassed somehow.

Matteo glanced at her through the rearview mirror. He was a gentle and polite man, although he didn’t
like her.

“Ms. Glover, I’m sorry for what I’ve done during the meal. I was distracted.”

Flustered, Sabina waved her hand and replied politely, n.ovelxo “It doesn’t matter.”

Stealing a few glances at him, she felt like she had grown quite fond of him. In fact, she had once seen
him when she was a child. But at that time, all she could do was follow him and call him.

It was long-sealed memories. “Matteo.’ She couldn’t help calling his name.

Stunned, Matteo took a deep look at her. “What… what did you call me?”

“You don’t like it? n.ovelxo Robyn said that we’re a good match, and she wants us to get married.’
Sabina felt her cheeks flush red.

Frowning slightly, Matteo said in a serious tone, “Ms. Glover, let’s put the address aside now. Do you
know about my mother? You don’t even know about me, do you?”

“You don’t even know about me. You know nothing about me. You don’t know how I deal with things.
Do you really want to get engaged to such a strange man?” Matteo was more and more indifferent.

He hated business marriages the most. He thought it was based on mutual interests instead of love.

In his opinion, betraying his relationship for the sake of money was stupid.

Therefore, he had told himself that he would never betray his relationship and never marry a girl he
didn’t like since he was very young, which he thought was irresponsible for himself and the girl.

Sabina looked pale. Obviously, she had not expected him to say these. “I didn’t tell you the truth. It’s all
my fault. In fact, it’s not the first time we met at my birthday party. I saw you when I was very young.
You were about eight or nine years old and looked like a serious adult. You protected me when I was
bullied. Since then, I have followed you and called you Matteo. You may not remember it, but I’ll never
forget it. Actually, I’ve been inquiring about you. I’m very sure that you’re as firm as before. You’ve
never changed.”

She paused for a moment and took a deep look at him.n.ovelxo “I’ve concealed my crush on you for
many years. I had intended to refuse the blind date my dad set for me, but when I saw your picture, I
immediately agreed,” she continued.

Matteo slowly pulled over the car. He didn’t remember it clearly.

He didn’t have much memory of his childhood.

But deep down, he knew there was a girl who would often follow behind him.

However, it couldn’t be why he accepted the marriage with Sabina. He did not like her and didn’t
believe in falling in love at first sight.

“Thank you for remembering what I’ve done in the past. n.ovelxo But it had been many years since we
were both children. It was just a childhood crush or your blind obsession,” he spoke in a low voice.

Sabina shook her head and stared at him.

“Matteo, you don’t have to persuade me. I won’t let you go,” she said.

Looking at his tightly knitted brows, she immediately asked, “Are you worried about your sister?”

He looked at her warily and asked, “How did you know?”

“It’s not public, but I think you need to know that there are some rumors about her.”

“What rumors?” he asked.

She didn’t try to hide it from him. “Rumors have it that Ainsley hooked up with any rich men she meets,
and she’s far from a young lady but a… a…”

She couldn’t say the word.

Matteo looked sharply at her. ‘But what? Say it.”

“But a bitch.” Sabina’s tone faded.

With a sullen face, Matteo started the car again without saying a word.

He drove quietly, but in fact,n.ovelxo there was turmoil inside.

He had planned what he should do after driving Sabina home.

Sabina was having a hard time as well. In fact, she plucked all her courage to have the blind date with
Matteo today.

There was a dead silence in the car. Sabina rubbed her hands on her knees. After thinking for a long
time, she said, “Matteo, I can help you save Ainsley if you need. You’re not alone. My family is not

Matteo was grateful for what she said. “Ms. Glover, thanks. But it’s my enemy as well as Manuel’s. I’ll
save her at any price. It’s not your business. You don’t have to get involved in it. We’re afraid of the
power behind it.’

Sabina shook her head. “But I’m not afraid. I’ll help you out. I promise.”

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