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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 581

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Starting with A Divorce Chapter 581

Chapter 581 Samuel

Cason felt extremely humiliated. However, he was at his wit’s end.

After hanging up the phone, Kaliyah looked at him full of hope. “How was it? Did he agree?”

“He did agree, but he didn’t have much cash. He only has 1.6 million in cash,” said Cason tiredly.

There were still three hours left before midnight. But only had 1.6 million dollars left, far from the total.

Lindsay had only taken out a few thousand dollars, and Kaitlin hadn’t left any cash on her.

The Baldry family dug around and finally managed to gather 160 thousand dollars. Lindsay took out all
the gold in her cabinet and sold it. She also asked a few rich ladies to borrow 320 thousand dollars.
Fortunately, they agreed to send it over within an hour.

At that moment, Cason’s phone rang.

It was an unknown number. The police looked at the phone warily.

Cason picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Hello, I’m from the Wade Family. I want to do some business with you,” said a middle-aged man.

“I’m sorry, but I’m busy now,” Cason said impatiently. He didn’t have time to deal with business affairs,
not to mention that he was a member of the Wade family.

He was about to hang up when the person said eagerly, “20 million dollars.”

Cason immediately stopped. “I beg your pardon? 20 million dollars?”

“I brought 20 million in cash. Don’t you need it, Mr. Baldry?” The man asked with a faint smile.

Kaliyah was so excited that she wanted to snatch the phone away at once but Cason stopped her.

He calmed down and said solemnly, “I do need it. What do you want from me?”

“Go downstairs. I’m at the gate of your villa. The money is in the trunk. But you need to come alone.
Don’t worry, I know the police are here. I just want to talk about some business with you.”


Cason hung up the phone and said to the police, “A friend of mine came to deliver the money. I’ll go
and take the money now.”

Kaliyah wanted to go with him but was stopped by Cason again. “He asked me to go alone.”

He walked to the gate. As expected, a luxury car was parked at the gate with its lights on.

When Cason came, the car door opened, and a man got out of the car leisurely.

He reached out his hand to Cason and said, “Hello, Mr. Baldry. I’m Samuel Wade from the Wade


Cason was full of doubts. He had never heard of this name before, but he knew that the Wade family
was not easy to deal with.

“What do you want to deal with me?”

Samuel lowered his head and said with a smile, “What I want is the shares you hold in the Wade Group
and 5% shares of the Baldry Group.”

Cason’s eyes seemed full of complications. Although this matter was disgraceful, it was well hidden.
How did he find it out?

“You don’t need to think much about it. Although you don’t have many shares, still cannot be ignored.
As long as you sign these two transfer agreements, you can take the money away.” Samuel waved the
file bag in his hand.

Cason looked at him in confusion. “Logically speaking, you only need the shares of the Wade Group.
Why do you want 5% of the shares of the Baldry Group?”

“I’m not a fool. For now, the shares of the Wade Group aren’t worth 20 million dollars. That’s why I
added the shares of the Baldry Group. It’s just 5%. It won’t affect you much. You’ll still be the biggest

“How do you know I just need 20 million dollars?” Cason looked at Samuel with vigilance.

Samuel was not angry. He took out his mobile phone which had news on it. [The young Mr. Baldry is
missing. The kidnappers seem to have asked for a ransom of 20 million dollars in cash, so the Baldry
family now is borrowing money everywhere…]

He shrugged and said, “It’s not a secret anymore for everyone in Seattle. My money was of great use,
but when I saw the news, I rushed here at once.

Even so, you’re still the one who’s in a hurry. Will you sign it?”

Cason’s face was livid. The most thing he hated is that others threatened him. But in the current

Seeing that he was wavering, Samuel continued, “I believe that there are few people in Seattle who
can take out 20 million in cash in such a short time.

“If you don’t want to sign it, you can ask Mr. Gage for help.”

Cason’s face darkened again. Time is running. Jackson’s sweet voice rang in his ears. He nodded and
said, “Okay, I’ll sign it.”

Samuel opened the document. “You can check it first.”

Cason opened the two documents and took a look. Seeing no problems, he immediately signed his

Five minutes later, Samuel took back the documents with satisfaction. He went around to the trunk,
opened it directly, which placed 20 million dollars in cash neatly in the trunk.

“Just drive the car back and send it back to the Wade Group after you’ve done.” He put the car key in
Cason’s hand and turned to leave.

Cason held the car key tightly, and an indescribable feeling filled his heart. He calmed himself down,
didn’t think much, and quickly drove home.

“I’ve collected all the money. Tell those people that no need to borrow from them,” he said seriously.

Kaliyah walked over. “Really? I’m going to pick up my son!”

There was still an hour before midnight. After finishing the soup in the kitchen, Kaliyah drank another
four bottles of coffee in a row.

This deal would probably last for about five to six hours, she had to maintain sufficient physical strength
and energy.

After she finish the coffee, the police also completed the most perfect deployment according to the

At this moment, her phone rang.

The police began to locate the encrypted number in an instant.

Kaliyah hurriedly picked it up. “Where’s my son? Let me hear his’s voice! The money is ready, please
don’t hurt him! Don’t hurt him…”

“Noisy.” The kidnapper’s robotic voice carried a hint of impatience.

Kaliyah immediately shut her mouth and did not dare to make a sound again.

“I know the police are in your house, but I don’t want to see them during the deal. Otherwise, we don’t
want to get into big trouble, then we will have no way but to kill him.”

“Please don’t! I promise they won’t follow me!”

The kidnapper hung up the phone again. The police were so angry that they even want to smash the
table. They could catch him in a few seconds!

“Don’t follow me. Let me go by myself. As long as we give the money, my child will be safe.” She

This time, Cason didn’t express his opinion because he couldn’t make up his mind.

On Welin Street, Kaliyah drove the luxury car crazily to the trash can at the exit of the first station.

She was nervous all the way because she was the only one in the car.

However, there were other cars not far behind her. The police had already planted spies in every
trading location.

After stopping the car, Kaliyah struggled to the exit with a bag in her arms. She looked around
nervously and found that there was only a trash can on the left.

The weight of 50 pounds was still too much for her. She threw it into the trash can with her both hands
and then took a deep breath.

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