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Chapter 104 Showdown

In the hotel, accompanied by Lilia’s scream and question, many people turned their eyes to Gerald.

The blue bank card appeared on the table. Many people who knew it changed their expressions

slightly. Most people did not know it, but they all knew that this card was not ordinary.

“What is this? How come even Drake’s and Mason’s faces changed so drastically?”

Someone who knew about New Bank said, “This is a Diamond Card from New Bank. Do you know

New Bank? It specializes in serving the rich. The lowest deposit must be 160 thousand dollars.

Moreover, it is the threshold for getting a Silver Card, which is at the lowest level. Above Silver

Cards are Gold and Platinum Cards. If you want a Platinum Card, you need to have more than 16

million dollars. This Diamond Card is even more terrifying. It is rarely issued. It is said that in the

entire Sacramento, only one person has a Diamond Card. Even people from those wealthy and

powerful families don’t have one.

“Simply put, rich people do not necessarily have Diamond Cards, but those who have Diamond.

Cards must be rich people.”

“So… it means that Gerald has more than 16 million dollars, right?”

“It seems so. He just gave his grandmother a villa.“

“Gerald just came out of jail, didn’t he? How could he have this thing?”

A series of discussions resounded behind them.

As for Mason, Drake, and the others, they were all looking at Gerald in shock.

Gerald had explained to his parents that he had not been in jail for this period. Gerald had not told them
exactly what he had done, so when his parents saw this Diamond Card, they felt that their

throats were a little dry.

Drake, on the other hand, had an incredulous look on his face. He looked at Gerald in amazement and
said, “You you must have stolen it. How how could a rapist like you have a Diamond Card

from New Bank?”

“You don’t need to know how I have it, nor do you have the qualifications to know. I just want to tell you
that I have legally-earned money to buy this villa,” Gerald said calmly. “You are too sinister. Let me ask
you. The real purpose of your relationship with Jolie is to get close to my father, right? You know that
my father is the vice president of Universe Group, and you want to build a relationship with Universe
Group to get investment. Is that why you pursued Jolie?”

Drake frowned and said, “I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

Jolie’s expression changed slightly. Lilia hurriedly said, “Gerald, don’t talk rubbish.”

Gerald looked at Lilia with a cold smile and said evenly, “Lilia, I have always respected you. Yet you.
kept slandering me. I don’t want to argue with you, but since you don’t appreciate my kindness,

don’t blame me ”

As he spoke, Gerald took out his phone and found the photo he had taken. He handed the phone to
Jolie and said calmly to Drake, “I had lunch with my friend yesterday When I left, I happened to see you
walking into the restaurant with a woman, so I took a few photos.

“Also, I heard it clearly That woman asked you if Jolie knew about the relationship between you and
her, and you clearly answered her You have to find a way to get the investment from Universe Group
with my father’s help, and then you will break up with Jolie.” Gerald’s tone was steady

Drake was stunned. He also saw the photo.

Lilia’s face changed greatly

Ever since Drake and Jolie were together, Lilia had been very proud, showing off that she had a

good future son-in-law everywhere.

Now that Drake’s purpose had been exposed in public, Lilia instantly felt humiliated. She glared at
Gerald and scolded, “Gerald, don’t talk nonsense. This is our family matter. It has nothing to do

with you.”

Gerald glanced at Lilia indifferently and then looked at Drake. Gerald said with a sneer, “Drake, I’ve
said that today, I will teach you a good lesson. No matter how bad Lilia and the others are to me, they
are still my and my mother’s relatives. They are not people you can mess with. You should not.

have tried to use my father.”

When Jolie saw the photo, she burst into tears and put her head on the table.

Gerald glanced at her and thought, it is better to have short pain than long pain.

Then Gerald continued to look at Drake and said, “Mr Hanson of Universe Group has a very good

relationship with me. He will unconditionally agree to all my requests, including arranging for my father
to work at Universe Group. In fact, I asked Mr. Hanson to do that. Don’t even think about

getting a single cent of investment from Universe Group. On the contrary.

As he spoke, he looked at Drake coldly and said indifferently, “Your lousy game company will

definitely go bankrupt in three days.”

When Drake heard this, his face suddenly changed. He looked at Gerald in shock and said, “What

are you going to do?”

He really felt scared. This game company was his foundation.

Drake had no doubt about Gerald’s words. Not to mention whether the relationship between Gerald
and Leandro was as good as Gerald said, just with Gerald’s bank card from New Bank, it would be very
easy for Gerald to destroy Drake’s small company

“Thud.” Drake quickly stood up from his seat and knelt on the ground. “Gerald, I was wrong. I was
wrong. I should not have played tricks on your family I beg you to be magnanimous.”

Gerald’s eyes were cold.


At this time, Jolie, who was lying prone on the table, directly picked up the bag and threw it at Drake,
saying, “Get lost! Get lost!”

Drake looked at Gerald and said with a pleading face, “Gerald, I really know I was wrong. This game
company is my foundation. I really can’t lose it.”

“Jolie told you to get lost. Don’t you understand?” Gerald asked coldly

Beside them, Kyler and Norah wanted to say something, but at that moment, they couldn’t say
anything. They looked at Gerald in shock. Like most people, they were dazed.

They never expected that things would turn out like this.

They could not understand why Gerald, who had been in prison for nine years, would have these things
and why he was so rich.

“If you don’t leave, I will throw you out,” Gerald said indifferently.

Drake looked desperate, yet at this time, he didn’t dare to disobey Gerald at all, so Drake had to leave

At the side, Lilia looked at Gerald with resentment as if she didn’t want Drake to go..

Drake was the perfect future son-in-law she recognized. Sometimes, people were so short-sighted

At this time, Mason, who had experienced many big things, played a role. He hurriedly waved his hand
and said, “Well, everyone, sit down. It’s time to serve the dishes. Lilia, take Jolie to a quiet

place and appease her ”

Mason said to Lilia.

The crowd slowly calmed down

Mason let out a sigh of relief He looked at Gerald and said, “Gerald, you should have talked about this
privately Now that you ve said it in public, with your aunt’s character, she will probably hate. you very

“Alas,” Rayne sighed “It’s good to know the truth about Drake early No matter where Gerald said it.

it’s the same ”

She handed the key back to Gerald and said, “But Gerald, I still can’t take this house You can keep it
for yourself and your future wife

Gerald put the key in her hand and said, “Grandma, don’t worry. I have a house to live in Just live in

it happily”

“Gerald.” At this time, Mason pulled Gerald. “Come here, I have something to ask you.”

Gerald comforted Rayne and followed Mason to a place where no one was around. Gerald touched his
nose and said, “Dad, I know what you want to ask me. I told you that when I came back, but you
probably didn’t believe me. I was framed, and then I was taken away from prison. I didn’t stay in prison
all these years, and for some reason, I couldn’t contact you.”

“Okay, then I won’t ask more.” Mason let out a breath. “I called you over mainly because I want your to
appease Lilia and Jolie. Your aunt is such a person. She is small-minded, so her words are unkind. Yet
your mother and I have few relatives. You can’t offend them too much. You can’t let

yourself live alone after we die, right?”

Mason sighed, “This is the way of the world. People can’t live freely forever.”

Gerald pondered, exhaled, and said, “Alright, then I’ll go and appease them.”

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