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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 576

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Starting with A Divorce Chapter 576

Chapter 576 The Child Is Missing

A few bodyguards came over and separated them. Daniel was forced to head out and was driven out of
the Psychological Counseling Room.

He did not sigh. It was normal for Ainsley to react like that.

When he walked by the crowd, he heard the discussion.

“Ms. Easton, you’re amazing. I heard that you’ve been sick for a long time, but you came back with
such a good thesis.”

“I heard that paper is going to be used for competition?”

“Of course. After all, there are few psychologists in our school with such good ability.”

The discussion gradually quieted down, and Daniel fell into deep thought.

When he got home, he went straight to Ainsley1 s room and sat on the sofa. Looking at her face, he felt
a little impatient.

“I know you’re a very good psychologist. I’ve been having nightmares for the past few days. I want you
to treat me,” said Daniel.

Ainsley glanced at him slowly and said, “I won’t.”

“Do you remember how much it will cost for me to be your patient?” Daniel asked tentatively.

“What? Mr. Hume, do you want to waste your money again? Why don’t you just give it to me directly?”
Ainsley said with a smile.

Hearing her answer, Daniel’s heart sank as she still didn’t tell him the price.

In the psychological consulting room, Serina slowly sat down and looked at the relieved “Ainsley” with a

“Why are you so nervous? Ainsley has always been calm.”

Georgia leaned against the chair behind her, trying to relax, but she almost gave herself away just now.

“Thank you.”

Serina handed her a glass of water and said, “You did a good job, but you’re not as good as Ainsley.*

Georgia nodded slightly. *1 know. You’re all waiting for her.*

She stopped talking. There was nothing wrong with working for Manuel as long as she could get the
money. Manuel directly transferred the money to her and secretly offered her mother the special

The driving out and other things were all acting.

She understood that once Daniel suspected that she was the fake one, he would take away her

She could only bet on that.

Meanwhile, Cason returned to the company wearily. Before he could sit down and rest for a while, his
assistant knocked on the door to look for him.

“Mr. Baldry, your wife called and said that it’s time for your son to get vaccinated. She hopes that you
can go with her.” The assistant knew that although Cason didn’t like Kaliyah, he had never neglected
the child.

Cason’s hand paused and he said lightly, “Okay, I got it. Go and ask her about the appointment time. I’ll
be there on time.*

The assistant nodded and left.

“Hello, Cason?” Kaliyah stood at the entrance of the hospital, pushing a stroller in her hand as she
stared dazedly at the tall man who had gotten out of the car and walked up to them.

Only in front of the child would he show a gentle expression. Instead of replying to Kaliyah, he bent
down and reached out to hook his son’s nose.

“You’re going to get an injection. Will you be afraid?”

She took her son’s hand and deliberately said in a childish tone, “Jackson, tell your father that you are
already a little man. You wont be afraid.”

“I see.” Cason laughed, took his other hand, and straightened up. “Dont cry and swallow your words

Kaliyah looked greedily at Cason’s smile and felt that all the haze that had enveloped her heart had
disappeared in an instant.

She suddenly regretted what she was going to do next, but she had no choice.

Therefore, she could only risk. Perhaps, after her plan would make Cason to spend more time with

“Cason, stay here and take care of the baby. I’m going to pay the bills.” After putting the baby back in
the stroller, she unconsciously fiddled with her hair.

Cason nodded. He had been so focused on the baby that he missed the strange look on the woman’s

As the sound of high heels faded away, Cason couldn’t help but take out his phone and continue
browsing the media to see the news about the auction.

The news at the auction.

When Kaliyah saw this from the corner, her mood, which had been a little unstable, suddenly became

She winked at the masked woman beside her.

The woman immediately went out, but her route was strange. She specifically walked to a crowded
place. There were obviously not many people on the other side, but she still kept squeezing into the
crowd. After a while, nothing happened.

Kaliyah was getting impatient. Looking at Cason, who was still staring at his phone, she was so
annoyed. However, he was still holding the handle of the stroller. If everything stayed the same, there
would be no way to carry out the next step of the plan.

Fortunately, a few minutes later, Cason raised his head and saw the strange woman walking by him.

The person that Kaliyah had specially selected was at least 70 to 80 percent similar to Ainsley, so
before Cason could even think about it, he had already moved toward her.

The woman answered a phone call, and then she suddenly started to run.

Cason didn’t feel anything wrong. Instead, he followed closely behind.

Most of the pedestrians who came to see the doctor soon completely separated him from the stroller. It
could not be seen from any angle for him now.

“Miss, please wait a minute.” Finally, he caught up with the woman. Without explaining, he took off her

Under the mask was a completely strange face. The woman took back the mask, frowned, and asked
angrily, “What’s wrong with you?”

He apologized in disappointment, “Sorry Miss, I mistook you for someone else.”

After that, he finally thought of something. He turned around and ran back quickly.

How stupid he was! He had actually left his child behind!

When he returned to the spot and saw that the stroller was still there, he heaved a sigh of relief.

However, the sign was cut off before it completely came out.

The baby carriage was empty! The baby was gone!

His mind went blank. He held the handle of the stroller and closed his eyes hard. The noise around him
annoyed him a lot, but he could do nothing about it.

He suddenly raised his hand and slapped himself heavily. A bright red palm print soon appeared on his

At a proper time, Kaliyah came back with her bag, and there was no tension on her face.

“Cason, I’ve paid the bill. Let’s take our child to get vaccinated.”

He turned his back on her and didn’t take any action for a long time.

“What’s wrong? Why aren’t you holding the baby?” Kaliyah walked over and looked down at the stroller
with a smile. She immediately screamed, “Ah!”

She looked up at him in disbelief. The smile on her face froze slightly, but she still asked like the truth
was not like this, “Where’s my child?”

It was rare for Cason to panic, but at this moment, he was totally at a loss.

Being questioned by Kaliyah, his attitude weakened. “He was here just now but disappeared when I left
for a while.”

She was stunned. When she came to her senses, she broke down and shouted, “Jackson is so young.
He can’t even speak. How could you leave him alone? Cason, he is your son.”

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