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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 136

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Chapter 136 Yes, I Can

“Humph, this guy is indeed a pervert. He actually came here to find a girl,” Audrey pouted and


Seeing Audrey muttering, Doreen asked, “What is it?”

“Gerald and a woman are so lovey-dovey There’s something wrong with Gerald,” Audrey muttered.

Hearing her words, the girls in the room stood up curiously and then ran to the window.


Because they were standing by the window, the people below could also see them. They were.


Doreen, Keira, Audrey, and Hazel were very charming. When these four beauties appeared in the

bar, men would all fall for them.

A booing sounded below.

Keira clearly saw Gerald and Carolyn below. She frowned and said, “It’s her?”

Doreen asked, “Do you know her?”

Keira pondered for a moment and said, “I don’t know her. When she came to my bank to handle

business, I offered service to her ”

The employees of New Bank would keep the user’s identity with the Diamond Card. If the person

holding the Diamond Card was not willing to be exposed, then the employees would not say a


As for Darian, who was willing to expose himself, she would do as he wished.

Doreen frowned and said, “Audrey, go and call them up to play together.”

Audrey nodded. “Alright.”

Gerald was looking at Carolyn seriously

Carolyn’s reaction really surprised him.

It seemed that Carolyn did not want to contact Watchmen at all.

Carolyn was even unhappy that he gave Valery her number. Gerald did not expect that

It was not that Carolyn did not want to go back, but

she didn’t want to contact Night Watch..

Thinking of the Hermit who had once betrayed the Night Watchmen, Gerald was a little worried about
what had happened to her in the past three years, so he asked, “Are you hiding something

from me?”

Carolyn paused for a moment, then wrinkled her nose and said in surprise, “No Why did you suddenly
ask that?”

Gerald understood Carolyn’s personality too well. They joined Night Watch at the same time and
stayed in the same team for six years until something happened three years ago

She would wrinkle her nose when she lied.

However, Gerald also knew that she was very stubborn. As long as she did not want to say something,
she would definitely not say it.

He remembered that when Dennis heard that he had found Carolyn, his face was also filled with
astonishment. He found some connections between these matters.

Carolyn and the Night Watch should be hiding something from him.

Carolyn and the Night Watch did not tell him, which meant that the matter was related to him.

Gerald did not ask Carolyn. He knew that if she was unwilling to say it, she would not say it no

matter how much he asked her

“I just feel that you are a little strange,” Gerald said. Then he held Carolyn’s shoulder and said,
“Watchman No 2, remember, no matter what happens, I hope that you can tell me. I am stronger than
you and used to be the captain of our team When we return to the Night Watch, I will still be your
captain of the strongest team So I hope if you have any concerns, you can tell me. I will

bear it with you.”

When Carolyn heard Gerald’s words, she was close to tears. She nodded and said, “I know, but I’m


Just as Gerald wanted to say something, a voice sounded behind him. “Gerald, what are you talking
about? Night Watch? Captain? The strongest team?”

Gerald and Carolyn were shocked at almost the same time Gerald suddenly turned his head and found
that Audrey was standing next to the seat when he was not paying attention, looking at him


Damn it Gerald cursed in his heart

There were many people in this bar, and it was very noisy. He thought that no one would be so

bored as to listen to his conversation with Carolyn. He did not pay much attention to his surroundings
just now, but he did not expect that someone was listening to them.

“Why are you here to eavesdrop?” Gerald rubbed his nose

Audrey sat down next to Gerald and said, “Doreen and I are playing in the private room on the second
floor They saw you and planned to ask you to go up and play with them. I just came over and thought
you were flirting with someone, so I didn’t disturb you.”

At this point, Audrey glared and said, “Don’t change the topic Answer my question.”

Gerald was vexed

Audrey was very curious. They got to know each other because she had been curious about how
Gerald saved Bradley and constantly pestered him in Los Angeles.

Now that she heard this, she would insist on knowing the answer

Gerald was in a dilemma. He coughed and said, “Alas, you think too much. Let me introduce you to
each other This is Carolyn, my best friend. We were talking about the day when I worked as a security
guard with her. At that time, I was the captain of the security team, the best security guard

in our team.

“Come on,” Audrey said. “Gerald, you are really good at talking nonsense. This beauty has business in
New Bank. How could she be a security guard with you?”

“She just wanted to experience different jobs and have fun.” Gerald rubbed his nose.

“Hurry up and tell me ” Audrey pulled Gerald’s arm. “I beg you, just tell me. Who exactly are you? You
are so mysterious. What can’t you just tell me?”

Gerald was about to explode. He hurriedly changed the topic and said, “Didn’t Doreen ask us to go.

up and play? Let’s go. Let’s go up.”

As he spoke, he dragged Audrey to stand up. Audrey grabbed Gerald’s arm tightly with all her

might She said, “No, you have to make it clear. I beg you.”

Seeing this, Carolyn could not help but reveal a smile. Then she stood up and followed Gerald


Some men in the bar saw that there were two beauties beside Gerald and one of them was

hanging on Gerald. Their faces were full of envy.

Soon, they arrived at the second floor. Gerald asked, “Which private room?”

“I won’t tell you. Tell me what you mean just now.” Audrey released Gerald’s arm with a pout.

“If you don’t want to say it, then I’ll leave.” Gerald shrugged and pretended to walk down.

“Gerald.” At this time, the door of a private room suddenly opened. Hazel poked her head out and

said, “We are over here.”

It had been a long time since Gerald had seen Hazel, Gerald smiled and walked over.

Audrey stomped her feet in anger and followed him into the private room.

The private room was extremely quiet. There were many fruit plates and other things inside. The
window had already been closed and there was no sound inside The private room was like a KTV

room and they could sing inside

Doreen looked at Carolyn beside Gerald. She frowned slightly and then said to Gerald, “Thank you

for the matter with Henley

She knew that Gerald was the one who had delayed her engagement with Henley

And now, the Cousy family had chosen to beg the Kenneth family and give up on the Zumthor

family This also meant that Doreen’s engagement with Henley was over

After Gerald gave a simple introduction, they sat down on the sofa

As soon as he sat down, the door of the private room was suddenly pushed open. Armand came in

with a bottle of wine and said, “Beauties, I’m here to

As soon as he said this, he saw Gerald, and he instantly flared up. “Gerald, you actually dare to

come here ”

Doreen frowned and said, “Armand, don’t be angry Audrey and the others are his friends. It is fine for
him to come and play.

Armand frowned and said, “This guy is a rapist. Audrey, stay away from this kind of person.”

He stared at Gerald and said, “Get out of here, or you’ll know the consequence.”

Carolyn’s face flashed with anger Gerald smiled at him, stood up, and said, “Armand, some things are
not what you see I said that I was framed back then.”

“Humph, frame? The witness and material evidence are all there. Who framed you? Is that video fake?”
Armand said with a snort

“Whether it is fake or not, you will know on Saturday At this point, Gerald said lightly. “Also, let me tell
you, don’t put the hope of the family on the Kenneth family. The Kenneth family will soon be busy with
their own affairs.”

“Busy with their own affairs?” Armand said disdainfully “The Kenneth family is so powerful. How can
they fail to deal with their affairs? Do you think you can change everything just because you

returned to Sacramento?”

Gerald raised his head and smiled at him, “Yes, I can.”

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