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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 73

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Chapter 73 News From Watchman No. 2

Looking at the lady’s expression, Erik curled his lips and said, “Master, I saw that battle with my own
eyes. You were

besieged by so many masters, and he was the main target. The pressure he suffered was much
greater than yours. If I were not strong back then, I’m afraid I would not be able to save you. Although
you said that he was very fierce, the chance of him escaping is very slim.”

As soon as Erik finished speaking, the lady suddenly raised her

head and looked at him.

“I was joking. You like him?” Erik quickly said.

The lady sneered, “It has nothing to do with you.’

“I really don’t want to go to work,” Erik said with a sad face, “When you return to Night Watch, you will
be super rich. I

don’t want to work hard.”

“I will go back when I find him,” the lady said in a cold tone.

Erik muttered, “But when will we find him? If he dies, I will

have to work hard to support you for a lifetime. That’s


The lady sighed and carefully hid the photo close to her. She

glanced at Erik and said, “Go to sleep now. You will still have to

operate at night. Remember to keep a low profile.”

“I know. If I didn’t keep a low profile, I would have beaten that warehouse owner. Damn it, how dare he
boss me around? I’m the fifth greatest killer in the underground! It pissed me off!”

Erik cursed.

The lady ignored him and picked up the two knives on the

coffee table.

Erik quickly said, “Master, when are you going to give me two

knives like these? It’s so awesome to carry them on my back

and show them to the crowd. All I am using now are daggers

that you got from Blood Lotus!”

“Don’t let me repeat it again. Watchmen are low-key. We are not carrying such knives to show off.” The
lady frowned and said, “When we go back, you can do that at Night Watch.”

After that, she returned to her room and closed the door.

Gerald played games in the internet café for the whole

afternoon. When it was almost four o’clock, Jessica called him.

Gerald picked up the phone and said, “Hello?”

“Hello.” On the other side of the line, Jessica sounded a bit

awkward. “Gerald, I’m sorry. We planned to have dinner

tonight, but I left Sacramento for a while. I have so many

things to do that I’m afraid I can’t spare some time tonight.”

Gerald was stunned for a moment. He had made an

appointment with Jessica and her mother three times, but they always stood him up.

However, he didn’t care. Gerald smiled and said, “It doesn’t

matter. I will stay in Sacramento for a long time. Let’s meet again after you are done with your work!”

“I am very sorry. If you need my help in Sacramento, just call me. I will definitely help you,” Jessica

At this time, Gerald heard someone calling Jessica’s name on

the phone.

Gerald smiled and said, “OK, if there is anything you need my

help with, please call me. Just go busy with your work.”

Jessica politely apologized again and then hung up the phone.

Gerald did not think much of it and played the game until


At midnight, he walked out of the Internet cafe and looked up at the dark night sky. He murmured, “I
haven’t operated so

late at night in a long time. I miss it!”

As he spoke, he walked toward a community.

It was not difficult to find Kyrie’s residence. Before Gerald

came here, he had already checked Kyrie’s residence. Although

Kyrie was in charge of a company in the Kenneth family, he couldn’t afford to live in a mansion.

Kyrie lived in a high-end residential area, and his house was a


Gerald avoided all the cameras and arrived at the door of

Kyrie’s house.

However, Gerald said with a frown, “No one is here?”

Gerald did not hear any breathing sounds in the room, which

confused him.

“It seems that I will have to come here again tomorrow,”

Gerald sighed and left the community.

Kyrie’s residence was by the riverside of Sacramento. Gerald

walked by the river. After walking for a while, he suddenly saw

something on the beach and narrowed his eyes slightly. Then,

he was shocked and hurried to the beach.

After approaching, Gerald saw a large amount of blood on the

ground, and a corpse was on the ground.


Gerald’s expression changed. He was considering whether to call the police.

But the moment he got close, Gerald noticed that there was a

lotus tattoo on the back of the man’s hand. He took out his phone and turned on the flashlight. The
lotus was red.

Red Card Assassin is dead? he thought.

Gerald lowered his head, and his eyes suddenly flashed with joy. He said with ecstasy, “Watchman No.
2 did it!”

Watchman No. 2 was Gerald’s closest comrade-in-arms and

best friend in Night Watch. Gerald trusted her the most.

