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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 577

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Starting with A Divorce Chapter 577

Chapter 577 Really Disappeared

Cason mumbled, but he was too consumed with guilt to explain anything.

“What are you waiting for? We need to find Jackson as soon as possible!” Kaliyah was the first to run

Cason quickly searched in another direction and asked others from time to time if they had seen a baby
a few months old.

They searched the hospital but still couldn’t find the baby.

They met again with no choice

“Call the police.” Cason’s fingers trembled as he tried to press the phone.

Kaliyah snatched the phone away with a strange look in her eyes. “Do not call the police!”


“What if the kidnappers just want money as an ordinary kidnapping case, then we can just give them
money to get back Jackson. If we call the police, they might hurt. We can’t do that!” Kaliyah seemed to
have lost her mind.

However, Cason could know her feeling. He looked around anxiously and suddenly saw the
surveillance camera in the corner.

Kaliyah looked full of despair, and her whole body exuded a lifeless feeling.

Cason hurriedly said, “We can go check the surveillance camera in the hospital. Kaliyah, let’s find the
person in charge.”

Hearing this, she was stunned for a moment. It had been a long time since she had heard him call her

Cason thought she was still immersed in grief, so he walked over and held her hand into the monitoring

While he was talking to the head of security department, Kaliyah called Lindsay.

The moment the call was connected, Lindsay pretended to be sobbing and then stuttered, “Mom,
Jackson is lost. What should we do now? Cason and I couldn’t find him.”

When Lindsay heard the news, she almost fainted. Through the phone, Kaliyah could clearly hear the
sounds of chaos from the villa.

The corners of her lips curled up slightly after she hung up the phone. There were still traces of tears
on her face but without sadness.

Cason revealed his identity. After the director got the news, he came over in person.

After all, Cason donated a lot of medical equipment to the hospital every year. Now that his child was
lost in his own hospital, it was definitely a big deal.

The director and all the staff of the security group stood by the monitor to check the records carefully.

Soon, they saw what had happened in the afternoon.

Kaliyah saw Cason had abandoned Jackson because of a woman who looked like Ainsley and was
chasing after her.

She finally found an outlet to vent her pent-up anger. Taking advantage of this chance, she rushed over
and raised her hand to slap Cason in his face.

A loud sound shocked everyone.

Henri and the staff were surprised, but they soon looked away embarrassedly.

Cason tilted his head and pressed the corner of his mouth, without saying a word. He turned to look at
Kaliyah, and said in a hoarse voice, “If you haven’t vented your anger, just continue.”

As she raised her hand angrily and glared at him, her voice rose sharply. “You’ve lost Jackson. I wish I
could beat you to death!”

“What’s wrong?” Lindsay appeared in time to interrupt them.

As Cason’s mother, she was of great dignity.

Lindsay stood in front of her son and looked at Kaliyah anxiously. “Kaliyah, why did you do that to him?”

Looking at Lindsay, Kaliyah seemed to have lost all her strength immediately. Her hand fell down, and
her face looked pale. “Mom, I thought it was the kidnappers who took Jackson away, but I never
thought it was him…”

She raised her aura again, pointed at Cason, and roared, “He abandoned Jackson on purpose. My
poor child, he’s still a baby.”

Lindsay’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Nonsense, Kaliyah. Cason is Jackson’s father. How could he
deliberately abandon his child?”

“Why not?” Kaliyah laughed sarcastically. “Mom, if Jackson didn’t ask to get vaccinated, I wouldn’t have
seen Cason for more than half a month.”

“He has already regarded our home as a hotel.

“The most ridiculous thing is the reason why he doesn’t come home all day is for Ainsley!”

She pointed at the surveillance video in pain and choked with sobs. “Mom, I’ve only been away for just
a short time, but he saw a woman and couldn’t help following. That’s why Jackson was lost!”

As Kaliyah spoke of this, tears welled up. Her eyes were full of complaints, and she looked so

Lindsay was still unwilling to believe it. She turned around and looked at the replaying scenes, in which
Cason was following a woman into the crowd. The woman’s back seemed to be…

She suddenly looked at him and realized he didn’t retort. Then she hit him a few times and said, “What
the hell are you doing?”

“Cason, I didn’t argue with you when you were still thinking about that woman before, But now, for her,
you don’t even care about your own son. Is your heart made of stone? How can you abandon him?”
Kaliyah cried so hard that she almost couldn’t stand still.

Lindsay valued Jackson the most, but as his father, Cason abandoned him just for a woman.

Lindsay was trembling with anger. She pointed at Cason and couldn’t even say a word. He was really
out of his mind!

“You’re crazy for a woman like that!” Lindsay scolded angrily.

At this time, the director mediated a dispute. “Mrs. Baldry, don’t worry. We are checking the surveillance
cameras at all exits.”

“Alright, sorry to trouble you,” said Lindsay.

“Why don’t we call the police?” Cason said in a hoarse voice.

Kaliyah and Lindsay rejected him at the same time. “No!”

They looked at each other and Cason stopped talking.

“Look!” A security guard pointed at the gate. A man was sneaking away with a bag in his arms.

The security captain informed all the staff in advance, “Stop that man!” Kaliyah immediately rushed to
the gate, followed by Cason and Lindsay.

As soon as she rushed over, Kaliyah saw a bag was placed on a public chair, and all the security
guards were chasing after the man.

She immediately picked up the bag, but the moment she saw it clearly, she was stunned.

“What’s wrong?” Cason frowned as he noticed something was wrong with her.

Kaliyah’s heart throbbed in pain. She looked at the empty bag, couldn’t help but clench her fists tightly
and her palms was pitched with blood marks by her fingertips.

“Where’s Jackson? My grandson!” Lindsay was shocked to look at this.

Jackson was missing.

Kaliyah picked up the empty bag in disbelief and her heart worried so sick, “Where’s my baby? Where’s
Jackson? Why is he missing?” “What should we do?!” Lindsay was about to cry.

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