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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 564

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Starting with A Divorce Chapter 564

Chapter 564 I Want to See Manuel

The Easton Group

“Mr. Easton, Ms. Glover wants to see you,” Charles said when pushing open the office door.

After a moment of searching for Ms. Glover in his mind, Matteo realized that it might be Sabina, the girl
who Robyn set up for him on the blind date last time.

“What brings her here?’ he thought, looking distant and confused.

“Let her in.’ He decided to see her after thinking for a while.

Sabina claimed to help him save Ainsley, after all. It was not bad to be friends with her.

Sabina came in and put a lunch box on the table with a pink flush on her cheeks. “Matteo, I made the
soup for you. Would you like to have a taste?’

Matteo nodded. “Thanks. What’s up?’ She couldn’t come here just to deliver soup for him.

Sabina looked back and turned around to stare at Matteo uneasily after checking the door was closed.
“Ms. Easton asked me to bring you a message.”

Frowning tightly, Matteo couldn’t believe that she had seen Ainsley. He had been struggling with it
despite wracking his brain, after all.

“What’s it?” he asked hurriedly.

Sabina repeated what Ainsley had said to her. “She said she’s doing well. She told you not to worry
about her and drop the idea of saving her.”

Matteo’s face darkened with disbelief. “How did you do it?’

After pondering for a moment, Sabina said, “Ms. Easton’s in Daniel’s villa. She has injuries on her
hands and feet, and I assume Daniel will let someone change the dressing for her, so I changed the
shift with that person.”

She paused momentarily and continued, “I think she’s right. Daniel will definitely not hurt her. She’s
safe, at least for now.”

Matteo stared at her intensively, far more intensively than the way he had looked at someone else. He
had never thought that he would meet someone who was willing to help him regardless of her safety.
But now, here she was.

In fact, the Glover family was not as powerful as the Hume family. He wondered if Sabina had taken it
into consideration when taking her action. He couldn’t believe she had entered Daniel’s villa and talked
to Ainsley.

He was grateful for what she did, but he kept rational. ‘Ms. Glover, please don’t go to the villa again,
nor risk your life to save Ainsley.”

Daniel could have targeted Sabina through this incident.

But to his surprise, Sabina refused after hesitating for a moment. “I promised to help you, so I won’t go
back on my word.”

Matteo smiled at her firm face. “You’re resolute.”

There was a hint of unprecedented appreciation in his eyes, which he was not aware of.

“You can trust me, Matteo. I know it’s not easy, but you can give it a try. I’ll always be here with you,’
Sabina said, eyes lit up.

“Maybe,” Matteo said, his eyes flashing, “Can you do me a favor?’

“What’s it?”

Matteo handed her a recording pen. “Find a way to give it to Ainsley.’ Sabina took the pen with
confusion. She did not ask what it recorded.

“Okay, I’ll do it.”

In the Salter family house, Lainey was watching a video on her tablet on the sofa, her eyes full of joy.

She had been exhausted ever since the accident.

She wanted to get revenge, but she knew well that she wasn’t able to deal with the Wade family even if
it lost its power.

A triumphant smile appeared on her face. Roman was glad to see her smile. “Lainey, it’s just an
appetizer. We’ll have Daniel to deal with.”

Lainey looked at him gratefully. She understood how much effort he had put into her these days.

A smile came back to her face finally. Irene couldn’t understand how painful Lainey was unless she
experienced what Lainey had gone through.

However, Lainey worried more about Ainsley now.

She wore a grim face. “Roman, I want to see Manuel.”

In the building of the Gage Group, a woman walked towards the president’s office with a small bag, but
nobody dared to stop her.

Followed by Roman, she opened the office door.

Manuel was surprised to see Lainey. “What brings you here?”

His puzzled gaze shifted away from Lainey to Roman.

Roman shrugged. ’I have no idea about what she’s going to say, but it must be about Ms. Easton.”

Manuel nodded and looked back at Lainey, waiting for her to talk.

Lainey glanced around the office and sat down on the sofa. “Thank you for getting back to Irene for me.
But what I hope the most is to pull Ainsley together. Roman said you’d got a plan. I wanna know what it

Manuel paused and put the pen down. He crossed his fingers, exuding an aura of dignity.

“I can’t tell you until I can. Just wait and see.”

“I don’t think your plan is gonna work out, no matter how perfect it is. She doesn’t want to come back
with you, after all,” Lainey chuckled.

Manuel didn’t say a word. He knew that she was right.

“I know how to cheer her up and change her mind,” Lainey said with a confident smile on her face. “So,
you should find a way to let me see her.”

“I plan to replace her with another woman. Roman must have told you that Daniel participated in the
forum a few days ago with a woman who looked exactly like Ainsley. And I’ve found that woman,”

Manuel said. He was skeptical about Lainey’s words.

Lainey asked tentatively, “You’re gonna exchange Aisy with that woman?’

“No, I’ll let Daniel send Ainsley back personally, ‘Manuel said solemnly.

His confident expression couldn’t Lainey and Roman’s doubts. Obviously, they didn’t believe Daniel
could do it.

“We’ve found the real Ainsley and the fake one, but Daniel knows nothing about it. If he’s told that the
woman in the villa is not Ainsley but Georgia Dawson, what do you think he will do?”

“But will he buy it?” Lainey asked, a twinkle in her eyes.

“That depends on whether our ‘leading actress’ can put on a convincing show to trick him. Of course,
you also play a big part in it. You’ll be a special role,” Manuel said with a confident smile.

“So, you’ll let me see Ainsley?”

“No, it’s easy for you to see her.” Manuel’s eyes were filled with delight.

“What do you mean?’ Lainey asked, full of confusion in her eyes.

It was a cold winter. With the blowing wind, the first snowfall came.”

At dawn, Ainsley pulled open the curtains. The world was clad in silvery white like a dreamy place.

Outside the room, Aaden hurriedly walked into Daniel’s study and whispered something in his ear.

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