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Slumdog Billionaire Husband By Rayden Berg Chapter 149

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Chapter 149 Why Are You Scared?

The crowd was busy.

All the members of the Kenneth family were in a panic

The New Bank was involved in the matter, which made the entire Kenneth family somewhat at a


On the stage, after Sterling announced it, he handed the microphone to someone next to him and

slowly walked down from the stage!

Only Darian and Holden were left Darian got blushed, and Holden’s face turned pale

Darian got extremely blushed at that moment!

Now in front of all the rich in Sacramento, Darian had lost his dignity.

Darian and Gerald had both been specially trained before Even though Darian was much elder

now, he still heard it well. At that moment, he felt ashamed of it Darian looked around and walked

down from the stage secretly

Only Holden was left on the stage in shock. He did not know what to do at that moment

Sterling’s words went into the crowd like a bomb and caused much gossip.


At this time, the door of the third floor was suddenly kicked open. The door hit the wall and made a

loud noise

It also made the gossip slowly disappear, then the crowd kept silent.

At the door, a middle-aged man was standing there. He looked a little nervous with an anxious
expression. He was looking inside the hall. It was Stephen who was called by Dennis!

Dennis and the other Watchmen did not come up, and Stephen did not dare to leave without


On the stage, Holden looked at the door. The moment he saw Stephen, he froze.

Under the stage, those higher-ups of the Kenneth family were also shocked.

Stephen had disappeared for a week, but now he suddenly appeared.

Cole looked at Holden on the stage, and Holden also glanced at him. At that moment, they both

felt uneasy!

Everyone found that Gerald also slowly standing up among the crowd He passed through the crowd
and walked in front of Stephen. Gerald said indifferently, “Let’s go!”

Doreen was sitting not far away!

Doreen was slightly shocked when she saw Gerald standing up and walking towards Stephen.

“Is he going to start it?” Armand asked

Bree s body also trembled slightly From the moment she entered here, when Gerald arrived here,

she had also suffered a lot under great pressure!

But Bree had always endured it because Doreen said that Gerald would prove himself to be

innocent of the crime nine years ago!

As the victim involved, Bree also wanted to uncover all the truth.

Moreover, Bree had complicated feelings that she never mentioned in front of others.

Looking at the man who slowly passed through the crowd in the distance and was still young in

her memory, Bree could not hold back her tears. He turned out to be a real man now

Sitting at the table along with Gerald, Mason was also shocked.

He knew Stephen. But he did not know why Stephen would appear at the door at this time and why

Gerald would walk over to Stephen.

The crowd was puzzled, too

Only Leandro smiled. He put on a faint smile and said, “The main show has begun!”

Daphne heard it and recalled the fact that Gerald would invite her to a good show just now

Daphne s eyes could tell that she was so excited.

No one stood up at that moment, which made Stephen and Gerald particularly remarkable as they

were walking towards the central stage The crowd just witnessed it

Gerald was calm, while Stephen, who was next to him, felt a little uneasy!

Holden got a faster heartbeat at that moment

He felt that something was wrong!

Stephen had asked someone to kill Gerald, and then Stephen had disappeared for a week. During

the time, Gerald was completely fine..

When the Kenneth family was in trouble, Holden had no time to care about other matters. So he

did not investigate what happened to Stephen for a period.

Now, Stephen who had disappeared for a week appeared And Gerald was standing beside

Stephen and walking towards Holden.

Holden was not stupid. He knew that Stephen was the one that was deeply involved in the matter

before. Now that Stephen came with Gerald, Holden knew that something bad would no doubt.


If such a scandal was released in public, as well as all that happened just now, it would be a

devastating blow to the Kenneth family!

Holden quickly came to his senses. He shouted in hurry, “Stephen, you have been absent for

several days, and you still dare to come to the annual meeting. Go back and reflect on yourself.

And Gerald, you are a rapist! You would never be invited to the annual meeting of the Kenneth

family! Get out!”

Gerald looked up at Holden with burning eyes as he walked. Gerald then put on a mocking smile

Holden felt horrible when Gerald smiled at him.

“You guys, hurry up and drive them out!” Holden gave an order aloud.

As a top family, the Kenneth family had a lot of bodyguards. At that moment, Holden hurriedly

shouted at several bodyguards!

They did not hesitate at all. They quickly passed through the crowd and rushed towards Gerald,

blocking the way of Gerald and Stephen.

Gerald then glanced at the bodyguards indifferently Gerald seemed to be so powerful that the four
bodyguards standing in front of Gerald could not help but take a step back!

Then, they saw Gerald walking away from nearby along with Stephen!

And the bodyguards did not even dare to launch an attack.

On the stage, Holden saw that the bodyguards fail to stop Gerald. Holden shouted, “What were your
doing? I asked you to kick them out. Didn’t you understand it? I give you so much money every

year. But what did you do just now?”

Holden cursed at the bodyguards directly.

He completely lost his temper

Holden knew that once the truth was uncovered, the Kenneth family would be destroyed. He had no
way to care about his manner!

However, those bodyguards still did not dare to move!

Gerald just now looked so horrible, as if he would kill them if they took a move

At that moment, Gerald brought Stephen onto the stage Gerald looked at Holden who had frozen and
then slowly sized up all the members of the Kenneth family sitting in front under the stage!

Gerald fixed his eyes on Caspian, and then looked at the younger generation of the Kenneth family

not far away Gerald sized Cole, Justin, and Ricky up.

Then, Gerald reached out slightly and took the microphone from Holden!

Holden’s expression changed slightly He was just about to grab it back when he heard Leandro

sneering at him, “What? Mr Kenneth. Why did you try to stop him from speaking?”

Holden dared not to allow Gerald to speak the truth. Just as Holden was about to move, he found

Gerald grabbing his shoulder Then, Holden felt that he could not move at all

At the next moment, Holden saw Gerald smile faintly and raise the microphone in his hand.

Then, Gerald said, “Everyone here thought that I was a rapist. Nine years ago, I was considered as the
one who raped Bree from the Cousy family”

As Gerald spoke, he looked at Bree since he felt guilty to uncover the truth.

Then Gerald continued, “I was put in prison, and then my father was fired by the Kenneth family He
created an unknown amount of wealth for the Kenneth family. After he left, the Kenneth family harmed
him a lot until he joined the Universe Group!”

Under the stage, the members of the Kenneth family heard Gerald’s words and frowned!


Caspian suddenly slapped the table and said, “Nonsense, what are you going to do? Are you qualified
to speak here in public? Where are all the bodyguards? Go over and drive him out!”

Gerald suddenly looked at Caspian and sneered, “Caspian, are you scared?”

Caspian could not calm down. He then pointed at the bodyguards and shouted, “You guys, hurry up
and drive him out!”

“Stop!” At that moment, Leandro stood up from his seat and walked to the front of the stage. Hel
sneered, “Let him finish his words!”

Gerald smiled faintly and continued, “My father lost his relatives and friends. Because of me, het has
lost his dignity in front of them. But was what you said true?”

He looked at Stephen calmly and said indifferently, “Let him uncover the truth for you! He knew

what happened

Then Gerald handed the microphone over to Stephen!

Stephen trembled slightly At the same time, all the members of the Kenneth family got anxious!

Stephen accepted the microphone. He seemed to worry a lot, but looking at Gerald’s poker face,
Stephen struggled and said, “Gerald Gerald was framed back then, and Holden was in lead to frame
Gerald I, Cole, and the Zumthor family also helped him with it.

Speaking up here, Stephen told the crowd other several companies, “They were all involved!”

As Stephen finished, the crowd went crazy. Below the stage, Caspian was on edge of losing hist


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