Knowing that she might still be alive, Gerald was very happy. But now he was sure that Watchman No.
2 was indeed alive!

Gerald’s joy was beyond description.

After that, he sighed with relief, took out his phone, and called


The phone was quickly connected. Valery’s lazy voice came over and asked, “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“I found Watchman No. 2,” Gerald quickly said.

“What?” There was a hint of excitement in Valery’s voice as

she asked, “Really? Where is she now?”

“I didn’t see her, but I saw the corpse. He’s from Blood Lotus.

He was killed by Watchman No. 2,” Gerald said in one breath.

“We found two corpses last time. Although the killing technique is very similar to Watchman No. 2, it
was not done

by her. Are you sure that it’s her this time?” Valery asked again.

“Yes. I’m pretty sure,” Gerald said seriously, “I’ll send you the location. Send the people from
Sacramento to come over and deal with the corpse.”

“Alright!” Valery nodded. “We have to find her. Got it?”

Gerald licked his lips and said, “I know. I still want to fight side

by side with her!”

After hanging up the phone, Gerald took a breath. He looked at the river and said with a slight smile,
“It’s good that you are

still alive. You don’t want to go back because you want to seek revenge. After all, when you return to
Night Watch, there will

be endless tasks.”

With that, he let out a breath and left.

What Gerald did not notice was that a woman in a red dress was

standing a thousand feet away from him by the river. She

looked at Gerald below and smiled sinisterly. She licked her red

lips and said, “Heh, I told you that you couldn’t escape from

You will be taught a hard lesson by me in bed sooner or


The next day, Gerald was woken up by Jacob’s phone call. He

sat up, found the phone, and said, “Hey, I’m still sleeping.”

“It’s 10 o’clock. It’s Saturday today. Have you forgotten something?” Jacob said snappily.

“Saturday… So what?” Gerald said sleepily. “If there is nothing else, I will go back to sleep now.”

“Shit! Didn’t you promise Kian that you would attend the class

reunion?” Jacob scolded.

Gerald then remembered that. He didn’t have the habit of

checking the calendar. When Kian said that they would have a

class reunion on Saturday, Gerald thought that there would

still be a few days to go. But it was the next day.

“Oh, I got it. I’ll see you at the entrance of the hotel in half an

hour,” Gerald said.

After hanging up the phone, Gerald got up and simply washed

Then, he felt a bit depressed.

He had bought a set of smart clothes in the mall before. He had

worn them for two days, so his mother had washed them in the


Therefore, Gerald could only wear relatively old but decent

clothes and went to the hotel.

When he arrived at the entrance of Felicity Hotel, he saw Jacob,

who was in a suit.

“Damn it! Why did you dress like this?” Jacob saw Gerald’s appearance and stared at him. “Don’t you
remember how arrogant Kian was? You will be ridiculed by him!”

Gerald was a little helpless. He coughed dryly, then looked at Jacob and said seriously, “Watchmen
have to keep a low profile. This is the rule of Night Watch. You have to remember


“I only know that being low-key will be made fun of.” Jacob rolled his eyes at Gerald and said, “Forget
it, let’s go in.”

Soon, they walked toward the hotel. Just as they arrived, they

saw three people standing at the entrance of the hotel, greeting each other.

Two of them were Kian and Diya. They were the organizers of

this reunion, so they had to greet the guests. The other one

was Andrew.

“Hey, the monitor is now one of the marketing directors of

Universe Group. His annual salary is 160 thousand dollars,”

Andrew said happily.

Kian said politely, “I dare not compare with the higher. You are from the Zumthor family.”

“I was just a little lucky and was born into a rich family,”

Andrew said, “By the way, do you still remember Gerald Kenneth? He was doing well in study and was
admitted to Sacramento University. But then he was arrested for rape. I met him two days ago. He has
been released.”

“I know. I met him yesterday. He and Jacob came to our company for an interview,” Kian said
disdainfully, “Jacob didn’t even go to a formal university. How dare he want to work in Universe Group?
That’s ridiculous.”

During the conversation, Diya nudged Kian with her elbow and signaled him to look into the distance.

Kian looked over and found that Gerald and Jacob were walking


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