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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 94

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Chapter 94 Wake Up Grumpy

“Kian, you and Diya have been dismissed.” Jacob had a mocking smile on his face as he stared at Kian
and spoke indifferently.

Jacob felt awesome after making the announcement.

From the first day he was here in Universe Group, to the alumni reunion, Jacob found things always
difficult for him.

But right now, after making the announcement, Jacob felt that things had changed greatly, and it was
all because Gerald was back in Sacramento.

Kian, the insufferably arrogant class president, had been dismissed by him!

Jacob knew that now he was truly a member of the upper class in Sacramento.

He found that he had broadened his horizons greatly in this instant. And as he made the
announcement, he no longer felt any grudges within him now.

His girlfriend, for one, seemed to have become less significant.

Although Gerald gave him 800 thousand dollars to make Jacob look good in front of his girlfriend. But
deep down, Jacob found the whole thing surreal and thus refused to make

any change.

But now, he had a completely different view. For a woman like that, as well as her family, they were
simply not worthy at all.

Meanwhile, Kian, unlike Jacob, who felt good and enlightened, was going through something
completely different.

Kian, his eyes wide open, had collapsed on the chair, with his whole body limp.

His mind was buzzing and going blank, and his eyes dulled.

Then he looked at Jacob in shock and then at Benning.

Two days ago, Kian was still all high and mighty, thinking that he was vastly superior to the two. But
now, Benning and Jacob were both his seniors, with Benning’s rank one level higher than his and
Jacob’s two levels higher. Moreover, he and Diya … had been


A change that radical made Klan suffer from a meltdown.

Not everyone could get into a big company like Universe Group.

It was true that Kian was competent to some extent, judging from the fact that he was young, and yet
he was already a higher-up in Universe Group.

But now that he had to leave, he needed to start all over again.

Then Leandro glanced at him and said calmly, “That’s it. Everyone can leave now. As for Kian, you and
your girlfriend need to pack your things up and go through the departure procedures.”

Meanwhile, Gerald, who actually didn’t care how Kian was now and only proposed the dismissal
because it was convenient, was on his way to Keira’s place.

Keira did not live with her parents. In fact, her family was quite well-off, with her parents both being
locals of Sacramento and currently teachers, having their own house. Keira herself was very hard-

working as well. After graduation, she got a job at

New Bank.

Despite New Bank having a high threshold, Keira managed to be promoted to the position of the
manager of the Los Angeles branch over just a few years, with an annual salary of around 320
thousand dollars.

That alone suggested that she was very competent.

Apart from that, she had bought houses both in Los Angeles and Sacramento.

She thought that she might need to stay in Los Angeles for a long time. But because of Gerald, she got
to move back to Sacramento.

Soon, Gerald arrived at Keira’s place. After buying some breakfast, he walked towards

Keira’s place.

Since Keira told Audrey that Gerald was coming, Audrey then texted Gerald, asking him to buy some
breakfast while he was on his way.

After Gerald had arrived, he knocked on the door.

Audrey opened the door instantly. Poking her head out, Audrey smiled at Gerald, took

the breakfast, and said, “Thank you!”

But Gerald didn’t say anything. Instead, he changed his shoes and walked directly into

the room.

In the living room, Hazel was doing her morning exercises with a serious face. Gerald’s eyes lit up
slightly when he saw that.

Unlike Audrey, who was fully clothed, Hazel was wearing a tight-fitting crop top and a pair of shorts, her
good figure manifesting itself.

Hazel tended to enjoy wearing revealing clothes a lot. When Gerald first saw her, she was wearing
those kinds of clothes. That being said, her outfit today still made Gerald

drool over her.

At the sight of Gerald, Hazel did not change her clothes. Instead, she continued her


Obviously, the exercises that Hazel was doing were different from ordinary fighting, which required a
muscular body from the fighter, be it male or female.

But Hazel’s figure was not beefy at all.

Noticing that Gerald fixed a gaze at Hazel, Audrey walked to Gerald’s side and asked, “Do you like it?”

Gerald coughed drily as he said hurriedly, “Hazel, who did you learn the technique


Hazel stopped and said as she exhaled, “My dad. He owns a gym in Los Angeles.”

Gerald, surprised, sized Hazel up.

In fact, Gerald had thought about making Hazel a Watchman before. Unlike Trevon and

Jacob, Hazel knew well how to fight and was much younger.

