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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 Drive Them Out

“Okay!” Gerald’s voice carried a trace of anticipation.

After hearing Gerald’s reply, Red Rose was slightly stunned. Then, the smile slowly disappeared from
her face. There was no temptation in her tone. She said indifferently, “Forget it. I’ll play by myself!”

Gerald was dumbfounded!

He thought, what the hell is going on?

At this time, Red Rose said indifferently, “Humph, a man like you is too boring!”

As Red Rose said this, she put on her sunglasses and looked away.

She thought that there was no challenge in hooking up with a man like Gerald.

Red Rose’s private life was chaotic, and she was a sort of masochist!

Red Rose did not want the kind of man that she could hook up with easily. She wanted some challenge
and preferred

the men who would reject her.

Looking at Gerald’s somewhat hesitant expression, Red Rose revealed a trace of a disdainful smile.

Red Rose enjoyed this feeling very much. She liked to seduce a man, making him think that it was
easy to get her.

Then, she would refuse that man decisively.

Gerald noticed Red Rose’s smile. He cursed in his heart, what a fucking! She is really a psycho!

Red Rose obviously had no intention of chatting with Gerald anymore. She had already put on her
sunglasses and

began to look at her mobile phone.

Seeing this, Gerald cursed in his heart, this woman just tricked me just now, and she is also an
assassin from Blood Lotus. If there were not so many people here, I would have killed her already.

At the same time, Gerald glanced at Red Rose and sneered in his heart, since you have come to Los
Angeles, I will let you fall into my hands sooner or later. When the time comes, I will be able to torture
you at my will!

Of course, in Red Rose’s eyes, Gerald’s eyes were filled with desire and unwillingness. The disdainful
smile on her lips

became even wider.

The subway slowly moved forward.

At the same time, Audrey was driving a car and taking Doreen and the others to have a meal, Audrey
said with curiosity, “By the way, why did you say Gerald was a rapist? I don’t think he looks like one.
Moreover, he saved my father’s life. My father is very grateful to him.”

“Nine years ago, he asked Doreen’s cousin to come out for a meal and then drugged her… Then, he
raped Doreen’s cousin,” Henley snorted. “If he likes Doreen’s cousin, he can just chase her directly.
However, he used such a despicable method to get her! Doreen is so good to her cousin. Audrey, you
should stay away from him in the future!”

Audrey was shocked. She looked at Doreen and asked, “Doreen, is this true?”

After Doreen got in the car, she did not say a word. She kept looking outside the window. When she
heard Audrey’s words, she nodded slightly.

“This kind of person should be locked up in prison for a lifetime. Who knows which woman he will
attack after he comes out?” Henley kept saying. “He also knows that he can’t return to Sacramento.
After he was released from

prison, he came to Los Angeles. Oh, by the way, how did you meet him, Audrey? Does he work in your

Audrey felt a little complicated in her heart. She shook her head and said, “No. I knew him by
coincidence. He used to work at a construction site. He did something like carrying bricks.”

“Carrying bricks?” Henley burst out laughing. “Haha… That’s right. After staying in prison for a few
years, he doesn’t know anything. He can only do this kind of physical work after getting out.”

When Doreen heard this, she frowned slightly. No one knew what she was thinking.

Henley continued, “It’s best if you don’t contact him again in the future. You are so beautiful. It’s very
likely that you are his next target.”

Gerald arrived at his destination gloomily and then got out of the subway.

After that, Red Rose did not speak to Gerald again. She proudly and calmly sat there with her

Gerald walked down the subway. It was already past six o’clock in the evening. When he returned
home, Valery and Macy had already made dinner. When Macy saw Gerald’s upset face, she asked,
“What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.” Gerald scratched his head. “Let me remind you that Red Rose is in Los Angeles now.”

The next second, Valery and Macy raised their heads at the same time and looked at Gerald. Macy
said in surprise,

“You met her?”

Gerald nodded.

Valery snorted, “Every time Red Rose goes to a city, she will hook up with a young and strong man as
her partner. Look at you. It is because Red Rose did not hook up with you that you are a little upset.
Red Rose’s photo shows that she is a top beauty!”

Gerald was surprised and thought, damn it. How does she know that?

Gerald said guiltily, “How is that possible? You are the only one in my heart, Dr. Manning. I am upset
because of something else.”

Valery glanced at Gerald, while Macy asked Gerald, “Then what is that?”

“Well, I met my former classmates in Sacramento. It’s Doreen… You should know something about my
past,” Gerald


Valery was stunned.

Valery knew about Gerald’s past. When she heard this, her expression changed. “Did she say anything
about you?”

“She didn’t say anything. It was just that the jerk next to her kept talking.” Gerald was a little speechless
when thinking of this. He said, “At that time, Audrey and I went together. Audrey also misunderstood
something. It is likely that it is impossible to protect her in secret in the future.”

