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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 71

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Chapter 71 Go Away, OK?

“Maybe… we can start with Kyrie,” Gerald pondered for a

moment and said.

They should investigate Kyrie if the matter was related to

Mason. Because it was Kyrie who suggested that Mason should be expelled from the family back then.

Moreover, it seemed that Kyrie benefited the most from that

event. After Mason left the Kenneth family, he took over the

company that Mason was in charge of at that time.

But Gerald knew that Kyrie did not have such abilities. There

must be someone else behind. If he investigated Kyrie, it would lead him to more things.

Thinking of this, Gerald touched his nose. At this time, his

phone suddenly rang. Gerald picked up the phone. He found

that it was Audrey calling.

“Hello!” Gerald answered the phone and said.

“Hey, Gerald. How could you do this to me?” Audrey said, “You came to Sacramento and didn’t tell me?
I am your superior. Do you still want to keep your job?”

Obviously, Audrey did not know that Gerald had quit the job.

Just as he was about to speak, Audrey smiled and said, “Keira,

Hazel and I are together. Why don’t you come to see us and

treat us to a meal?”

“Alright!” Gerald said, “Pick a restaurant. I’ll go to see you.”

“OK. I’ll send you the restaurant’s address through Line later!” Audrey said with a smile.

After hanging up the phone, Audrey quickly sent him an

address. Gerald hailed a taxi and rushed towards the


When he arrived, he walked into the restaurant and found

Audrey, Keira, and Hazel. When Audrey saw Gerald, she glared at him and said, “Why did you come to

“I’ve got something to do here,” Gerald smiled and said.

“You’ve chosen a very expensive restaurant!”

“Of course, I want a big meal. You are a rich man with a

Diamond Card from New Bank!” Audrey glared at Gerald and

then picked up the menu.

Hazel and Keira smiled and then greeted Gerald.

Gerald could only sit down. Looking at Audrey, who was

ordering food, he said, “Hey, Audrey. Actually, I have


Audrey was surprised. She looked up at Gerald. She frowned

and asked, “When did you resign? Why didn’t my father tell


Gerald poured a cup of tea and said, “I resigned yesterday, but Mr. Herman wants me to tell you
personally. I think that’s why he didn’t tell you.”

“Alright.” Audrey lowered her head and continued to read the

menu, but there was a hint of disappointment in her eyes.

When Audrey saw that Gerald had a Diamond Card, she knew

that he wouldn’t work there for a long time.

Audrey didn’t know that Gerald had been protecting her, so she

didn’t know why Gerald would suddenly become her assistant.

However, Audrey was optimistic. After a short moment of disappointment, she continued to order food.
After Audrey

finished, she looked up at Gerald and asked, “By the way,

you’ve come to Sacramento. You will attend Doreen’s engagement banquet. Right?”

Gerald shook his head.

“Alas. Speaking of Doreen, I feel sorry for her. I didn’t expect her to marry Henley,” Audrey said. “The
tragedies of wealthy

families. I will definitely not sacrifice for my father’s business.

I will marry someone for love.”

As Audrey brought up the topic, Keira hurriedly nodded. “Yes.

Henley had been pursuing Doreen back at university. Doreen had never looked him in the eye. She
found him annoying. Moreover, Henley was messing around with other women at the same time. He is
a playboy, but something has happened to Doreen’s family. There’s nothing she could do if her family

decided to sacrifice her.

“You saw it yesterday. Henley’s friends are disgusting. They actually touched Keira in front of us, and
Henley…” Audrey thought of how Tyrone had touched Keira’s leg yesterday. She looked angry.

Gerald raised his eyebrows and asked, “Someone touched Ms.


Hazel nodded and said, “Yes. It’s an internet celebrity who livestreams. His name is Tyrone Cooper.”

Hearing this name, Gerald paused. Then he asked, “Is he the

man that is always fashionably dressed?”

“Right. That’s him. He livestreams to sell goods, mostly cosmetics. He seems to have many female
followers. Some

young women are really obsessed with him.” Audrey scolded, “If he was in Los Angeles, I would have
slapped him directly.”

“You know him too?” Keira asked.

“When I came to Sacramento, he was sitting next to me,” Gerald said.

“Anyway, he’s disgusting. Doreen is going to marry Henley…

It’s…” Audrey sighed.

Gerald rubbed his nose and did not speak.

While they were talking, two people walked into the restaurant. It was Tyrone and a young man
dressed in a trendy


“Welcome!” A waiter greeted them. When she saw Tyrone, her

eyes lit up and she asked, “Are you Tyrone?”

Tyrone’s face revealed a trace of pride, and then he said, “Shh.

I’m keeping a low profile. My friend and I are here to eat. This

is the son of the Kenneth family, Justin Kenneth.”

“May I ask if you want to eat in a private room or in the hall?”

The waiter hurriedly said.

Tyrone was just about to answer when he suddenly noticed

Audrey and the others. He said, “Justin, look over there. Those

three women. They’ve come from Los Angeles to attend

Doreen’s engagement banquet.’


Justin’s expression changed slightly. He looked over, and then

he got excited.

Because Gerald sat with his back to the door, they did not see

Gerald’s face.

“How is it? I wasn’t bragging. Right? They are all top beauties,” Tyrone licked his lips and said.

“They are indeed quite beautiful.” Justin swallowed and said to

the waiter, “We want the table next to them.”

The waiter nodded and said, “Alright. This way please!”

Tyrone and Justin were brought over. Tyrone looked at them and pretended to be surprised. “Wow.
Aren’t you the three beauties from Los Angeles? What a coincidence. I didn’t expect

to run into you here!”

Hearing the voice, Gerald and the others subconsciously looked

over. Audrey and the other two women instantly frowned.

When Tyrone and Justin saw Gerald, they were stunned. “It’s

you, Gerald!”

Right. Gerald and Justin were both young men from the

Kenneth family. They were relatives and knew each other.

However, Gerald was a distant relative to Justin, and his status

in the family was not so high. Therefore, Gerald wouldn’t

become an heir to the family.

However, Justin was different. He was younger than Gerald. Justin was a direct descendant, and his
father was the eldest son of his grandfather. And Justin’s elder brother, Cole, was an heir first in line to
the Kenneth family. As one of the heirs,

Justin would get some shares when it was time to inherit the Kenneth family’s properties.

“So, you are Gerald, the rapist?” Tyrone looked at Gerald and sneered, “No wonder you didn’t dare to
tell me your name when we were on the plane. It turns out that you were

ashamed. After all, your name is too well-known in


As Tyrone spoke, he looked at Audrey and the others and said, “Beauties, you should not hang out with
this kind of person.

You should make friends with decent and powerful people. Let me introduce one to you. The person
next to me is Justin. He’s

from the Kenneth family. He is one of the heirs of his family.”

Justin revealed a smile and said, “Hello, beauties. May I have

lunch with you?”

As Justin spoke, he made a gentlemanly gesture.

“Not interested,” Audrey curled her lip and said.

Tyrone frowned and said, “Justin personally invited you to

dinner, and you actually refused? You are so rude. You are in

Sacramento, not your little city, Los Angeles!”

Audrey’s expression changed slightly, and a hint of fear

appeared on her face.

Gerald exhaled. He looked at Tyrone and Justin and said, “Go

away. OK? Seeing you will affect your appetite!”

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