Gerald nodded and started to instruct her in her techniques a few times casually.

Thanks to Gerald’s instruction, Hazel found that her punches had become way more

powerful and easier.

She looked at Gerald in shock.

She knew that Gerald was a badass since she had seen Gerald fight with her own eyes before. With
dozens of people waving weapons at them, Gerald saved her from them

with ease.

That being said, Gerald’s casual but beneficial instruction still surprised her a lot.

Then Gerald dropped into the sofa and said, “Well, I am here to grab some sleep. Don’t wake me up. I
tend to wake up grumpy, especially when I don’t get enough sleep. By then, you might have to suffer
the consequences. Nobody knows what I might do to you



Audrey didn’t make any comments on that.

Soon, Gerald fell asleep. After an unknown while, he felt an itch on his nose. Due to that, he opened
his eyes.

Then he saw a very delicate face in front of him.

It was Audrey. Audrey was looking down at him while shaking her head smilingly and tickling Gerald on
the nose with the tip of her long hair.

Gerald chuckled as he jerked out his hand so as to grab Audrey’s arm before pulling her over. At the
same time, he jumped up from the sofa and turned over while pressing Audrey under him.

Audrey was shocked, with her eyes wide open. Then she blushed furiously.

“You… What are you doing?” Audrey asked with a stutter.

Looking at Audrey’s reddening face and her lips, which were slightly pursed, while. sensing Audrey’s
skin, Gerald chuckled, “I told you that I might wake up grumpy. What

else could I do?”

As he spoke, he pressed down his face slowly.

Audrey’s face became even redder, but, to Gerald’s surprise, she did not resist all the


“You…” At that moment, a voice sounded. Gerald turned to look in the direction of the voice and found
that it was Hazel, who was coming out of the shower not far away. At the sight of the two on the sofa,
Hazel was shocked. And noticing that Gerald and

Audrey were both darting a look at her, Hazel said hurriedly, “Go on! I did not see anything.”

Only then did Audrey come back to her senses. Then she pushed Gerald away hurriedly and said,

Gerald sat up with a smile. He was just teasing Audrey. Of course, if Hazel had not spoken just now, he
might really have kissed her. After all, it was men’s nature to make advances to girls whenever they

“I told you that I woke up grumpy. I’m not the one to blame,” Gerald said.

Audrey glared and said, “It’s already eleven o’clock in the morning, and yet you are still sleeping. Are
you a pig?”

As she spoke, she threw a pillow in her hand at Gerald. Then she looked at Hazel and said, “Hazel,
you didn’t see anything just now, all right?”

“Alright. I didn’t see anything.” Hazel looked at her with a smile.

Audrey nodded in satisfaction. Then she looked at Gerald again. “Now get up and hang

out with me.”

Gerald rubbed his nose and did not turn her down.

That was because he was actually a little bored. Be it his personal matters, or the search for Watchman
No. 2, he had to do it at night.

As a result, he hung out with Audrey and Hazel for a whole afternoon before taking a car

and rushing home at night.

When he was home, he found Lilia, Jolie, and Drake on the sofa. They were here again.

Lilia was talking to Mason, “Mason, things have been going very well in your family. As

a member of the Kenneth family, you took charge of a big company at the beginning. Then thanks to
Gerald, you became the vice president of Universe Group with an annual

salary of around 200 thousand dollars.

“Despite being related to Yazmin, I haven’t really asked you for anything over these

years, right?” Lilia said. “The only thing I asked you for was a position for Jolie in Universe Group,
which you haven’t agreed with though. Therefore, this time, you have to help me no matter what.”

Mason, embarrassed, smiled bitterly, “It’s not that I don’t want to help you. The thing is that I don’t get a
say in these kinds of things. I am not as powerful as you think I am.”

“Hmph,” Lilia snorted. “I don’t believe you. Why would Universe Group spend hundreds of thousands of
dollars on you then? Moreover, you’re the only one that was likely to get Gerald into Universe Group. I
can’t believe you put on the show two days ago, telling me that you had nothing to do with Gerald’s
position in the group. If it weren’t for you, why would the president of Universe Group want Gerald as
his assistant? I mean, Gerald has been in prison for nine years and doesn’t have any educational
background. Let’s just say you despise us and don’t feel like helping poor relatives like us, right

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