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Starting With A Divorce Chapter 597

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Starting with A Divorce Chapter 597

Chapter 597 A New Home

Seeing her reaction, Matteo breathed a sigh of relief, ‘I’m not sure what style of clothes you like, but the
new seasons of various styles have been delivered.’

When Ainsley turned around to say something to him, the doorbell rang hurriedly.

Matteo directly opened the intercom system installed on the door, “Who is it?’

A lively female voice came over, “It’s me, Lainey, open the door quickly.”

Matteo mumbled to himself as he walked towards the door, “Could it be that she came here by

But he opened the door directly.

There were four people standing in front of the door. Lainey held Roman’s arm and greeted them with a

Behind them were also a man and a woman, and the well-behaved Serina was standing beside

“Hey, are you coming together to play cards?’ Matteo said in a funny way.

Lainey was close with him, and directly refuted it, “Speak less, we didn’t come to see you specially, we
came to celebrate Ainsley’s return.”

“Come empty-handed to celebrate?” Matteo looked at them as if they had made an agreement,
everyone brought nothing else.

Ainsley came over from behind, seeing this, couldn’t help but push him, “Are you a good showman?”

Matteo rubbed her nose and moved aside, “Well, since the owner of the house has nothing to say,
come in, welcome.”

Seeing Ainsley, Lainey let go of Roman, and rushed over.

Ainsley was startled, and took a few steps back, but still opened her arms and hugged her.

“Okay, I’m fine, I’m back, in front of you.” Ainsley said everything in advance as if she knew what she
would say.

“I’m really worried about you. We didn’t dare to look at you at the banquet, for fear that Daniel would
notice something strange.” Lainey said nervously.

Welcoming everyone in, they hit it off and decided to have a BBQ. Matteo had prepared well here, and
the grill in the back garden had already been put on the grill.

While waiting for the servants to skewer the meat, they chatted carelessly.

Matteo remembered a detail, “I’m very surprised. Irene should have known the truth at that time. She
wanted to threaten me, but I refused. I thought she would go to Daniel to clarify, but she didn’t. I don’t
know what’s going on.”

Hearing this, Serina and Lainey looked at each other, and they covered their mouths and started

Manuel didn’t understand, so he looked at Serina, “What’s wrong?”

Serina covered her mouth with a snicker and said, “Didn’t you realize that after the dance music ended,
Irene disappeared, and so did Lainey and I?”

“Is it you?”

“Lainey and I kept Irene trapped in the small garden. She couldn’t get out at all, and the mobile phone
was put aside. We were just afraid that it would affect the plan.’ Serina said with a smile.

Matteo was full of praise, “You guys did a great job.’

The charcoal fire was put into the grill, and Roman began to grill without complaint, and Manuel also

Lainey asked Matteo tentatively, “Mr. Easton, why don’t you call Waston over here.”

“What did you call her for?” Matteo frowned slightly.

Ainsley still remembered that fearless girl who would risk herself just to ensure her safety.

“Cousin, when we trapped Irene, we almost revealed our secrets. It was Waston who stepped forward
to help us. She is a good girl.” Lainey said.

Matteo nodded symbolically, “I know.”

Serina pulled Ainsley, deliberately pointed at Manuel’s barbecue and said, “Ainsley, look quickly, my
brother is too stupid, he can’t even barbecue, you have to teach him more.’

Ainsley stood in front of him, and she didn’t know what to say.

“Ainsley, can you teach me?”

Ainsley couldn’t help rolling her eyes, “I remember the last time you had a barbecue by the sea, you
still acted like a chef.”

Manuel smiled and said, “It’s unfamiliar.’

“But I can’t either.” Ainsley shrugged and left.

The six of them sat on the table and chatted. Roman drank four bottles of wine and finally fainted on
the table.

Serina was so sleepy that she almost fell asleep lying on the table, but Manuel supported her.

“Ainsley, welcome back.” He murmured, looking at Ainsley who was smiling happily with Lainey.

Suddenly, he felt that whether she forgave or not didn’t seem to be that important.

After the barbecue was over, Manuel took Serina and left here. Looking at Ainsley’s uncomfortable
eyes, he seemed to be running away.

Ainsley heaved a sigh of relief, and went back to the back garden to look at Lainey. Sitting beside her,
Roman was drunk. He didn’t know if it’s because of too much pressure recently that he rarely relaxed

Lainey sat on the side, sighing, her eyes were slightly red.

Just seeing this scene, Ainsley already felt a little distressed.

The time when she was taken away by Daniel happened to be the saddest time for Lainey. As a best
friend, she was not able to accompany her in front of Lainey, and she was not able to accompany her
out of the haze. She already felt very sorry.

Seeing Lainey like this now made her even more worried.

“Lainey, what’s wrong with you?’ She slowly sat beside Lainey.

“I’m fine.” Lainey smiled wryly.

Ainsley shook his head, “Although you want to appear relaxed and happy, I can see from your eyes
that you are tired. I have never seen you like this, Lainey, tell me, what happened?”

Hearing what she said, Lainey’s eyes turned red again, she reached out and put down the wine glass
in Roman’s hand, and then said, “Ainsley, my dad doesn’t agree with me being with Roman, I’ve been
fighting for it for a long time, He wanted to send me abroad, and I was going to leave last time, but
something happened to you, so I didn’t go. But I’m afraid that next time my dad brings it up, I have no
reason to refuse. ’

Ainsley frowned slightly, “Why doesn’t uncle agree? In my impression, uncle has always been very
gentle, so he shouldn’t ask too much about your relationship.”

“My dad was terrified when I was taken away last time. He didn’t know what happened in the bar,
otherwise he would send me out immediately.” She gave Roman a sad look, “He thinks Roman is too
dangerous, I won’t be safe if I stay by his side.’

Ainsley could understand Mr. Salter’s mood very well. After all, Lainey had always been taken care of
by him. For Mr. Salter, the matter of being taken away was already very serious.

“Don’t worry, I will help you persuade your father, what happened to Roman is not his fault, but
Aaden’s.” Ainsley said seriously.

He was only a child that year, but because of other people’s greed, he was burdened with blood and
deep feud.

It was never his fault, it was those people, those who deliberately set up a situation to harm him.

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