Valery pondered for a moment and did not express any more opinions. She looked at Macy and said,
“Let’s eat!”

Valery lowered her head and said, “You can’t always bear this guilt. You didn’t do it. Anyway, you don’t
have to go back to the Night Watch for the time being. After the matter in Los Angeles is over, you can
go back to Sacramento and settle that matter!”

Gerald felt a little warm in his heart and said, “I knew that you still care about me!”

Valery ignored Gerald. After dinner, she and Macy went out.

Gerald slept until ten o’clock the next day. He was woken up by a phone call from Tyrone.

“Hello!” Gerald picked up the phone. “What’s wrong?”

“Come to the company. A woman broke into the company. Just now, she made a fuss at the entrance
of the company and said that she was your mother–in–law. She said she had half of the company’s
shares. She wanted our company to sign a contract with Mike’s company…” Tyrone said. “She said
that she was your mother–in–law, so we didn’t dare to force her or drive her out!”

Gerald was dumbfounded. He did not expect that Mary was so shameless that she would have run to
the company to

make a fuss.

He thought Mary was really a shrew!

“Is she still making a fuss?” Gerald asked.

“Vivian has stabilized her. She is now sitting in my office,” Tyrone said with a sigh.

Gerald nodded. He got up and washed up. Then, he took a taxi and rushed to the company!

It was quite normal in the company now. But when Gerald showed up in the company, many people
secretly looked at him with different expressions.

This was the first time Gerald had shown up in the company as a boss.

Some people took the initiative to greet Gerald and called him boss. Gerald smiled back. Soon, he
arrived at Tyrone’s office. Tyrone stood there and saw Gerald coming over. He smiled bitterly and said,
“Your mother–in–law is not a pushover!”

“It’s fine. I’ll deal with her. Sorry that this matter has caused trouble for you guys,” Gerald said.

“This bit of trouble is nothing. Speaking of which, I didn’t expect you to be able to form a relationship
with Bradley. With the business he gave us, our company’s value will definitely double this year!”
Tyrone said with a smile. He didn’t care much about Mary, who was still in the office.

Indeed, Tyrone was a little envious!

Tyrone ran the largest logistics company in Los Angeles, and he also wanted to build a relationship
with Bradley’s company. But he had never succeeded.

However, as soon as Gerald came to Tyrone’s company, Bradley took the initiative to call and sent
Tyrone a terrible

amount of business.

Gerald smiled and said, “This is nothing. You go ahead and do your work. I will deal with that woman!”

As Gerald spoke, he pushed open the door!

Inside the room, Mary was sitting on Tyrone’s office chair with her hands on her hips. Mike and Vivian
were also sitting on the sofa next to Mary.

Seeing Gerald walk in, Mary rolled her eyes at Gerald and said, “Humph. Gerald, I’ve checked it. This
company belongs to you and Irene, so Irene also has half of the shares. You must sign a contract with
me and my brother. We also need to get dividends!”

Mary’s tone was very tough. She looked at Gerald and said, “Also, you slapped me yesterday, and you
have to compensate me!”

Mike also said, “That’s right. Gerald, you can’t be so ungrateful. You and Irene have been married for
three years, and your life was saved by her father. Although you have divorced, I think you are still
responsible for taking care of us.”

“1 have met shameless people before, but I have never met such a shameless person as you.” Gerald
looked at Mary with a half–smile. “I bought this company after I divorced her. It has nothing to do with
Irene or you.”

“It has nothing to do with us? If you don’t give the shares to us today, I won’t leave. In the future, I will
come to your company to make trouble every day!” Mary said with a sneer.

Gerald took a breath and glanced coldly at Mary. Then, he turned his head and shouted, “Security!”

Soon, a few security guards in security uniforms ran in. Mary glared at Gerald and said, “What do you
want to do? My daughter has half of your company’s shares… You won’t get any good if we go to court
in the future. Hey! If you guys dare to touch me, you won’t be able to keep working here anymore.”

Gerald looked at Mary indifferently and said to those security guards, “Drive her out!”

Gerald didn’t want to waste his time talking nonsense with Mary, who was just a shrew.

“Gerald, don’t go too far. No matter what, they have saved your life,” Mike hurriedly said.

“Drive this person out too.” Gerald pointed at Mike!

Mike’s expression changed!

Mike and the other two people had originally thought even if they couldn’t get the shares, they could at
least get the signed contract. They thought that Gerald would compromise because he still cared about
his reputation. However, they never expected Gerald to be so impatient to even talk with them.

Then, Gerald’s gaze slowly fell on Vivian.

Vivian couldn’t help but tremble a little. Then, Gerald said lightly, “You should also pack up your things
and find a new

job. Our company won’t use you anymore!”

Vivian’s face suddenly turned pale!

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