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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 561

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Starting with A Divorce Chapter 561

Chapter 561 You’re also a Victim

After Charles left, Manuel phoned Serina several times, but there was no answer.

Serina was neither at home nor at school. Even Miles didn’t know for sure where she was.

It was not until he watched the video again that he found the figure of Mahdi.

Manuel immediately made a phone call, and this time, the phone was quickly answered.

The person answering the phone seemed surprised, “Mr. Gage, why are you phoning me?”

“Cut the crap. Where’s Serina?’ Manuel asked indifferently.

“Mr. Gage, I don’t know,” Mahdi laughed.

Manuel asked in an ironic manner, “You went to the Wade Group?’

Mahdi replied eagerly, “Mr. Gage, I have to go there if Miss requires me to!’

“Tell me everything clearly,” Manuel said.

Mahdi was stunned and then quickly told Manuel what had happened. “Mr. Gage, I really don’t know
where Miss Serina is. After coming out of the Wade Group, she said nothing but just wanted to go to
the most secured place. I was going to drive her there, but she refused.”

Manuel hung up the phone and looked out of the window, “The most secured place?”

Perhaps he knew where that place was.

Half an hour later, Manuel stopped the car and looked at the familiar apartment.

This was the apartment that Ainsley had rented and where Serina lived in the very beginning. He had
been here many times, which was the happiest time in his life.

He walked into the building, entered the password, and walked into the apartment.

As expected, the light in the living room was on. Serina was curled up on the sofa, with her face pale
and lips dry and cracked. Her bloodshot eyes implied her tiredness.

“Serina, why are you here alone?” Manuel sat next to her and stroked her head.

“Manuel, can I ask you a question?” Serina said with her trembling voice and looked at him in a daze.

Manuel was flustered but he managed to calm himself down, “What’s the problem?”

“At first, you got close to Ainsley to help Irene, didn’t you? I was actually kidnapped? Is my
psychological shadow caused by that kidnapping?”

She asked a lot of questions with bloodshot eyes, but it was obvious that she was not merely curious
about these matters.

Hearing her question, Manuel lowered his eyes. Silence was the best answer.

Serina sneered, “I see. Those are all true, aren’t they?”

She suddenly understood why Ainsley had been so distant to her when she just woke up, as if she
didn’t want to see her.

“I’m sorry for Ainsley, but it has nothing to do with you. You’re also a victim,” Manuel said in a low voice.

“But why didn’t you tell me? After Ainsley recovered her memory, I kept asking her these strange
questions. She must be very upset and she even had to comfort me.” Serina sneered.

Manuel held Serina in his arms. He understood how she felt.

Ever since he found Ainsley, he bore such feeling almost every moment.

It was hypocritical.

In the Seaside villa, Ainsley was reading the financial news worriedly.

Daniel had just returned home. After putting down his bag, he directly walked to Ainsley, finding her
staring blankly at the news.

“This news was edited and released by Irene.” said Daniel.

Ainsley’s fingers trembled slightly, “So you have the original video?”

“No. Serina is formidable. She jumped straight into the trap, but how could someone like Irene possibly
allow herself to get injured?” Daniel laughed.

“Can you do me a favor?”

“Go ahead.” Daniel said seriously.

Ainsley pointed at the video and said, “Let this news disappear. Serina is not that kind of person.”

Daniel laughed out loud, “If I help you, what can you give me?’

She turned off the TV, leaned back on the sofa, and shook her head. “Then there’s no need.”

“Just kidding. I can help you.”

In the Virginia Mason Hospital, Irene stood guard at the door of Koen’s ward. When Cerf went out, she
immediately followed him.

“Dr. Cerf, I want to ask you to treat my grandfather. I can give you a reward!” It took Irene a lot of effort
to get into the elevator where many medical workers followed Cerf after treating Koen.

There were many assistants following Dr. Cerf, and one of them held her back. “I’m sorry, Miss. The
doctor is going back to the hotel for rest now.”

Irene continued, “Mr. Cerf, it won’t take you much time!”

She spoke the standard language of Fanncia directly in order to stop Dr. Cerf.

But to her surprise, when Cerf heard her words, he was not moved at all. Without saying a word, he
took the elevator downstairs with his assistants.

She thought that all the doctors in the world put saving lives as their top priority. As an expert in brain
nerves, Cerf was listed in the world’s top doctors.

Just like how Mollie had spent all his time attending important meetings, Manuel had paid a huge price
to invite him over.

After treating Koen, Cerf had to rush to the next medical conference to make full use of all his time.

There were many people who rushed over to ask him for a diagnosis every day like Irene. He couldn’t
treat them one by one.

Irene stumbled out of the elevator and entered the parking lot following Cerf.

The next second, a black Cayenne appeared in front of Cerf. Irene immediately recognized that it was
Manuel’s car, and the driver was Roman.

Cerf sat in the back seat, and one of his assistants sat next to him and the other in the passenger seat.

Roman stopped the car in front of Irene, and rolled down the car window. He poked his head out and
said, “Ms. Wade, I’m sorry. I’ve been picking up Dr. Cerf these days.”

“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. There are still 20 hours left.”

When Irene came out of the hospital, she heard that Dr. Cerf had just come to see the general situation
tonight. He had to discuss the solution with the doctors of the hospital tomorrow.

All the brain doctors and psychiatrists in the hospital would be present.

After the Cayenne drove out of the parking lot, the look in Irene’s eyes changed. If Manuel had really
instructed Cerf to refuse her demand, she would not be able to get Cerf to see her grandpa however
she tried.

Therefore, she could only adopt a special method…

The next morning, a meeting was moving into top gear in the Virginia Mason Hospital. Cerf was sitting
right at the middle with the leaders of the hospital sitting beside him.

Manuel was seated at one side and listened to their discussion.

“I believe that Mr. Gage’s condition mainly lies in the central nervous pressure. Although we haven’t
found any symptoms of central nervous pressure after multiple brain CTs, there is the possibility of
being blocked,” the neurology expert said.

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